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check engine light on, code P0305 changed spark plugs, ignition coil, and upper and lower gaskets. The engine shakes, especially when vehicle is first started, and smell coming from exhaust. mileage 135,598
the ticking noise is intermittent and does not happen constantly, but the idle seems louder than regular.
the scanner shows me the U0100 Code: there is lost whit ECM/PCM. And everything I tried did not start the car.
It was wrecked, can you give me a rough estimate of parts and labor to fix: a broken spindle and replace rack and pinion. I know its vague, just need a general idea.
Is there extra work involved in removing and replacing plugs in 2006 Ford Expedition? Like value cover and replacing valve cover gasket?
Cranks and idles fine.when you drive it starts hesitating and acting like it wants to go dead.
I just replaced my mass air flow sensor and two oxygen sensors but I ran the car for a month with a.defective air flow sensor too whats my problem can anyone help
Makes sound on first start up only after that sound go's away,Changed out both idler pulley, belt tensioner, and belt but sound is still there I did get a P0171 fixed that but sound stayed
When I start my truck it does not stay started unless I put my foot on the gas peddle.after a while it will idle but only at a .50 rpm. It did this a few months ago but then it stopped. After a month it did it again a...
It is a constant flutter while driving and hesitates on tale off. No engine power at all. Is it the plugs?
after the car heats up its only a little warm and i changed the thermostat
Initially it only happened while going up hill, now it happens at anytime, usually after about 15 minutes of driving. It just feels like the drive train under the vehicle just shakes. It is not the engine; not warni...
I have put on new tires smaller size back to stock size new lower ball joints on both sides and the loud popping noise got worse and more often with the smaller tires?
Happens when hot or cold,cranks back immediately. Replaced fuel pump,coils & plugs,newer battery & alternator. Dealership & others cannot find issue.
replaced all the oxygen censors and the coils and it still has a bad miss and flooding problems and engine will come on and then blink ,go out and come back on
98 expedition was in a crash at 10mph and the oil pressure sending unit broke replaced the sensor engine runs and sounds great just no pressure showing on gauge and the red oil and temp light next to gauge is still on...
Tells me a door is open constantly, tells me tire pressure is low, that's always checked.
And the wiring looks good. O2 sensor is good but still getting the code that it is bad.
We've replaced the battery, replaced entire fuse box at right kick panel, Fuel pump is good, Already checked inertia switch, spark plugs are good. Anyone have any ideas?
I just bought it like a week ago... Now the check engine light just came on....