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Believe is the driver's side rear wheel.
What should I be looking for?

It sat up for a year know it's not getting gas.

I have changed the plugs, wires, coils, cam sensor, and the intake but it still miss fires only when warm what could it be?

Will this motor swap work?

Dash lights work. battery seems fine.

Already trial n error not the fuel pump or the spark plugs

how much to repair? Car was running on one quart (not 6 quarts) of oil then excessive noise started and we filled the oil and it lessened by still clanging away

buying a 2005 crown Victoria owner aays the rocker arm is needed no idea what that is or should i buy or put the money

The air conditioner and heater works but the defrost doesn't work in the front or back windows

I have a roweling sound from the rear end , when I accelerate and when I de accelerate

My radio and clock and interior lights all went out at the same time I'm not sure which fuse(s) to change

It sputters as im driving like its not getting enough gas

I have to keep foot on gas pedal. Once car is warmed up... it starts fine for the rest of the day. It's worse in cold weather.

Some how I lost the bolt the bolt the last time I changed the spark plugs.... Smh

Im trying to get a new rear end replaced as my old one was messed up from a rear seal leak

Nothing but cold air ,heater coil is not leakin

I found a burning hole by the floor next to the gas pedal

My turn signal my dashboard and my parking lights keep blowing every time I replace my fuse everytime I turn my turn signal left it blows even if I just turned my parking lights on it blows somebody please help me I don't want to have to replace something that I don't have to...

Hello i have a creon vic 2010 that was running good intell recently i accidently sparyed my driver side floor board with a power washer. The air conditioning that once worked 100% now will not turn on at all. I turned the A/C controll nobs but i here just air pressure with a hiss noise. Well i was very hot this summer so i tryed to put a converter box of 400 amps in my car then plugged a 120v indoor home fan in the converter box then plugged my converter box into my lower assesseries port. When i did that and turned the fan on it made my converter box make a loud pitch noise. I checked to see if the car was ok and it wasnt and it was in fact worse now the radio want turn on, my power locks and windows want work,my defroster is out,my power windows and defroster on windows is out, ac and heater want blow out air. Please help i dont know what to do. On my driver side closest to the emergency break pedal therea a grey looking box that has wires plugged in on each side of it. It looks like a wire harness adapter of some sourt. Theres a burn mark on two of the port holes were wires go in. On i can visibily see is pink. Also i did blow a 20 amp fuse but i replaced it and checked all fuses but it did no change to the car.

bought the car used and the speedometer, as well, of course,as the odometer hasn't worked since purchased.

Tried all amps of fuses. Door locks ,sunroof,domelight,floorlights,climetcontrol all out. Bad short ,but whar?

air bag light ON
turn indicates don't work
light on clock/radio off
blinkers don't work

Wednesday morning of this week on the 21st of 2016 I was getting ready for work which was around 4 in that morning. Sort of cool outside so I crunk up my car, turned the heater on max along with the defrost. At least bout 15 mins my car was running. Blowing out cool air instead of heat. Mu coolant level is full and there's no leaks anywhere.

The ball joints look good and the tierod ends are looking good. The only thing that looks rough is the stabilizer links

And how can I fix it cheaply but accurately

Repair shop ran a diagnoatics and found seat belt problem..replaced that but still has the warning signal.

The inspector said my power steering fluid is black and needs drained and new fluid put in. How do I drain the old fluid out and put new fluid in

when I turn off engine the fan or some other engine keeps running and runs the battery down just started doing this

My head lights stop working but my bright lights work, my windshield wipers stopped working, and my inside dash board lights stop working. What is the problem and what should I do.

I took it to Ford for more detail and their diagnosis said "veh. needs a complete tune up, plugs, boots and #8 coil. Veh. also has thermostat codes to replace thermostat. Ford wanted much too much money so I am not letting them do it. I am thinking that I will go to an outside mechanic and see if replacing the #8 coil makes a major improvement, if so I will get the thermostat replaced. I do not want to put a lot of $$ into a car I will not be able to have run OK for at least another year or so.