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I used to drive my car everyday to work and then I got sick and I am lucky if I drive my car twice a month. Back in October my car ran fine but was noticing it took a little longer to turn over but the car ran and res...
99 ford contour. When u turn key over it clicks. U can keep repeating that process for awhile and only get a click. But if u shake the steering wheel and turn over it starts. What's going on?
Need a wiring schematic fo9r the reverse lights as well as the location of the shift position switch for the Automatic Transmission. there is power to the plug in the console under the shifter, but the lights do not w...
Then the radiator was boiling. I had checked oil 2 weeks ago. Looks very low now. It used to get warm in 95 degrees. But mevet this. I read something about the ps belt? I am 50 female! Very poor and so dont know what?...
It was making some noise like kar kar kar before it switched of finally and completely I need to know the quote to repair the whole thing again probably to change it with a brand new engine timing belt water pump, m...
car jerks when going up and down hills during exceleration and also when coming down hills.
Only time it came on was at speeds over 50 for extended time.Some air at lower speeds but not much.
I know where the fuse box n the fule pump I just need to know how to cheek it to see if thats what worring with it just the fuse plz
I'm trying to replace water pump on my car. I am down to the cam pulley and need to use the breaker bar method but when I go to start my car it just blinks the alarm, dash, signal, and brake lights periodically. when ...
Catl-convert. while driving,it feels kike the car is attach to a ruber
change the alternator still not charging
once the car is warmed up as it shifts into 3rd gear it shimmies
how do you replace transmission in 1998 ford contour
how to remove intake manifold
When I shift from 1st to 2nd and into 3rd gear I get grinding
Took to FF Tire to see if they could find out why it was leaking transmission fluid and to check for any other issues before long drive. Also had just bought the car with only about 42000 miles on it. They couldn't f...
I have a 98 ford contour SE (6 cyl). I want to clean the EGR valve and ports but how do reach the bolt on the connecting pipe to get it off? I was able to remove the mounting bolts, but can't get a wrench in for the ...
is there a fuseable link between alt and battary? car will run till bat dies. car will stay running with jumper cables hooked up. HELP ME PLEZZZZZZZZZ!
The lower ball joint needs to be removed and a new one installed
after replacing the thernastat i noticed idler belt was do replace it.......
over heats in just a few mins of cranking pictures would be great too im no machanic l.o.l
where should temp gauge read,says (normal) reads between a-l on gauge is this saying ity is to hot?and should my fan be running?it is winter here
and it feels like you are pushing through air when you press on the brakes
someone told me there are an E on the right back of cam and on the left cam an I was on the back side of the right cam,, and NO I on the right cam
No check eng light when driving on long trips. Only in town
hi i have a 1999 ford contour and when i push on the brake pedal i get nothing till 3/4's of the way down but i get all of the brakes dont know what to do.
It was only happening every once in awhile but now is alot more frequently. It makes no different if the radio or heater is on, the light still comes on and off.
well i put a alternator n the ford drove it for two days an the thing went bad so i put another one n an like n two days that one wasnt any good but be for i put them n i had them checked at auto zone n they said they...