I was told I only have two options. I have no idea which would be the better investment.

The last mechanic I'd taken the truck to gave up after hours of attempting to remove it.

I have 147,000 miles on it.

I know how to change one pretty much by heart by now. Feel like the dad in "A Christmas Story" was with fuses.

I hear a click like something's rattling around in the trunk when I make an uphill turn, sometimes other turns.

I paid only five hundred dollars for the vehicle. I love the thing but I've been told it's in need of a new engine. How much should I expect to pay for both the engine and the work to replace it?

It seems like every time I turn on or change over to AC or the heater, there is a lot of creaking going on. Is this a problem?

I clean this often, but in no time, there is a huge blue pile of corrosion on top of the negative battery terminal. Why?

i.e. the steering wheel wiggles a little bit back and forth, like a strong vibration.

The front end of the vehicle will shake violently when applying the brakes (sometimes). I can't seem to reproduce this every time, but it will definitely not do it if you just slam on the brakes hard. Gently applying pressure will cause it to vibrate. I already took it to a shop and they inspected the brake pads and confirmed they are fine.

Fastest stang

Need tires for great cornering

The pads last 20000 miles

Every time I need to lock the hatch with the key. The other doors all lock just fine.

I found a new Ford dealer who wants $1800 to fix the master cylinder, clutch, and transmission. Is it worth doing really? The car is a 2001 and in fair condition. Thank you.

The light is ALWAYS on!

My car stutters and I think it's because the spark plugs are bad.

I burned up a hose on my Taurus while trying to go in over gear and passed a car. Now I can hear air coming out of the pipe.

I have an auxiliary port as well as a USB port. While the USB port seems to work consistently, the auxiliary port only seems to work about half of the time.

When I drive my car a lot the head gasket tends to start wearing out and leak water.

The audio component of my SYNC software stopped working out of the blue. When my phone was connected via USB and streaming music, the car displayed the track that was playing but I couldn't hear anything. However, the radio and CD player still worked with audio just fine.

What mileage would it need to be done at

Does not happen all the time

I can talk but it will not recognize the numbers i am saying

My overdrive has a hard time getting over even slight inclinations but my drive seems perfectly fine.

My door keeps not shutting and it takes me a good minute to get it to shut.

My car shakes when I slow down, but only at a very specific speed.

My car shifts back like it's changing gears going up a hill.

The window sounds like it's sticking going up.

There is picture in the manual, but no location.