Only time this has happened

car has pulled left since owning.25k mi. finally got tired ask for alignment. dealer says engine carriage out of alignment. haven't hit anything, no damage. is this common?

How would I be able to figure out what is causing it to Misfire while doing 50mph? She also has a high beam out that I cannot get to work I've changed bulbs, fuses and ohms metered from fuse to connector. Is there anything in over looking?

Or reverse worked when I parked it.

When driving on snow the traction control light comes on and it becomes difficult to push the gas pedal. Cars behind honk at me because it is hard to raise the speed on my vehicle.

For two days now my four interior lights in my Ford escape will not turn off even when the car is shut off.

The message saying check brake system came on my dash whik going 65 on the highway. Now every time I start my at and start driving my rpms will go up and will never let e go above 20 it feels lie the brake is rig pressed while the gas is being pressed and will continue to slow down if I continue to press the gas eventually the messagbillsho back up on my dash an the car will drive normally what could be wrong?

this happens 2-3 times a year. car runs well, but I can park it for a few minutes and problem occurs. I can wait an hour or so and it will be okay. It is not flooded and has gas.

was doing during idle

Replaced twice and still no luck. Brake pedal goes to floor board brakes very little what's going on

I watched a video and think i could do the job. I would have to remove intake manifold.scan showed po301 #1 cylinder.I just wondered in your opinion if I should change all three coils and spark plugs when take it apart. I think that only one coil is bad. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

I just changed my spark plugs in a Ford Escape 02 on my brake and ABS light wont go off and before it was not on

was told it's electrical but where?

The covering below the steering wheel.

but still keeps setting code off, i had several codes before, but just #2 misfire now. what can i do?

battery indicator light flashes randomly. today the engine light blinked but then went out. occasional ruff idle

Replaced alternator about 3yrs ago and battery, could this be the same problem and why?

I've been told it will take 11 hours of labor costs to replace the front oil pan gasket in my 2008 Ford Escape (V6). Is this typical? What takes 11 hours to do this repair?

When the seat was turned up to "5". Really smelled like something was burning.

I have.the ABS break light been on for a while had it checked and said to be faulty light. Now when letting off the break & having to step back them, the break locked up. yet while stepping on to break your thrown very fast i might add in to drive with out even on the gas. I almost ran into the car in front of me at Windy's! Please help I have no idea why this happened! Or what the cause may be!!!!

Brand new exhaust muffler system put in at shop..front to back.. From manifold down...egr blew twice...don't no if its a clogged cat considering its brand new exhaust system.. What would cuz this

I got the bulb but can't get the light cover off so i can replace it.

What's a good price to replace the 3 back spark plugs, wires, and coils?