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On a 2000 Ford Excursion 7.3L Diesel How long/miles approximately should a set of front brakes last under normal driving conditions in Phx arizona on the above vehicle?
The engine stalls when the car comes to a stop or slows down toward a stop.
how to remove upper and lower joints
Randomly, my Turn signals, Cruise Control, Rear AC, and Reverse Lights Stop Working. I can't find any rhyme or reason why. Any ideas?
Transmission shifts hard from first to second gear only. Engine has 200,000 miles on it. Any solutions.
When it is shut off and parked sometimes the running board lights along with the radio and interior lights will just turn on and drain the battery. this normally happens when it is wet out side.
The radio will only play when in Park or Neutral. When in Drive it is still on but nothing comes through the speakers, put in back in Park, it goes back to playing, any thoughts?
rough cost for replacing head gaskets on 6.0 diesel 2003 ford excursion
my passengerside door locks wont work when i use the inside button or remote.
I am fueling the vehicle and my miles to empty reading fluctuates by many miles in only a few hundred yards of actual driving. Can I reset by disconnecting battery or do I actually need service?
Engine looses power at any speed. Generally happens at a cruise but has happend durning acceleration. If you hold the accelerator at the same position the vehical will slow to almost a stop. engine RPM will almost be ...
When I put A/C-Heat selector in "off" or "Max A/C" position, within a few minutes of running, the overheat gauge and light come on, indicating overheating. It is not overheating. Has been doing this since new. Origi...
The truck will start but will turn off as soon as i release the pedal.
The Radio starts changing channels, AM/FM by itself and even goes to CD and back to radio without touching the display - I have replaced the radio and have the same issue. Seems like there is some sort of electrical d...
What is the best way to replace the power steering pump on a Ford Excursion 2000 V 10? From the bottom? Any diagrams or instructions I can find? Thanks
where is the egr valve located on the engine?
I am considering buying a 2000 excursion. I've heard horror stories about the spark plugs blowing out of the 5.4 v-8.I'm a mechanic what can I do to prevent this from happening?
wont start!! jumped the post and battery is good. Running board lights work and no juice anywhere else except two little red lights on dash that are comming on when you open the drivers door. Also there is a humming n...
the water in fuel light keeps coming on and i drained the fuel filter housing to replace the drain valve that was leaking. is there an external water/fuel seperator
at first it started off light now there is a heavy all starteed when i put a low grade of gas in it. i ran all that gas out and put premium in it with some lucas octane booster and it still knock bad can a...
when applying the brakes going over 35mph the front end starts to shake
sometimes i can turn my truck off but the radio continues to play,Even when i open the door,Then it don't come on when i start the truck,this has happen maybe two to three times a mouth.
Had 2 front calipers replaced and brakes bled manually on vehicle with 189000k so I'm trying to figure out whether manually bleeding brakes could cause brake failure after an emergency hard stop.Vehicle was driven ov...
I have a 2001 Ford Excursion with a Triton V-10 engine. Runs great with the following exception. When the engine is warm, it becomes very hard to start. Starts great when cold, runs great all the time. I have repl...
I'm old school and when I looked for the sparks plugs I chould only find what appeared to be some kind electronic device close to the fuel rail. so the question is where and how do you change out the sprak plugs
Engine runs rough, doesn't seem to have full power, exhaust smells funny, and tail pipe is black.
Any way to check regulator? Any other thoughts?
is it ok to drive with the selector in lock for the ford-excursion automatic hub locks