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can the rack be rebuilt?
i have a 97 aerostar van. It is very dependable but the power steering has been leaking for a while. It has gotten really bad now. Can the rack be rebuilt?
sensor. it cuts off at stop lights and when making turns. when trying to re-start it, it sounds like it is sucking air. if it sets for 30 minutes to 1 hour it will crank back up, but still cuts off shortly after that....
the 1993 Ford Aerostar 4.0L AWD has started shaking and vibrating very bad. Is there anyway to disengage the AWD without taking out the front driveshaft and transfer case??
well this would be the second time it done this but when i am driuving it will run fine but when im done driving and i wanna drive it will but when i come to a stop light an start slowing down to stop it will jerk an ...
theheater will not heat up I have changed the thermostat and flushed the radiator but still won't put out any heat the heater core is not leaking.
be it ac or heat, its defrost or off... no other settings work.. can I just hard fix it to vent , and my rear air only comes out on the floor HOT
I stick metal pin on driver side have someone raise lever while i try get rear cable out equalizer ,but does not provide any slack.
I van would start right up run for 5 seconds and cut off and you would here a backfiring kind of sound.I changed gasket from intake.It never started back up.
After it warms up it runs ok. Check engine light is on.
There is an elec. receptacle on the top of the compressor. I have no plug for it. Where can I find it and its source ?
floor it makes a winding sound and it hesitates but goes also the front end shakes really bad
will not start but the fuelpump is running all the time
van overheated, can see water running out from behind engine
should oil pump be replaced or is it just oil gauge going bad oil has never been bad as pressure! dosent leak and or use oil oil gauge goes wild high and low at time
Do you have a picture of the EGR valve location on this van
Seams like the fuel pump is not pumping fuel.
i was told that it needed new head gasket by mechanic. i'm disable and don't have money to pay for repair. van will no longer crank
I've replaced my lift gate hydrolics twice now, and both times they were not strong enough to deal with the weight of the lift gate. Is there any company out there that makes a stronger version that will accomodate ho...
I just spent an hour replacing a headlight bulb on the passenger side of my van (had to remove the air cleaner to do so) and now I am attempting to replace a the bulb in the cyclops in the rear. That's the high mounte...
i put on my cruse controlit willnot turn off my engine is raging
changed the fuel filter between the tank and motor does this also have the filter on the fuel pump in the gas tank if so how much to replace the filter
how do you connect a silonoid switch in a 94 ford arostar van
What could make my van die right back out when I start it up?
I am stiull soliciting expert opinion before I imvest any $$ in a crap shoot..that is..hoping a replacement unit would be any quieteer. My 95' Aerostar XLT 3 door has had a whining P/S unit since I bought it over 2 mo...
Why am I getting gas mixed with the oil? Every three days my engine oil level increases by a quart and I have to drain the excess gas, oil mixture.
2 months ago our front end has been shaking and popping when we'd drive veering to the right. We could make a turn without accelerating and it would NOT pop or shake. It only would shake and pop if the road turned to ...