Looked on line. No help. Auto zone appears to says coolant and cylinder head temp sensor the same & located under the left Manifold intake. Coolant temp not on Thermostats housing or upper rad hose areas nor under the alternator housing left side. I have purchased both coolant and CHT sensors from Advanced Auto. Private shops have declined the task. Code 0116 has come up. Poor gas mileage. Electrical interruptions of gauges and radio etc. when accelerating. 2005 expedition 5.4L tri valve the Eddie 4wd. Help! Am I doomed to go to the Ford Dealership to get the intake manifold removed for a $70 part replaced?

I just don't know what side or if both. Don't know how many the truck has.


Whenever I start off in the morning, I get a slight grinding noise from the drivers side front. Only lasts around a hundred feet, but the 4x4 light on the instrument cluster starts flashing. It does this until I shut the vehicle off. Then, if I imediately restart and start driving again, I get no grind and the light stays off.

Sounds and runs little rough started after a oil change and a new air filter was put in

I backed over my sons tricycle tonight and afterwards when I drive forward or reverse there's a screeching metal grinding sound. It almost sounds like the brakes locked up or something is stuck but brakes look fine. A hose came lose but it didn't seem to go anywhere.. I put it back on.. Gassed it forward and back and it seemed to loosen up but went right back to doing the same thing.

are there any electrical problems with the 1998 Expeditions?

Battery cables are connected right ,so I disconnected the altinater wires and the headlights come on and abs and air suspension pump as well on it's own , while key is in my hand (also replaced altinater as well ) also no power coming to the inside as if it's has a mind of it's own so baffled, can one help me with this issue

Started out rough idle w/shaking when accelorating then would cut off after I stopped and parked..changed plugs,new IAC value, new temp.censor...now when we crank her up she doesn't stay running long at all and shuts off...please help.

need the cable that is between the motor and gearbox 3rd row seat 2003 ford expedition

Changed out the alternator but the charging system light comes on after a couple of minutes. The battery is good and the new alternator is charging. I changed out the previous alternator about 3 weeks prior but it did go bad. Then when I stuck the new alternator in this continued to happen.

dealership stated that my catalytic converter on the left was stopping up or clogging up....but yet I had no warning other than the flapping noise, the car never lost power or check engine light never came on...any thoughts????

If you get into the pedal, it jerks and pops. Also, it feels like something catches on the right side and it pulls that way until it releases abruptly with a jerk. I am willing to go 2 wheel drive but just need some advice.

the 2001 expedition XLT has 166,000 miles and is being sold by a real dealership... is 166k miles decent for 6k?

the week before this problem came up we had the serpentine belt change, plugs replaced, oil changed and air filter changed, so how does it go from no noise to the flex plate broken or fraying?

2004 Ford Expedition just had plugs replaced, oil changed, and the air filter cleaned/ changed, then this flapping noise started and so I took it back in and they people are now telling me that it is most likely a broken flex plate, But the noise is in the front left side and sound like a intake air hose.

I had went to the car wash the kind you drive in and it washes your car. After i left the light came on.

The key turns over but it only has one loud click, coming from the starter shooting the piston back, but it will not turn on. I have had the battery checked, it is good and charged, tried jumping it with no success. I replaced the alternator because they told me it was bad but that didn't help. Checked all of my fuses and they are all good. Please give me an idea what I can do, thank you.

When I press the gas pedal that truck jerks then I press it again and it goes real slow and then starts again . The check engine light went on to.