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I tried turning the key and pulling up on the trunk no results

When starting to move I can feel a grinding seems to be coming from the left front wheel. Its very noticeable when turning left. After a few moments as I pick up speed it vanishes. Had a mechanic look at it and he said everything looks ok. He's baffled. Suggested I contact Ford to see if their have been other similar complaints and a resolution. This has been going on for awhile. ( I'm retired so I don't drive everyday, Maybe two days a week to the store and back most of the time. But it is becoming more noticeable) Any ideas??

My air or my heat won't work. It went out suddenly and without warning. What? on 2006 Ford Crown Victoria
I've had the car going on 3 years. I bought it used. The air never blew through the vents, but it would blow throught the floor or defroster. The heat worked find. But now my air or heat won't work. What is it, and what can I do and how much do you estimate the repairs to be, and where in my air is advised?

I've had the car going on 3 years. I bought it used. The air never blew through the vents, but it would blow throught the floor or defroster. The heat worked find. But now my air or heat won't work. What is it, and what can I do and how much do you estimate the repairs to be, and where in my air is advised?

My expedition is not turning on or makes no crank my lights turn on but not my sterio I change the baterry to a new one it wasn't the problem I took the starter off to get tested and it wasn't the problem either is something electrical so what can it be?

Automatic climate control set at 73. Suddenly drops to lowest temperature and all a/c lights come on.

All doors are closed it started once i tryd to open my back door with my key now my lights are on and wont go off

had alternator repaired and replaced-factory unit

Last few months loud metalic noise like brake caliper or something like it is loose and catching the wheel during rotation and is bangingaround . It has become worse and more freaquent but brakes work fine although the noise stops when brakes are applied then intermitantly starts again

When idling cold it runs fine but as soon as the engine warms up it stalls. We have replaced alot of parts that it was telling us was bad but still not fixing it.
We have replaced MAF sensor, plugs, intake gasket, valve cover gasket, bank 1 sensor 2 O2 sensor, air filter, fuel filter and Throttle Position Sensor, and vacuum lines.

I just recently got this can but can not find the switch for the headlights. Can someone help?

i am willing to buy a car ford fusion 2008 130k miles ?

The auto shop said everything looks good. Pads, rotors, fluid level, master all working fine. ABS light is off but when it comes on then the brakes work fine.

when convert a/c from a12 to r134 do the oil and reon amounts stay the same

How to switch to a digital speed display?

I have a v6 mustang 03 and when I'm on the freeway I sometimes go 70 mph and a green light, (looks like a tire) comes on and my car stops accelerating. It says it's a traction control but I have it off. What could be the problem? Can my tires be bad or could it be something under my hood?

Door was left ajar during rain. Since then having problems with starting vehicle. Dash goes absolutely crazy. Gauges flipping back and forth, not starting. Then when it sits for awhile it might start and then again it might not. At any given time this happens.

A couple days ago the car radio display won't work. You can see the time and date but it won't play music at all well a few days later the car is saying it's overheating and does not want to turn on.

Not long ago I drove to town without any trouble or incidents. I came home,
parked my vehicle. Not a single problem or noise. I have not attempted to
even start it in maybe 3 weeks. So I decide to drive it to town. The battery
was down. So I jumped it off. But this time, it would crank. But would not
start. First time it has ever not started. 75 degrees out. The only indicator is
the "oil pressure low" came on. Still will not start, but cranks just as it always
has. The oil level was good. I have tried starting it a few times, and it cranks,
but will not fire. I noticed while it was cranking, the oil pressure does not
change while cranking. It remains at 'no pressure', which is odd, because it
has always had good pressure. Will "low oil pressure" indicator cause it not
to fire? Does the pressure register while cranking? Any ideas?

Had it taken to shop .. Drivable n changed out clutch pressure plate slave cylinder new line n new clutch master cylinder .. Got truck back n had no response on pedal .. Now it jumps when starting

Car was running fine , parked it ,later went to start and engine turns over but won't crank. Found another troubleshooting site suggesting fuel relay in fuse panel that iscsoldered in so I replaced the whole fuse panel with new one. Still won't crank up. Located the restart button on fuel shut-off in rear and tried that. Doesn't seem to be that either. What to check next?

I checked fuse, OK. Bought new wiper motor, it doesn't work either. New wiring harness, still doesn't work. What next? I did have a door ajar light on, but crossed 2 wires in rear passenger door to fix. This cant be the problem can it?

I put the cluster in the same year and model car and it works fine

It hasn't overheated at short stops like redlights or stop signs but when in idle for more than 15-20 minutes it will overheat and all of the water will run on the ground. I've already replaced the fans and that didn't seem to help.

I have been told that the transmission has a bolt that you remove on the drivers side of the transmission when filling to add the proper amount. I see three bolts that fit the description all in that same area. Help!

almost on the floor. What can I do?

It also stalls occasionally when idling. Is it likely the crankshaft position sensor or might it be something else?

I've recently had the ignition and carb serviced.

alt. tested ok power comes back up when I let off the gas.

occurs when truck warms up

replaced the main control switch and all its led's light up, but still only the one window will work. is there more than one fuse that controls the windows?