I changed the bulbs and the signals worked on an off but now it don't work. I just want to know if I should try the fuses?

The only thing I can find is the green plastic part located behind the wheel moves in and out with the wheel. I've seen others posting this same issue but have yet to see a fix.

I replaced clutch and alternator and battery, although I needed a 100 watt fuse I put in a 90 watt. Could I have fried the alternator

while hooking up the battery, the cables were connected backwards. the hundred watt fuse, popped. Replaced fuse with a ninety watt fuse. Now battery light is on. Could I have fried the alternator or a voltage regulator somewhere?

When I'm driving up hills the light starts blinking until I return to flat surface and the rpms go up to 3or higher,and when I turn on my heat the engine starts running really ruff.

My car has 230000mi.on engine.having to fill radiator reservoir almost daily,but not radiator.today started smoking from underneath front right side .made a gurgling sound after I shut car off.heater putting out cold air

On the way home the vehicle started jerking really hard and I have never had any problem with it in the past. Although I had noticed the service engine light flash on and back off in the prior weeks

Just recently my 02 Escort started overheating, if I run the heater is helps but it keeps getting close to the red. At times the temp will drop to regular temp but it goes up after a while. What could the issue be

I would be driving my car and it would stall on me and die. I couldn't start it again until i got out and wiggled the plug that goes into the distributor. This was because the brackets broke and although it didn't feel loose, it was. It would start right up again and after we zip tied it, I didn't have the problem anymore. Then I accidentally left the radiator cap off and my car overheated and died again while driving. I didn't notice the overheat because I have never had that problem. I have been trying to start my car now for 5 days and it wont start. There was no white smoke coming out tailpipe, only radiator itself because cap was off. There is no oil in radiator either. I was told I had bad spark plugs, so I changed those and the wires. And put a cap back on. It is trying to start but it wont. Any ideas? Yes, when I was mad and stuck at a bad intersection, I put cold water into the radiator, even though I shouldn't have. I knew that but didn't care at the time because i have spent more time on the side of the road than driving time. Did I for sure crack the heads when I did that?

I have to put it in park to keep it going. It takes a while to get up to full speed. It idles choppy. Is this the constant control relay module? It takes a while to start. I have a new starter, water pump and timeing chain.

I have to put it in park to keep it going. It takes a while to get up to full speed. It idles choppy. Is this the constant control relay module? It takes a while to start. I have a new starter, water pump and timeing chain.

Do I need to change the entire strut component or can I just change the shock component

Spark plugs?

Replaced old battery with a brand new one
Connected cables to new battery. There was a spark. Car shows no signs of power.

Had gotten gas other day at different place. Following day car was chuggy, added more gas at my usual place, car still chuggy, stalls at lights when stopped or Chugs like it's going to stall. I thought it might be bad gas from the previous day before now not so sure. Any indication on what it mite be. Has chugged before previously but never to this extent where it stalls.

engine oil pan gasket

Put a timing belt on in Jan of this year runs good other then the drive bent coming off this makes the third time.
Its a 2001 ford excort zx2 cp

Searched for correct parts but do not know which version I should be getting: Clutch Flywheel Ring Gear - standard, flat, 132 teeth or MTX / Flywheel - flat or 20 teeth/splines. As far as the clutch kit goes I don't really know what to look at as a deciding factor. I tried to get a more complete description and specifications for the parts on the fordparts.com site but that wasn't any help either. Since I'm living on a partial pension I can't afford to buy the parts from their site but I don't want to order the wrong parts and get hit with return shipping & restocking charges either.