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Tried all the opening codes from manuel
Gauges rapidly go back & forth few times then miss goes away & gauges return to normal.does this in park, neutral & drive.
6 weeks ago I got a code P0136. Changed that sensor. A month ago I got P0135. Changed it again. A few days ago it popped out P0141 and P0161.
It will only get warm not hot when driving. If I turn it on high it blows cool air. What could this be? It very cold and I freeze when in my car
I was told my air conditioning unit is plugged because accumulator breaking down. I was also told they need to replace all major AC components to repair. Is this true?Thought they could be cleaned out?
I changed the egr yesterday and last night went to driving and the egr valve blew a quarter sized hole right out the side of it .
Just had catalytic converter replaced, new flex hose, new spark plugs, tune up,and 02 sensors replaced. Service emission light came on again. Prior to replacing of parts engine was hesitating and did not run smooth-it...
i know its on the drivers side under dash
It sounds awful and my code came back as a bad cat on Bank 2. I have a bolt on direct fit replacement cat and I am no pro but i know my way around an engine. Any advice or tips would be appreciated too.
the vibration seems to be under the truck, mid to back. The ujionts and center bearing seem to be ok. I know this is complant on thease and I have driven many of them and this seems to be more noiser with a little vib...
I insert the key and turn it and NOTHING... A friend said that there is a Thief deterrent reset button on them UNDER THE DASHBOARD but i CANNOT LOCATE IT. i HAVE TRIED UNHOOKING THE BATTERY AND STILL NOTHING.
Mechanic says I need a new engine. 95000 miles. Oil too low and dark- tried oil change. help. $6000.00 to replace engine. Seems high..should I go ahead or change cars?
It sounds like the seat belt signal but its not. Nothing shows up on the dash while the dinging is going on.
Low tire indicator stays on, no electronics work (none) car starts fine, put you can not take it out of park. If I take battery cable off and back on seems to re-set and everything works fine, until it happens next t...
The fan just quit working on lower speeds all at once. No warning. No working sometimes and sometimes not.