My car would not gain speed now its parked and it starts but will not engage with any of the gears what's the problem?

i change the oil after that i dont have no oil pressur

It happens every time I drive it

when driving highway or local and when I bring to ford of course problem not there

I heard loud knocking sound coming from my engine and was told it could be the front timing chain.

Fuel pump not working properly

When deceleration and stoping the engine does not shut off... is there a module on the transmission I can check?

It's fuel injection!!! Is there a way too have it run even?when hot it's really irritating PLEASE I know how to turn a wrench don't know what to turn .

Just to changed spark plugs, transmission cooler

Emmy's my truck starts and runs great it just I don't have no headlights blinkers tail lights and nothing I checked the fuses fuses is good I don't know what to do next I need help please

The car has a thump like in the transmission, but no sensors are going on in the transmission. It has been tested and it is saying it is the Alternator that is causing the problem...We don't know what is going on and we needs to fix the car.

where is it located? changed the left, and now I cant find right

On start up car idle's at 500 RPMs has miss fire. On acceleration has no power I have to floor it to get up to speed. And trans shifting I'll regular

need to know if a 197 ford 4.6 came out with a one roll radiator

no power to radio

We replaced all those parts and still no start I am getting a buzzing noise from the fuse box any suggestions on what the problem could be please help

You can hear and feel the blower but there's no air flow in the roof or vents in the ceiling

I'm trying to replace my headlight assemblies

need to know how to take apart driver side door on a 2004 ford freestar van,so I can put window back on its track

on a 2004 ford freestar van.driver side window came off tracks. need to know how to get to glass so I can put it back on track

When at stop sign or stop light there is a dragging or rubbing sound that seems to be coming from the rear end

ive replaced the thermostat and the fan andi worked great for 6 months then after a oil change it started overheating again and thefan wasnt kicking on and when i added waterin the coolent it started to not overheat but that only lasted a few days now my car wont start and the battery isnt dead cause the lights come on but wont run people say its the moter but i need to know if i need a whole new engine

Other codes also came up:

I have a check engine light that will not clear after replacing O2 sensors due to a P0172/0175 code. The readiness monitors will not reset.

Runs and idles fine and always starts right back up, but will die again when put in drive. Replaced coil and cam position sensor as this is what code was shown.

Took my car in they are charging me $100.00 a hose. Am I being overcharged?

I have water coming through the interior handle up by the windshield on the drivers side. I have checked tubing by winshield, all clear and connected. All door seals are in place and good. I just don't know what else to check for. Any help would be appreciated.


Need quoted for a transmission that is not allowing the vehicle to backup?

Hi I bought a brand mustang ecoboost premium on may 27 2016. Its so painful when your car gets into issues within such a minimum time and miles on it.
issue 1: yesterday I had my tank almost empty. the dashboard said 6 miles to empty. I stopped at a gas station and started filling my gas. the pump turned off after 12.5 gallons. generally I remember filling up untill 14.5 to 15 gallons of gas. not sure where the room for another 2-3 gallons has gone!! I spoke with a friend who drives a mustang ecoboost '16 and he said his tank may go till 16 gallons at times. I checked the range as well. its showing as 275 miles which earlier used to show me somewhere close to 315 miles. Also I feel like the arrow on the gas gauge is below the F (which is supposed to be a little further to F)
issue 2: I feel like the performance of my car is going down and not as it was before. My friend who is been driving with me initially for around 3 months took a long pause and resumed travelling with me recently and he said he hear some weird sound with the engine.
issue 3: I hear some sound when I apply breaks as well.
issue 3: The gas mileage is getting bad day by day I dont know why. initially I was driving real fast and slamming the throttle all the time. But when I spoke with a friend he said I need to tune the engine initially for better performance. That is when I started driving the car subtly. I remember seeing figures like 24.5 to 26 in the city but now a days I see gas which is hardly getting close to 22. wanna let you know that I put regular gas and not premium.

Can someone kindly read my long post and please answer the questions. Thank you so much.