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Rookie After installing new rotors and brake pads on the front whiles, while driving I can hear some sound on the right side, like,sew,sew. The sound stops as soon I touch the brake pedal. Braking is norm...
when cluster went out, no windows, AC, etc. Prior to incident alternator and bat. died, Ford claims unrelated. New panel as been installed, still not working, Ford got windows working, and AC fan to work without blowi...
transmission, hard to see but it looks like it plugs into the fire wall or undercarriage? It looked like pure water not coolant.
checked all fuses, fluids. Oil gage reads just above low mark, does not move when engine revs.
occasionally when I try to pass another car my car just bogs down and won't accelerate. it seams like the transmission doesn't down shift into passing gear.
Where can I take this car to fix airbag passanger? How much is cost?
Now the car won't start after putting it back. How can I resolve this
all light\s -air -etc work just no dash lights & when I stop At Stop sign it pulls away in 2nd gear!!!
Just had oil changed and brakes inspected. Could this be a sensor going bad or fuse. When this happens the turn signal indicator won't light but works on the outside of car.
when at low RPM my heat or air goes where I have controler set. Then when RPM is increased it goes to the defroster until RPM goes down. Then it returns to where I have it set to. Do I need a new part? It appears to...
In drive while stopped at red light vehicle vibrates then taking off it jerks. But while in motion its ok. While in park or neutral its good. Hearf it can be motor mounts I don't know. If it is about how much will i...
my trans stoped pulling first the o-d light started blinking when the car got warm and I had to let off the gas so the trans would shift into drive and now it will not pull in drive 1 and 2 are fine. could it be an se...
it tries to go into drive but it seems like it isn't fully going in when the o-d light first started blinking I had too let off the gas so the trans would go into drive
my 99 ranger 2.5 engine gives a 304 miss fire code when its raining or damp outside. I replaced both coil packs wires and plugs,this did not fix the problem.