You can hear and feel the blower but there's no air flow in the roof or vents in the ceiling

It goes in reverse and won't go forward

I replaced the EGR valve, The solenoid and the DPFE and it still opens the EGR and I hear exaust in the intake

I'm replacing the timing cover gasket,and after I removed the harmonic balancer,there is a part that I can't figure how to take it off,it's blocking the timing cover from coming off,it sits on the Franck,between the timing cover and harmonic balancer,thanks in advance.

1989 Ford E350

It ran for a min then would not run anymore the knocking would speed up with the rpms and it died and wouldn't start again need advice don't want someone do me wrong I'm a girl that only knows a little about vehicles

Do I have to use motorcraft recommended antifreeze

This does not happen often When it happens the noise continues for about 2 seconds after van is running The van turns over and starts strong This now happens in two of the vans 2009 & 2010 The vans both have 850 cca batteries and the 2009 has had a starter The noise sounds like the starter is staying engaged after start is complete

20amp fuse blows for engine control every time ? truck starts and runs for 30sec fuse blows

we replaced fuel filter, new plugs, cleaned air filter. went to get diagnostic and there is not plug in for this so we don't know how to do this without conduit.

how do i change the intake temperature sensor

The engine will not start. All the dashboard lights light. Nothing from starter. All other electrical items work, but when the key is turned to start...nothing. I have tried to force the shifter higher into park and have tried to start while in neutral with my foot on the brake. No noise and nothing from the starter.

we replaced the pads on our e-350 and immediately had problems with the brakes being extremely soft. can't stop quickly at all. breaks were bled and now the shop is telling me $3000 for the brake control? any one have an idea

Can hear blower motors working at different speeds but no air moving at vents

Specifically I have available a tyranny from a 2010 e450 v10. Will it fit

I disconnected the battery to reset the TPMS. I reconnected the battery the park light flashed to engage the security system and it would not start. The vehicle only has 56,000miles

184,000 miles, 7.3 l super duty, vibrates over 50, mech says tail shaft barely in transmission, what caused this possibly?

tr any rebuilt at 100000. now has 40000. when reverse started the sliping

What could be wrong

runs great at highway speeds reluctant to idle lots of black smoke, used to get 12+ mpg

Put vehicle in reverse and while foot was on brake it suddenly accelerated backwards and brake would not go down to stop it.

does the dash have to be removed

The illumination lights do work. Directional lights work. Highbeam indicator works.
Checked fuses & relays ok.

My rear AC lines leak. I would like to close off the rear system and use only the front AC system. Can I do this and if so how?

There are a fuse box in the cab which I found. Looking for the one ine engine compartment, Class C Motorhome

Check engine light on after transmission swap. Mechanic says he broke an o2 sensor replacing the exhaust but Didn't say which one or where.

I want to inspect before bringing it back.

i give it gas after i have gone around corner it takes about 2,000 RPM's before it gets going and catches gear. what can i do to stop the driveline from slipping?