and engine idles rough

removing alternator need to find release to pull plug from alternator

Hi everyone. I purchased used Ford Focus 2012 a month ago and its mileage is around 40400 miles.

In the first week itself, I've noticed Screeeeeech sound while taking reverse and then applying brakes. The frequency of hearing this sound is very less.

But 3 days before, I noticed huge vibration in steering for about 3 to 4 seconds while accelerating at lower gear.

And today, I noticed the same problem. The vibration is much greater than before and it happened when I apply brakes. The first vibration occurred when I slowed down in speed breaker and the second happened when I applied brakes during the turn and I was about to lose the control.

So, after noticing these things I went to mechanic explained him everything. Unfortunately, none of the things happened when he took the test drive.

Any idea what's going on with my car? I don't have even basic knowledge to I identify where the problem is.

Any help is appreciated.

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What causes that problem an how did it happen

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There is a leak near the Rack and pinion connection

Radiator lines just replace.

Could it have delay switch it comes on after I'm driving for 5 minutes then it works till I cut engine and then you have to wait another 5 minutes

What's the purpose of the EGR my trucks idle is kind of weird I have codes p1401 , p0171, and p0174. Won't go past 45

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sounds like its stuck in low gear

sounds like it is in overdrive , straining

sounds like it is in overdrive , straining

When unlocking with remote or turning key on, hear repetitive series of clicks in dash area and then quits. Now I have a new clicking noise, just like a clock, when the heat/air is on and there is no heat. Can turn temp control all the way to "cool" and it stops, but starts again as you turn it towards "warm". No heat at all.

Was driving and serpentine belt broke due to the tensioner pulley seizing. Replaced both and now car won't crank. I was told possibly jumped time. Any suggestions?

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I here air leak under hood but cannot seem too find it

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Back tire caught flat

is there any way to do it without pulling the engine

is there any way to do it without pulling the engine

When I start the car after sitting all night nothing in the dash works

When I start the car after sitting all night nothing in the dash works

No power at selector switch

Vehicle has 107,400 mi .. What is this and what can be done? I know what the code says but not how to check or fix it.

If you clear codes, start car, let set until it comes out of open loop, turn car off, restart MIL comes on and codes are present again. Code reader shows 39 psi fuel pressure at idle and 41 psi when giving it some gas and fuel long trim 25% for both banks. I have a code reader that shows live data but I'm not familiar on what to look for. Thanks in advance.

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I have to keep foot on gas pedal. Once car is warmed up... it starts fine for the rest of the day. It's worse in cold weather.