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I was involved in a rear end accident on the freeway. The driver side of the frame where the leaf spring is connected is pretty messed up. I was thinking about cutting it from the good section and replacing it with a ...
the car is running on fail safe mode and the check engine light is on
It does this only after puttin into gear.Not while idlin or goin down road.
My 2005 explorer seems to want to stall after crankin it each time then goes again after about a few seconds.If i give it a good dose of gas it will goe.It seems the brakes are engagin on the left side.Also the abs an...
I took it to autozone and the diagnostic test said it was the oxygen sensors I replaced it and it still cuts off and the diagnostic also says it could be the MAF the mass airflow sensor what could be the problem
It originally didn't have any heat so the heater core bypass hose was replaced but it still ran hot. Then the crankshaft position sensor was replaced now it will not even crank and the battery is now dead.
i pulled tranny to replace front shaft seal. i re installed tranny started motor and went into gear while shifter was still in park position. any advise would sure be nice.or a solution.
shift selector wont move out of Park
When i try to start my car it cranks but wont start takes about 3 tries that is weak for a few seconds than runs strong what can this be?
Just replaced the starter and also tried starter fluid and no response so where's the fire?
I put on new pads new mastercyl bleed the lines an still no fronts an when aplying brake It feels like a heart beat in the peddal
I have a '98 Ford Explorer XL with 142,500 miles on it. It has been 100% dependable until the fuel pump had to be replaced. Not too long after that it just wouldn't turn over. It wasn't the battery so I called my tow...
How much would a front windshied cost?
It happens from the rear of the truck. As I go faster it seems to shake even worse. but when I release the gas pedal no matter how fast I go it stops until I press the gas again.
I took my truck to the Mech's, because i had a prior issue with the front right tire after a simple break job. They repaired by replacing some bearing and the abs sensor. after a couple of months, when i would turn ...
So I feel it with transmission fluid and it works beautifully. It shifts great and everything, however after its drove for just a short while it will begin to smoke than loses all the fluid and won't shift at all. Any...
Whenever I turn my Explorer off a blue light comes on under my dash board by the drivers side door. What is it and does it indicate something is wrong.