When engine is cold.

Had a leak where hose goes into firewall. Fixed hose. Check engine light on running code P0171. Not sure what to do.

My truck starts and runs just fine. When I push in the brake pedal, the gear shift button will not go in and I can't put it into a gear. I have a shifter in between the two front seats. Lately if I try a couple times, pushing in the brake, the button will finally go and it will go into gear. But this morning it wouldn't go at all. Is this something with the brake or the transmission?

Fuel did not go through when i add fuel from the gas station,

After i changed alternator

Battery reads charged, lights and radio work. Try to start click, click, click

Vehichle runs great except when it's under 45 degrees. Will drive fine but when at a stop/red light it acts like it wants to die out rpms going crazy now service engine soon came on today if above the 45 degrees no issues when at a stop/red light but service engine soon light remains on

When I plug my scanner in I don't get any power, is there a fuse

Spark plug blew out. This is the second time it has happened and it has stripped the threading twice now. Is there a kit to fix this? Or does this have to be fixed by a shop?

and the oil is just fine. What else can it be and what am I looking at as total cost in repairs?

Something is preventing the fuel from flowing to the fuel injection so the car can start.

We can only lock the doors by pushing down the buttons on the inside. The power door locks don't work with the remote or keypad. They each click really fast like the doors are locking and unlocking rapidly. Fuses are ok. where are the relays?

key removed.Just started after I replaced battery,

. Just replaced battery. Would this drain my battery?

I'm eating starter an won't run right.is the fly week to big

and then after a few min can go for another two blinks

Reverse works but forward does not

Seems like a universal joint or a bearing in the rear wheel vibrates when starting out mostly when Turing. I know AWD are a little funny but this seems like a little much. Thanks Dave

The subwoofer in my 1998 Eddie Bauer expedition won't work is there a fuse I can replace or did I blow the factory amp? The other speakers play just fine the sub will not click on