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the pump sets behind the cab. solenoid, one line in and one out with a little plastic red box coming in front of return line I believe, does any one know if that is valve to realese box to come down?
It drove fine on the way home, idle was a bit lower than normal. Didn't drive it the rest of the weekend and problem happened this morning.
We already know its the starter, just need to know how to replace it ourselfs,
after a fuel pump replacement and battery replacement.the car started and ran good for 2 minutes.when i pushed on the gas pedal the car died and hasnt started again. ive checked for voltage on all conections to senser...
engine will run smooth, then after a mile so it be shaking like its going to cut off, then it will jump back and run smooth. The power is fine once you accelerate, but when you're at a light, it will start shaking ag...
Had battery disconected for service work. Inspection is due and not sure everything is reset for emissions test. On my Honda Pilot if you turn ignition on check engine light will blink 3 times if not reset. Is there a...
my check engine light comes on while i'm driving down the highway and then my car will start to skip and misfire i've already replaced the spark plugs and wires and the fuel filter but the problem still occurs
new battery new alternator no power to lights or anything else.
it goes thru the gears great but it wants to shudder when in overdrive If i kick it down it picks right up but under slow acceleration shudders could this be the shift control solenoid?
They did front end alignment, all good. Replaced tire for free. But I have a vibration in that same front wheel at speeds over 50 ?
it does not get louder at acceleration it just quiets down to where you cant even hear it rattling,,,any ideas other than the timing chains.
Drove home from dealer after having complete checkup and telling them about this issue. All tests checked out fine. 1 hour into the drive home it shut off again like it was starving for fuel. Sat there for a couple mi...
system ready ( scan-tool )...memory code # p1633 ... stay for one year ... engine work very good .... ???
Some autoparts tell me is in the fuel injection line. Then other autoparts that I call say it's in the inside of the gas tank in the fuel pump. It would be a big help to me thank you so much.