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Just ran car and blower still doesn't work.

I need to know what will interchange with the fuel pump on my 89 Ford Probe

I got an engine code 302 and pulled the coil and plug and there is oil all over it

i put new brakes and lines left front brake keeps locking up

What can I do to unlock it so I can start it

I'm attempting to diagnose a loose steering issue and I'm not finding any play, my wife drives a 97 and while I know they are way different her wheel only turns just over 1.5 times and mine is turning almost 2.5 times. Is this normal or do I have a issue?

Popping noise while driving that seems to be coming from the front end, is felt in the steering and turns. Does it both at high and low speeds. When the truck picks up speed, the popping sound speeds up as well.

Was told I could disable it to keep it from closing automatically

How much will it cost to fix and get the engine light off

all calipers and saddles and brake components are tight and in good shape very very slight wheel play in right front when truck is in air no visible play in ball joints

and what does it look like where can i buy one what is the ford part number

When the bronco is started (whether it's cold or not) if it hasn't been driven in like an hour or so, it takes forever to shift into reverse, and then longer to shift into drive. basically when you start it you gotta wait a minute before you shift into reverse, and then after you shift into reverse when you try to shift it into drive, once it's in the drive position, it doesn't actually GO into drive for another minute.

where I can fine the numbers on the car so I can make one

if so, what would be needed?

I installed an after market radio and I blew a few fuses but now the gas gauge is not working and the message center and mileage is not working

I have a roweling sound from the rear end , when I accelerate and when I de accelerate

About 3 weeks ago, it will not turn over, took it to mechanic and said it was the fuel injection refused and for 3 weeks he couldn't find the problem to fix it

Door lock is jamed

sometim the engine keeps runninges when i turn swtich off qnd somtim the start light does not come on

The fuel gauge car seams to be fine except when sitting still it will jump up on the Rpms. I got a TPS today but I can't for the life of me figure out where it goes. It doesn't match pics in the book or online

My radio and clock and interior lights all went out at the same time I'm not sure which fuse(s) to change

You have to turn on the key and then the interior lights work with the dimmer switch and everything but when the switch is off no lights will work on the inside of the truck

My 2004 won't shift out of Park unless you use the override switch

Just bought the car and its idleing really high

It does shift to first and second gear but it won't shift third gear.. the speed on the car goes up itself..I need to know what the problem is..I don't drive it and it's just parked..

Replaced the starter n alltinater tried a different battery not still not

When I start my car I have to push in the gas paddle to keep it started what could be causing it to do that?

Driving push gas it goes then its like your in neutral push gas no acceleration then it goes back to like in drive. Only have 60,000 miles

Engine Failsafe Mode came on after replacing the Throttle Position Sensor. What is wrong?

I can see rpm s moving up n down when driving under 15 miles an hour