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transaxle light come on and car lost all speed

Car started to shut off while driving without warning few weeks later a/c went out. I changed compressor and it worked for three months. Car continued to shut off without warning. Replaced compressor for a second time and worked only 3days. Could a bad throttle body be the reason ac compressor ruins so quickly?

We have to buy a rebuilt motor for a truck and they asked us if are truck has an EGR system and we have no idea. How would we find out question mark it's got the original motor in it right now. Thank you

Ive replaced Egr valve and IAC valve and downstream o2 sensors and problem remains

Daytime running lights have quit working. Would it be a module? Where is it located?

I have had my 2008 f350 with a 6.4 for about 2 months now. on 4 different times after driving 10 to 18 miles I stepped out of my truck and could smell what smelled like burning rubber. brakes were not hot. what could this be? also yesterday when pulling away from a stop sign white and blue smoke came out of my tale pipe until I took my foot off the gas peddle. Are these connected and what could it be?

The car was making a clicking or maybe knocking sound when in park or neutral once I put it in gear the noise would stop after 20 or 30 mph then the other day it just stopped while I was driving it has no gears not forward or reverse

Has a tapping noise under the van when you mash on the celebrato. When you step on the gas

It turns off when I turn it on like it didn't have no gas

My son hit the ditch with it and there was lots of snow. Immediately after it started running bad. Took to a shop and they replaced the MAFS and an O2 sensor, spent 8 hours on it and couldn't figure it out and gave up. Took to a ford dealer and they said the MAFS, so I took it home and did tests myself and sensor seems good, but bought one anyway and not the issue. I got a used PCM and had it programmed and still not the issue. Some of the ignition coils were cracked, replaced them all and the spark plugs. When disconnect MAFS you can drive it but very sluggish and can just reach high way speeds if flat. There is strong fuel smell from the exhaust.

Took oil pan off there where plastic pieces in the pan no metal. the pieces are cloging the feed my question are these the cam guides they talk about and if so is it worth fixing and do I need to replace them and how

The problem occurs when i accelerate fast and it's also making a constant squeaking noise from the front passenger side.

If I try to push the car slippery button it will not come off.

Can u put any radiator that fits on

Engine just quits while driving - says check gages but nothing odd there - seems like an electrical problem - tps has been suggested as trouble

1984 ford f-150 carburetor started leaking gas caught on fire for about 30 seconds luckliy did not blow up.
Installed new carburetor intall went well but problem now is that truck starts up but will not stay crank. Changed ignition wires, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor button 3 months before truck caught on fire. Plesse help.

Put in neutral it starts and turn on key starts all the gears work when key on have to play with it to work in park

Took 2 weeks to rebuild. I just thought that was high?? Car is a 2012 Ford Escape.

Vibration on passenger side

The freeze plug was cracked an need to be replaced if so could you confirm. It leaks out only when it's in park or the car has cut off from the highway ? An if it is the freeze plug how could you tell if it's the front or rear freeze plug cap ?

pry glass mirror see clips but really hard do get mirror off

I have a 2002
Ford Explorer sport trac 4.0l
While driving home the check engine light started flashing and felt the truck acting sluggish, then it shut off in the middle of a hill (going up).
I tried to restart and it was unsuccessful. Pulled a P0301 for a #1cylinder miss fire. Only code in system. Cranks over, has spark - no start
I am checking the fuel pressure. With the key on engine off the pressures goes up to 80 psi and in a second it looses all pressure. My question is the pressure shouldn't drop that fast should it?

I'm having problems with my car alcelerating again after I come to a complete stop. But none of my lights are on, on my dashboard..Last night I notice my car speedometer stop working for a while and starting back then went out again.

Only happens on freeway driving

Have 93ford ranger starter is chewing up flywheel on number three what's going on

Making a knocking sound and feeling when accelerating.

Could this be something with the Eco-boost

how many hours does it call for

Just replaced plugs and coil packs. The engine is down on power ato times oscillating back and forth from normal power to sudden loss at speeds of 10-60.

the heater is the only thing that turns on. Radio wont work. a/c doesn't work. Any ideas?