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Was running really rough, got new plugs, rotaet and wires now runs great but idles so slow it threatens to die.

Does it in all types of weather doesn't matter what the temperature is

Truck won't start acks bound up after putting tranny back in

lite came on car runs fine

Looking to buy used. Owner says engine solid but transmission skips in higher gear range. Is that a maintenance service or a bad tranny about to die?

buying a 2005 crown Victoria owner aays the rocker arm is needed no idea what that is or should i buy or put the money

it wont even start if I spray start how can I get it started

Dirt road caused a lot of problems in the past with the wiring harness.

how to change fuel injectors on 2005 F-150 4.6

.. I know I am for sure missing one would it be best to replace all of them or just the one needed

Engine started out stalling and cutting off and backfired a few times and now will not start at all

Replaced ignition control module and distributor

Checked power relay and fuel pump relay all are good

Fuel pump primes

Thinking about replacing crankshaft position sensor

Can't get it back right it will crank up and run but not right

car runs fine, ac doesn't work, cruise doesn't engage. I checked all fuses and connections on engine. Where do I look next?

Maybe drive shaft?

Almost sounds like wheel bearings, but jacked up front end and spun tires around, not bearings. driveshaft? Serpentine belt?

I took it to autozone, the code was for the cylinder head temp sensor, i replaced that, still have the same problem.

Put oil in gage light don't flutter no more but comes on for minute now driver side windshield wiper don't work there a short in plug leading to battery

When I go to take off, the rpms go to the 3000 and If I take my foot off accelerator it'll kick into 2nd gear, the other gears change normal. And when the cars warmed up, the o/d off light comes on and message saying "check transmission!" Would that trigger my check engine light to come on? The code that came up is p0775. We changed transmission filter and fluid but that didn't make it better. Whats the next step that I can do without taking it to shop! Can't afford to take it to shop , any suggestions would help. Thank you

Addition, it also says OBD2 MONITORS NOT READY, and under that, it says CATALYST, EVAPORATIVE SYSTEM, and SECONDARY AIR SYSTEM. However, on the first part of the smog check under VISUAL INSPECTION RESULT INFORMATION, the only thing that FAILED was the VACUM LINES to SENSORS/ SWITCHES. So if I fix that problem then shouldn't it be READY!!.One more thing this happened today roughly at 4:00 pm, at a STAR SMOG CENTER IN NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA. Please help with any information you can provide.
Thank you

My entire radio panel is dead and nothing works, however, fuses all appear fine. The unusual thing is "FORD FUSION" is illuminated on radio display. I can't make anything work. What can I do?


When checked it was no reading on dipstick added two quarts drove okay for 4-5 hours then same thing check fluids reading was now way over full now have no forward gears unless engine and transmission are cold and then only for short time and if I do not switch out of forward gears however reverse always works just fine have replaced vacuum modulator and transmission filter after filter changed worked good till turned off restarted and had no forward gears at all next morning tried for the hell of it worked good till end of street, works when cold short time then nothing like neutral..
what could it be??

Service changes every 3000 miles by Ford. Serviced just completed. Light came on afterwards. Reset oil life, but engine symbol stays on.

It's difficult to start all the time and it wants to die out every single time I stop. I have already replaced coil and O2 sensor what else can it be

Changed plugs and wires now even worse and a knocking noise and engine light still flashing when try to accelerate runs fine in park found out intake manifold leaking changing gaskets now but intake full of black sludge and plenum smells of gas still checking her out but noticed the intake manifold control module is missing the linkage rods???? Can I get just the rods replaced instead of the 200 dollar module?? And can I reuse the isolator bolts on the intake??? Or should I buy new bolts??? the axle recall is over and cannot b replaced now really scared and van occasionally dies doing 60 mph on highway no nothing not even headlights but comes back on in a couple seconds I call it the nightmare that Ford created but won't take fault for this vehicle should never of been allowed to b sold to me should of been torched and crushed but it's my only vehicle and can't afford to replace it but I don't think it's worth my life or my child's Thanx ford for fucking us just glad mine hasn't caught on fire yet ridiculous u should b ashamed worst vehicle I ever owned

Break fluid Reservoir is full, breaks do not work. Front drivers side tire locks up 1St then the other tired lock ip

runs normal,,,no hesitation,,

hasent beed started in a while

No power on acceleration and would die in reverse.