Recently the truck was on a "drive cycle". I guess the memory came back but it diagnosed the EVAP Mon and the htr catalyst. Now it marks cylinder 4 misfire. What should I do and how much will it cost me?

Worked earlier then tried another key and CPU put back how it was now will not read key

After replacing the spark plug wire Then drove the truck for about 3 weeksThe check engine light came back on had to replace a spark plug wire again 2 weeks later Check engine light comes back on. There's a problem with the wire or the distributor

Can't reach three spark plugs.4,7,8.How can I replace those 3? Want to know how I get to them to replace.

Not sure why else to change we change the throttle body sensor and mass air flow sensor still no change

Giving gas in neutral appears to remedy issue. Very random and sporadic?

Says it's a cam sensor, but it's been replaced and still does it. Any ideas what it could be?

and fresh oil and filter ... Danny

no gauges work signals do work alt light works overdrive button on shifrt doesn't work or light up. don't know oil pressure due to non working gauges .. thank you for your time ...Danny,,,, ps sometimes the adjusters get quitter when I up the rpms

The engine is still running. What could problem be.

1999 ford expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4 all wheel drive under load front end clicking, and in 4x4 clicks loud when turning right or left, i have changed the universal joints on front drive shift, each side wheel bearing assembly and both axles and still clicking need help

can the chip be moved