it runs rough and when im driving it will misfire all the time and then sometimes ill be driving and it starts to die, ill let go of the gas and press it again but it starts die again. like the gas is flooding it or something. and if im idling ill turn the air conditioner on and it will die within minutes.

What is the corm and where would I find it air comes out of the vents. My car is a 2001 ford escort zx2

Check engine light is not on. Doesn't run hot but
fan for heater, defroster and air isn't working either. At times when you have trouble giving it gas it makes a very
loud noise.

We have a person working on our car & they where wondering if my car had a interference engine & they could not find where the knock sensor go at on my car?

fuzes all checked only issue is a wire that looks like it had plugs on it, thats directly under steering column, thats black, black/green stripe, heavy gauge, no where visible to plug it into...

I replaced the engine of 1999 ford escort @ 163,000 miles. after correcting initial timing problem, I started it up. the check engine light and several fuses blew out and smoke came from the dashboard . the radio, windshield wipers , and turn signals will not work.

Can this be a faulty fuel pump or clogged fuel filter. Or can this be electrical?

When leaving a red light or stop sign it takes off slow but as you gradually go it picks up speed.

my horn, turn signals, power windows, and headlights don't work and my wipers will not turn off.



I am trying to locate the fuel filter on my 98 Ford Escort Wagon Se. I cannot find the location of where my fuel filter is. Could anyone please tell me where it would be located?

I have a 98 FOrd Escort wagon se and need to know if it has a fuel injector. I am trying to figure out why I am smelling gas

I have been smelling the faintest hint of gasoline fumes and believe I may need to check my charcoal canister but i am having a hard time locating it. Where exactly would I find it?

I have checked all my fluids and everything seems to be fine. but the Light still won't go off.

Apparently looks like there is no spark!
Got a code p0320.
Service engine light came on.
To get to the crank sensor also took timing cover off, on the mark.

note;fuse's are good and a/c light is on is a real lay that is shoted out don't have wireing book for this at this time.

Freeon charge okay. It is showing 45 pounds of pressure on low guage. What electrical reley would cause this. Fuses check out good.

Turn knob nothing happens

I hooked a sounds system with amp in my car. The first time after installation it cranked fine. I cut off the car then tried to start it back up but it wont get any fire to start. I disconnected everything far as the speaker s and amp but it still wont start. Ive replaced the cole part, the fule pump is working, I tried replacing the crank shaft but still nothing. Anyone have any suggestions as to what it may be. I've tried almost everything except replacing the computer.

Replaced idle sensor solenoid to no avail. Lots of revs when first cranked and when coming to a stop. Car also seems to lose all throttle on downhill run.
Idles fine after about ten seconds.

AC was working great, then not at all. Compressor is not engaging. CCRM already replaced, no change. Whats the next step?

What could keep starter from getting power?
We have a 95 escort 5 spd with a 1.9 engine. It was working fine then one morning it wouldn't start, no cranking, or clicking of the bendex either. I have headlights, horn, radio and all the fuses tested good. however there's no clicking or any noise from the starter. I changed the fuel filter and it also is priming up every time I turn on the key as it should. I took out the starter and had it bench tested and it works perfectly. I put in a new battery in case the old none was lacking in cranking amps and still nothing. The starter is no working. What else can I check or do to find the problem? PLEASE HELP! Getting desperate here!