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The engine is still running. What could problem be.

1999 ford expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4 all wheel drive under load front end clicking, and in 4x4 clicks loud when turning right or left, i have changed the universal joints on front drive shift, each side wheel bearing assembly and both axles and still clicking need help

can the chip be moved

Car cranks but tries to stall when accelerating or pulling a hill

t stat is new collent is full heater core is good had heat and it just stop working

Engine try's to stall when I accelerate or going up hill

Check your fuses. I drove without heat for 4 years in the front. Went to replace the blend door actuator and the old one worked after we tore apart the dash. I had a blown fuse. Go through your owners manual because there are several fuses that tie into the heating system. I had already had the radiator replaced, the heater core flushed and had several certified mechanics look at it. Hope this helps someone

98 Expedition won't heat up.

functions work but the lights do not stay on when turned on. Changed bulbs and checked fuses.

The Anti theft light blinks rapidly but the starter says nothing and does nothing.. All of the lights on the dash light up bright, as they should. Everything else works but the vehicle won't start. How can I correct this problem without having to go to the dealership? This is the first time this has happened.

Throws a cam sensor code po340. Replaced it didn't fix the problem. Took it to ford they said the wiring checked out fine. They called and its now running fine they did not fix anything. Pickec it up got half way home and it is now doing it again.

When engine is cold.

Had a leak where hose goes into firewall. Fixed hose. Check engine light on running code P0171. Not sure what to do.

My truck starts and runs just fine. When I push in the brake pedal, the gear shift button will not go in and I can't put it into a gear. I have a shifter in between the two front seats. Lately if I try a couple times, pushing in the brake, the button will finally go and it will go into gear. But this morning it wouldn't go at all. Is this something with the brake or the transmission?

Fuel did not go through when i add fuel from the gas station,

After i changed alternator

Battery reads charged, lights and radio work. Try to start click, click, click