It was flashing 8 times with abs light staying on, replaced sensor on differential, abs light went out, now flashes 6 times.

its happened several times & after it sits for a bit, it starts. Already has a new starter & alternater. diagnostic readings say that my battery is good. mechanic cant figure out unless it is failing at the time. Should i replace the battery, just in case?

Is there a fuse or module to check?

Hard shifting seems to run in limp mode. Shop said tranny bad just from codes. This true or could be solenoid pack?

My car just starts won't drive or reverse I have transmission fluid

Car won't shift and what is the vent valve for

My 2000 Ford explorer transmission was changed two yrs ago why is my truck leaking transmission fluid and not driving or reversing

Putting the key in second position most lights come on, then in third position it gets a fast clicking noise and all the dials on the instrument panel go further down then they normally are and are fluttering very slightly in place at the same speed. ABS, check gage, check door ajar, seatbelt light, battery, service engine soon light stay on. Tried two keys, both do the same thing and also getting a low voltage reading. I haven't got a code, would this be a good time to go buy an OBD II? I have the manual, I'm reading everything front to back now to see if I can find out anything. Thanks so much in advance.

could it be the lock actuator

The gauge that tells you how fast you are going stops working?

tried to start and it wint turn over.

can you help

Its been going on for about a month now but when I just let my truck run it starts to make that high pitched whistling sound and especially when its hot it makes that sound. Can you help?

OD light started blinking, at 45 mph would start shimmying,would smooth out when excellerated. Then wouldn't take a gear. Added transmission fluid would take a gear until it gets warm.

Trouble code p0193 comes up and I need to know how to fix and dies it have anything to do with vacuums when my a/c won't switch to just vents instead of defrost and vents

Now, the idle is not normal & she sometimes dies when stopped. Also, it seems to be getting more difficult to get it started again after turning off. The temperature is normal & the check engine light is not on, but I think the RPM's are a little higher than normal, even at cruising speed.

In reverse gear, "check park aid" message appears.

Power seat will move backwards when I hit a bump; occurs occassionally, but is very dangerous as I try to reach brake while seat is moving back. Has anyone experienced this

I was pulling out of my drive way this morning and started down the road. When my car jerked and shut off. All lights come on. So I the switch off and tried to crank it. All the lights come on on the dash but will not crank. Does not even make a sound when trying to crank it.

I change the transmission fluid and still having the same problem but when I press the gas lightly then it goes in reverse what could it be I hope it's not serious

When I accidentally lock my key up in the truck, How do I find the code to open the door?

I had recently gotten my fuel pump replaced not even a week after it was fixed I was driving and it just shut off on me while driving. I replaced the crankshaft sensor and still nothing I don't know what could be wrong I have had it little over a year when i try to crank it the truck makes a funny sound

I'm replacing the accumulator and orifice tube.

When the vacuum leaks cause a Ford

Went to Crest Lincoln sterling heights, MI. Got run around from service mananger and my sales person sean johnson. 2002 ford explorer auto shift fell off 7-20-16. Want to make complaint to Ford Motor Company. Had car 1 month when happened.

The O\D light keeps blinging and Service Engine lights. Though the Transmission was changed fully.

Explorer will not start....just has a "clicking" sound when key is put in & turned to start. Also, brake cannot be depressed (automatic transmission).

Put in new fuel pump but it will pump. All wires connected.

Its only been a little over a month since the last one was replaced

What is wrong when my car is knocking when you crank it up