Replaced twice and still no luck. Brake pedal goes to floor board brakes very little what's going on

I watched a video and think i could do the job. I would have to remove intake manifold.scan showed po301 #1 cylinder.I just wondered in your opinion if I should change all three coils and spark plugs when take it apart. I think that only one coil is bad. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

I just changed my spark plugs in a Ford Escape 02 on my brake and ABS light wont go off and before it was not on

was told it's electrical but where?

The covering below the steering wheel.

but still keeps setting code off, i had several codes before, but just #2 misfire now. what can i do?

battery indicator light flashes randomly. today the engine light blinked but then went out. occasional ruff idle

Replaced alternator about 3yrs ago and battery, could this be the same problem and why?

I've been told it will take 11 hours of labor costs to replace the front oil pan gasket in my 2008 Ford Escape (V6). Is this typical? What takes 11 hours to do this repair?

When the seat was turned up to "5". Really smelled like something was burning.

I have.the ABS break light been on for a while had it checked and said to be faulty light. Now when letting off the break & having to step back them, the break locked up. yet while stepping on to break your thrown very fast i might add in to drive with out even on the gas. I almost ran into the car in front of me at Windy's! Please help I have no idea why this happened! Or what the cause may be!!!!

Brand new exhaust muffler system put in at shop..front to back.. From manifold down...egr blew twice...don't no if its a clogged cat considering its brand new exhaust system.. What would cuz this

I got the bulb but can't get the light cover off so i can replace it.

What's a good price to replace the 3 back spark plugs, wires, and coils?

A couple weeks ago, after washing car, discovered water pooling in the drivers side front. No water running down inside of door. Thinking drivers side door gasket is bad. Can this be fixed at home with minimal repair skills or this a big deal. Also need to know what parts to get. Dealer wants to do the job, I think $500 is ridiculous.

Have extended warranty but it will be Wednesday before I can get it to Ford Dealership. Will it hurt to drive on an approx. 450 mile trip. Makes noise going slow and coasting speed. Can not hear on high speed i.e. Interstate driving...

Driving on freeway and engine loss of power. Only able to go 40 mpr. Radiator tank on upper hose blew hole. Also blew a hole on egr. Engine running rough and jolting when accelerating while in park. Strong smell from exhaust burning my eyes.

ld it be the muffler no lights on just loud

Occurs 10 to 20 minutes after the AC is on.

Basically after I replaced everything and put everything back together as is was before, I turn on the truck and it revs up and down with problem, like if it missing gas or something, I give it gas and it clears out a little bit but when I take the foot off the gas, it sputters really bad about 2 or 3 times and shits off, now is worst that the misfire in cylinder 2 & 6 that it showed before.

Any suggestions?

I am in the beginning process of removing & replacing my alternator on my 2004 ford escape. I have to detach some electrical connectors but i can't seem to figure out how to on some of them. Then i get frustrated and they end breaking and i don't need that as my work is going to be most difficult as is. HELP!!!

106,000 miles

had to jump start this morning. not a problem. then later i was idling, it sputtered and died. No power. can't even roll up window. Instrument panel air bag light came on and emissions of course came on. Battery? Alternator? Help!!!

The engine light from my 2003 Ford Escape come up with a code P0403 which indicates a faulty EGR Valve. I replaced the EGR Valve, Selenoid Valve and the EGR Sensor with new ones. I reset the engine light by eraising the code with a scanner. Once the start the car the engine light came right back. is there any advice reagding what may cause this to happen after replacing the faulty parts all together. Please advice.