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The smell appears after the vehicle has been driven for awhile.
I was advised that it is my intake manifold and should be replaced as soon as possible. I do believe it is an EXTREMELY SEVERE Leak as I am putting in oil as fast as it comes out. It is hard in today's world to know ...
I changed the coil check the plugs and wires all good
Brother in law loosened one ignition coil and didn't 're tighten properly which is when problem began retightened properly but engine still misfires
My rpm read 4000 when running. Weather sitting still or going 70 it always reads 4000. It goes to 0 when turned off.
Two hoses under the hood one is hot to the touch and the other one isn't!!!
we wrote down numbers to the old computer that was in our vehicle, and then we were told that computer was bad, so we was charged for a new computer and for labor which was very expensive, the vehicle did the samethin...
Out now it hesitates when i push the gas but as soon as i take my foot of its ok what can be the problem maybe The fuel injectors are pluged.
All of the other seat positions work fine. When I try to move the seat up or down it does nothing. It doesn't even make a noise. What could it be?
As we were driving down the road, the truck suddenly just went into neutral. I tried shifting into lower gears and it the engine still remained in neutral. The truck shut off after a few seconds of coasting. Once I go...
floor when switched to floor, we changed the thermostat after it would not blow any heat, the rear works good now but the front gets colder as rpms increase just on defrost
had the coil pkg and plugsreplace and still skipps, was told the number 5 cylinder hada burn value
All fuses, relays are good ,safety switch in the back was not triped,all wiring looks good .pump will not come ,need info on what I should check next before saying new fuel pump is bad, that a lot work replacing pum...
as long as the air flow is restricted it runs ok.When I allow the duct to reopen,the engine dies.This condition started when I installed a new battery.Prior to that it was running fine.I'm developing bald spots from a...
I'm having a lot of problems with the spark plug coil it keeps on shooting out amongst other things so will ford but my truck back for i paid for it
Truck shifts through all the gears, it maintains speed when u step on gas for passing gear.let off gas when speed drops to 50 mph it works
valve, mass air flow senor it still idles roughly. what's the possible cause?
I replaced fuel pump n fuel filter replaced both cam n crank sensor replaced fuel pump relay fuse..reset fuel pump cut off switch. .replaced spark plugs n coil boots...i check the fuel pump by disconnecting the fuel f...