When I start the car after sitting all night nothing in the dash works

When I start the car after sitting all night nothing in the dash works

No power at selector switch

Vehicle has 107,400 mi .. What is this and what can be done? I know what the code says but not how to check or fix it.

If you clear codes, start car, let set until it comes out of open loop, turn car off, restart MIL comes on and codes are present again. Code reader shows 39 psi fuel pressure at idle and 41 psi when giving it some gas and fuel long trim 25% for both banks. I have a code reader that shows live data but I'm not familiar on what to look for. Thanks in advance.

Trying to figure out if the passenger side airbag has been deployed in my 1995 Ford Taurus

I have to keep foot on gas pedal. Once car is warmed up... it starts fine for the rest of the day. It's worse in cold weather.

Put spark plugs and fuel filter still will not start cranks but does not start don't know what is wrong. Help .

The vehicle was hard to start this morning. Engine turned over fine just did not fire up right away. once running both the fuel light and oil light stayed on. This truck has the v-6 engine.

Dies when it rains don't wanna go up hill

The noise was more evident as I accelerator it. I changed the synchronizer shaft, but the noise is still there.

I replaced the EGR valve, The solenoid and the DPFE and it still opens the EGR and I hear exaust in the intake

Checked relays fusses. How do you check neutral safety? I turn the key everything is on try to engage starter lt doesn't. Tried it later it worked. 3
Month s later cold morning won't turn over.

My reserve tank has a cracked in it and I need a new one.

When I drive over bumps slow the truck stalls out then the wrench & engine light come on. Also some times when I put into drive it stalls out but in reverse & just idling in park it runs fine

When I take off from a stop light there is a ton of steam coming from underneath the truck and it's not coming out of the exhaust at all and there is no water in the oil and it is not overheating but it is skipping just a little. Sitting inside the cab you can smell that radiator smell real bad.

It will not release from the key holder.

40% of the time it will come out in my garage because there is a straight entry and slight bump in

Already had new filler tube put on and sensor on top of the motor replaced. The vechicle runs great but after the light comes on a few times then the check engine light comes on too.

I'm replacing the timing cover gasket,and after I removed the harmonic balancer,there is a part that I can't figure how to take it off,it's blocking the timing cover from coming off,it sits on the Franck,between the timing cover and harmonic balancer,thanks in advance.

Wine was poured in my gas tank what do i do

Can i still drive

were is the transmission modulator value located on a 1993 ford e150 van it is not on the right side of the transmission

4wd high is stuck can go into 4 low and back to high but not 2wd module clicks when going into low and from low back to high but not when going into 2 wd lights all work right any ideas if it's the module or shift motor on the transfer case

I just need more time to save money for repair but only truck I have to drive

Battery dies and i have to get a jump to start it!! Never have any problem with lights getting deam or alternater is bad!!

I replaced everything from fuse, relay, fan speed switch, resistor, blower motor, still not working, what's next please!!

significant jostling.

cuts out on mild accelleration.does not do this all the time.

Where do I find them