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Tone ring broke and mech suggested removing it for time being. 3 days later huge clunks, grinding, binding in front end. Now needs transfer case repair. No symptoms leading up to this.
EddieE from Coloma, MI wrote about his 2003 Ford Escape. Said that drain lines were clogged causing water to backflow behind the fuse box putting the relay in water. I would like to know how he fixed that.
I took it in thinking it was the struts because it was all on the passenger side, when I turn it feels like my tire bounces and it has a little shake up to 30mph than smoothes out. I took it back in and he discovered...
It shuts off when I push the clutch in and letting off the throttle. Starts right back up when I go to start it. It may not do it again for a few times or it may do it consistently. Do not lose any electronics or anyt...
wont start no power inside of car nothing the whole car is dead if someone knows anything please let me know
I was driving home and a sign came up and the engine went dead and the sign was "stop car safely now" with a "yellow exclamation" on dashboard, never happened before, scared to drive on queensway in case this happens,...
When the light flickers in between the three there is a hesitation as if the transmission is trying to shift down. This only happens when the accelerator is being depressed if foot is off accelerator it rolls fine no ...
saying tire system failure
All four fabric inserts fell off driver and passenger doors last summer. The plastic liner underneath isn't unattractive, but I'm having a difficult time removing the foam that was underneath. It had dried to a hard, ...
way to check for engine sensors to be bad? can autozone run the diagnostic scan if engine wont turn over?
It only occurs at low speeds and I've checked the tire pressure on all tires and they are all good.
firms up and stop faster. I can find no leaks and fluid stays at same level in master cylinder. What could be causing the soft petal?
It just came on this morning as I was driving to work.
I need to replace my horns on my 2011 Escape where are locatef
what additional parts besides new tranfer case is needed?
My 2010 was in a rollover accident. But the motor and tyranny are still perfect with low mileage. What years would my drivetrain fit into?
It was running good then it started misfiring on startup, and when sitting at idle. We was under warranty and the dealer put a coil on it and it still had the engine light on it. It is still missing, even worse now ...
I have a 2001 Ford Escape XLT V6 3.0L 2WD, that need help locating the Engine Coolant Temperature Sender and the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Can you help? Thanks Joaquin