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Have standard ac compressor went out just got bypass pulley was concerned about timing if bad plugs would be more consistent is only when clutch is pushed in usually when coming to a stop doesnt happen while driving j...
im thinking the oil is not transferring to where its suppose too but im not sure what it could be beloved 97 Escort wagon finally succumbed to the PA salt monster. She was still running fine, so we found a car in NC with a bad engine. Someone also had a front ender that popped the airbags. So...knowing ...
The car stops sometimes at when waiting at a stoplight. The engine will cut off, the dashboard lights will come on, and when I turn the ignition back on it starts again. My fans in the car will stop and start randomly...
Makes a clicking noise when driving.
the car in gear makes a weird noise and shakes bad put in park it stops shaking with little noise
wipers not working, replaced motor and switch, still not working, replaced fuse, still not working, please help
The rpms don, t drop for a few seconds. This happens while driving or just sitting there and giving it a little gas.
I was on my way home and heard w little pop, then as I went to make a turn noticed that it felt like I had no power steering, then noticed my check battery light was on. I checked the power steering fluid and it is fu...
none of the lights come on. checked the battery and its good.
check other sources for oil leak they're good, such as oil filter. oil is coming out about a quart within a day or so.
Power steering pulley needs replacing, how much does that normally cost, already have the part
Car starting to shake after you go up to 80 kms. Shaking seems to be coming from under steering wheel. Maybe need a new tire rod????
I'm having problems with my idler pulley bolt breaking I replaced that same bolt 3 times since buying the car in August, I replaced the tensioner and now the check engine light is on.
Short has been a nuisance for some time (in the lights and probably elsewhere). Just recently with the loss of a battery, and a drive home on only alternator power did it start blowing the 10 Amp fuse every time you s...
Shifts fine, and when in gear button works, will not allow gear to change to an unwanted gear. But, when in park button will not disengage and will not allow the key to release from ignition.
Does this for about a minute then blows out regular white exhaust. Been doing it for about a month. Some days on startup it is fine though.
I got new catalytic converter but car still dies at 40mph and engine light flashes so I let off gas n it starts going again. Is it the ccrm? Control relay module? Its prob fuel pump but also ac blows hot air
So far I have checked the voltage at the 02 sensor itself and it is not the same as what the live data view is showing me IE: .3 at the signal voltage and live data view is still showing 0.00. This tells me something...
I have had issues with my alarm on my car and following its repair the radio is asking for a code, who do I get a code from and what details will I need to be able to get the correct code for my car? Thanks, Lizzie