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rr shoes and drums, rr wheel cylinders and bleeding system,frt brake rotors, frt brake calipers RR brake shoes rear brake drums and brake fluid rear wheel cylinders Ceramic front pads frt brake rotors and front ...
is there a switch control to operate heat or AC for the back
i have a Ford E 250 99 my problem is the heat or AC and the horn does not work when I bought the truck the owner told me that if I'm running the heat or AC not to use the horn because it will blow a Fuses. so i chang...
Sometimes I have to set the speed several times before it will hold speed (green light on dash stays on). Sometimes I will be driving with cruise on and it will shut off without touching brakes or buttons on steering ...
I already changed sparkplug all oxygen sensors and Cadillac converter and is not responding with power like it just to what else let need to look for?
Replaced fuel pump a few days ago and now truck idles rough and hesitates badly when accelerating. If I pull the vacume from map sensor it seems to do a little better but then doesnt want to shift. HELP PLZ!!!!!
every time it down shifts... when coming to a stop or rounding a corner.
Lite comes on , then shuts off. I have replaced inline fuel filter that was rusted inside. Van continues with same symptoms so, I put Injector, gas treatment in tank. Did not help. Both gas tanks and in tank fuel pump...
The hood release behind the grill moves but the hood won't open.
I found an engine out a 2009 e250., just wouldering if this engine Will fit my 2005 e250 sharing the same w 8th digit bin number .. Please help
4 wheel disc brakes, just replaced front calipers and rotors, new pads and wheel bearings. ABS light has been on for over a year, but just before replacing the front brakes the driver side brake locked up causing it t...
it starts back up every time just stalls when I put it in gear
how much would it cost to get my rocket cover gasket replaced in my 1998 ford fiesta??
verified connections at cluster and speed sensor at differential cked fuses dont see any obvious harness trouble, problem occurred while vehicle was sitting between bi weekly trips all other cluster functions are norm...
doesn't appear to water in the oil. engine runs rough, check engine light came on says misfire at #1. ever since I put a new radiator in I started having the coolant issue.
I do not carry heavy cargo
Ignition coil burns out after ten miles mil comes on and starta to missfires
heat comes out when van is moving but the fan does not work.
Recently I had to change the battery. when I put the new one in there was this flashing light.
when driving air switches from vent to defrost
I have a heating problem. my van will heat while park at high idler. While driving heat fades and cool.especially when very cold.