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over heats in just a few mins of cranking pictures would be great too im no machanic l.o.l

where should temp gauge read,says (normal) reads between a-l on gauge is this saying ity is to hot?and should my fan be running?it is winter here

What causes code P0 1383

and it feels like you are pushing through air when you press on the brakes

someone told me there are an E on the right back of cam and on the left cam an I was on the back side of the right cam,, and NO I on the right cam

No check eng light when driving on long trips. Only in town

hi i have a 1999 ford contour and when i push on the brake pedal i get nothing till 3/4's of the way down but i get all of the brakes dont know what to do.

It was only happening every once in awhile but now is alot more frequently. It makes no different if the radio or heater is on, the light still comes on and off.

well i put a alternator n the ford drove it for two days an the thing went bad so i put another one n an like n two days that one wasnt any good but be for i put them n i had them checked at auto zone n they said they both was good n they both went bad

2000 ford contour just started doing this gas gauge goes down while driving down street and gas light will come on but i know it has gas just put gas in what could be causing this problem

I think one of the warning lights is either the coolant light or the battery light, I just don't know which is the coolant light.

Car overheats. Any other suggestions other than changing thermostat?

theres only 1 located under the hood and theres not 1 located under the dash

removed bolts but cant remove because of hoses

code keeps coming up

does not want to shift in higher gears after 25 m.p.h. and makes whining noise


My mechanic informs me that both front subframe to body mounting bushings are missing and have been replaced with bolts and washers on my recently bought 95 Contour. Ford nor anyone else sells these bushing sets anymore. I need to do something because the body shifts around too much for my comfort. My question is - will universal body mount/isolator bushings (ie: Energy Suspension #94102) work on my car? Or am I better off going to a Pull-a-Part to try to find some?

I'v got a P0141 reading on the OBDII. How many sensors are there and where are they located?

When urnig to the left there is a grinding noise heard by the right brake area.

automatic braking system right?

Ive noticed coming on more and only when accelerating

Brand new alternator was installed and a new battery the battery still doesn't hold a charge.

I have a leak on the passenger side. When raining, water drips out the back of my glove box. Would like to know what I could expect to pay for either a new gasket, or new cowl.

I've tried looking for it in my chilton book, but I can't find it anywhere. I changed the rear one, but my mechanic says I need to change the front as well.

was driving down the road last night and it just stopped working

The bushings are bad on both tie rods and both control arms.

have installed rotors,pads,rear brakes,front calipers,brake hoses.

one of the head light lens have gotten moisture or dull on the inside. can i remove it or access it to clean?

It makes more noise when i get on the Highway, and it coming from the Left side, driver side, i can feel the vibration on the floor mat. can somebody please tell me what wrong. It a Frontwheel drive.