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there are four sensors. how do i determine which one to replace?
rear anti lock light on and spongy brakes rear wheel cylinder was leaking replaced rear passenger wheel cylinder. bleed brakes still problem
some times when I am driving my bus the automatic d-drive just slips in neutral mode and sometimes by starting the bus it takes a while before going in gear
I have a new battery and its it yesterday, but when I turn the key nothing happens unless I hook up my battery charger. What could be the problem? This happens every time I go anywhere.
My key tumbler was changed year and a half ago for key stuck, last month the switch and tumbler was changed because key again. And a month later Mechanic changed the key because of key getting stuck again. I have to m...
If I stop to quickly the truck will stall out sometimes when I put in reverse it stalls out.
I have also just replaced both belts from the duel alternator and just had the oil changed so what up with my truck
I have a 1993 Ford E350 and I am having troubletrying to fix code 12 in the ABS, no brake light on only ABS light. Grounded Test terminal and light on Dash Flashed code 12 the break fluid is full.
I have a 1993 Ford E350 and I am having trouble trying to fix code 12 in the ABS system.Can some give me the steps how to get the ABS light out?
ford f250 superduty has no acceleration it barely takes off and water in diesel tank.white smoke coming from tail pipe.
Best fix for gas in the full
What would be the best fix for the 6.7
My 2007 e350 xlt has a power issue. The battery light came on and power drained from the battery slowly but very fast when i used any accessories (lights heater) the tow truck driver boosted it and took the ground of...
It is stuck in Park and will not engage. The motor is fine and starts up. Is the problem with the brakes, a module a brake switch or something in the steering column? Please help!
It is stuck in park, will not engage, although the engine will start up. Is it something with the brakes something in the steering column or what? Please advice.
Manifold gaskets are shot and I know the bolts are rusted out on the manifold. Just wondering what I'd be looking at to do a total replace job.
Is gone and the van idle rough and code po401 comes up now.what wrong and how to fix it