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Tried to reset fuel system not working it will not turn to crank up it'll turn but just not cranking not getting any not getting any fire

Hey all, i am completely stumped on a 2000 ford with a 5.4 ltr auto 4wd truck. Initially the ECU was bad so i replaced the ECU. Once i replaced the ECU the truck fired right up. I checked the fuel pressure once the vehicle got running an it was low ( after about 45 min of running at idle the fuel pressure would drop to 26 psi). I replace the fuel pump and filter and the truck has an insanely hard start and sometimes no start. Today the truck fired right up and ran great. When i tap the throttle the idle hangs at about 1800rpms for roughly 45 seconds and this happens repeatedly. When I shut the truck off and go to restart it it will either not start at all, attempt to start but not start, or it will take a long time to start. At this point I really need some help getting this thing figured out. If you can help in any way please let me know thanks.

Battery dead. When I jump it it cranks. If I leave it in park its runs for a few minutes then everything dies and I have to jump it again.... But when I put it in drive after starting, no matter if I floor the gas pedal, the revs rapidly decrease and it dies after driving about 10 yards.... What do y'all think that is

I just changed my starter and I went to go put back on my terminals, and the positive terminal sparks real bad. Why?

I have a dilemma that I cannot figure out, hope anyone can en-light me. My expedition has 250k miles on it and running very strong. It need some TLC, so I started with the fuel pump replaced with model Delphi (leveling sender was no good), replaced fuel filter model motor-craft, got all fuel injectors tested and refurbished (all tested and pass only 3 were dripping) replace spark plugs and wires by motorcraft and auto-light platinum. Now my engine is running rough. at idle is hardly noticeable but at drive man its stumbling and want to shut off. No check engine light has come on. I tested the fuel pump pressure its at 35psi, when i disconnect the regulator pressure increases to 45psi, so fuel pump & regulator are good. Checked the spark on the wires and is good. pulled out the spark plug and it is wet with fuel. I checked the compression on the piston and its at 140, its good. when in drive, it would give out a rotten egg smell. I even put back the old spark plugs back and still misfire. Has any one seen this issues on these vehicles? my next step is to use the old spark plug wires and move around the injectors. never had a problem before when changing the spark plugs.

I'm recently using multi meter trying ohms and volts to figure it out no luck so far

I have a 2001 Ford expedition and we just replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter in February. Just the other day it shut off on my while driving it. After having it towed home I have checked the relay, fuse and inertia switch, all seem to be fine. It will turn over, but wont crank. Dash is showing all dashes on odometer reading. It had a rough idle and hesitation in fuel before this recently happened. Please help. What do I do?

Recently the truck was on a "drive cycle". I guess the memory came back but it diagnosed the EVAP Mon and the htr catalyst. Now it marks cylinder 4 misfire. What should I do and how much will it cost me?

Worked earlier then tried another key and CPU put back how it was now will not read key

After replacing the spark plug wire Then drove the truck for about 3 weeksThe check engine light came back on had to replace a spark plug wire again 2 weeks later Check engine light comes back on. There's a problem with the wire or the distributor

Can't reach three spark plugs.4,7,8.How can I replace those 3? Want to know how I get to them to replace.

Not sure why else to change we change the throttle body sensor and mass air flow sensor still no change

Giving gas in neutral appears to remedy issue. Very random and sporadic?

Says it's a cam sensor, but it's been replaced and still does it. Any ideas what it could be?

and fresh oil and filter ... Danny

no gauges work signals do work alt light works overdrive button on shifrt doesn't work or light up. don't know oil pressure due to non working gauges .. thank you for your time ...Danny,,,, ps sometimes the adjusters get quitter when I up the rpms