When I get up to about 45-50 miles an hour I get a violent shaking and I get a loud "slapping" noise from what sounds like my exhaust. I've changed my oil, and oil filter. I am not sure if that helps the problem at hand. I don't think it does. Anyway I plan on changing the fuel filter to see if that does anything. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

When car is turned off then i try to restart it wont start. I have a 3 month old battery un it.

When I start the car the needle moves backwards then forward. By moving backwards that becomes the new empty indication. After about ten starts when I turn they key off the needle is pointing straight down indicating empty when it moves forward it stops E indicating full. I replaced the stepper motor still the same results. The needle moves backwards two needle widths every start. Any ideas?

I start my car and when I shift the gears my car don't move

Question#2 the oil gauge is running high but whencheck oil it's full

2011 Ford f-450 super-duty 6.7L engine.

ac button off blower blows with dial turned to red but just air no heat.

Dash lights stay on when when you stop engine radio go on and off Here a clicking sound when engine is shut down only happen once and awhile have to unhook bat. so it will not run down

Key stuck in the ignition


I replaced the 02 sensor and the light still comes on

Ing in my backs wheels like they are going to fall off

acelerator pedal is all the way to the floor, rpm won,t pass 2500 rpm; and speeds goes down

I can feel heat when I turn on hot air but nothing blows

message center keeps alerting to check it

The car normally shifts great, but once in a great while why accelerating from a stop,, it jumps, after shifting from starting gears

There has been a recall on 1997 Ford Contour concerning brake fluid pressure regulator when did this occur and can someone who risks their lives because brake lining on rear wheels leak

I see a small amount of moister build up on the top near the thermostat housing but it ain't leaking. It's under the black cover in the top. Smells I uje antifreeze.

It dies when I take off but picks up at 40 mph or 60. And will bad censors make the manifold pipes glow red.

I had my upper/bottom front ball joints put in and now it won't come out of gear. Can you help me please?

Truck has only done this when starting for first time in the morning, starts and runs fine rest of day. I had the IAC valve and MAF sensor replaced less than 9 months ago. Truck has 150,000 + miles and gets regular 3 month oil changes.

Clock - light is too dim

The fuses and relays are good. Help!

car runs normal when cold.after warm up ,car will not go above 3k rpm. no codes visible.acceleration is very slight and touchy.this happened after bad fuel was put into tank

I can not use my heads. 5.4 triton with flex fuel

Experiencing occasional long cranking starts. Having to turn key 4 to 5 times with pumping pedal until it starts. Truck has less than 60k miles. these long cranking issues happen @ anytime of the day or morning.

I started hearing a squeaking or rattle coming from the rear almost like the exhaust pipe banging up against something. It only did it in 1st 2nd and 3rd mostly. But today I heard it in 4th and 5th. Then when shifting to 4th gear it sounded like I was bogging down and 5th gear was the same way. I was going 40-45 mph, you would have thought I was only doing 15. It settled when I reached about 55 but sounded rough. I have no idea what is going on, but I hope it's not the transmission going out. Any help would be appreciated!

Everything else is working great.

The fan runs constantly for my heater and a/c. Doesn't matter if its on auto or manual.

I need to know where it is to remove it for resetting/replacement