Hi everyone

I recently started having an issue with my 2011 ford fusion se 2.5L. I have had this car for over 3 years and never really had any issue until now. Car wont start if it was left out in cold even for couple hours. I do have a block heater and i leave it plugged at night and it starts with first crank in the morning.

I cant plug it in while i am at work so it becomes a real pain to start it. I never really had to use the block heater in the past winter when it also touched -35 degrees at night. For the past couple weeks i've been facing this issue.

Here are some more details
Oil change is due (i dont think that should be an issue).
Battery was installed last year.
Coolant level is good but never had it flushed (195000km)
Car has a code P0605

Has anyone had this issue?

I have add break fluid so that is not the problem.

Where is the starter located on my f150 ford truck

This truck has a 7.3 deisel motor

Supposedly it got wet and damaged the alternator.

The oil light and everything else is good just wondering what the yellow light that looks like a motor means.

I have one of the screws but one seems to be lost and the assembly where you insert the screws was cracked and broke off so I need to replace that part in order to put the 2 screws back inside so I can shift the gear assembly

I'm looking for a decent condition hood for my gold 07 Taurus se. Looked on multiple different sites and salvage yards and can't seem to find any hoods with the specs I'm looking for. However, I've found many post 07 models with the color and condition I'm looking for. Would an 05 hood be compatible with an 07 model?

1989 Ford E350

flex fuel ranger 3.0 this problem is intermitant, i can drive fifty miles with no problems, but if i drive (cold engine)say to the post office two minutes one way, coming back the check engine light will come on, i think its a fuel trim problem but not sure whats causing it.
So far i have replaced...spark plugs...wires..used MAF...02 sensors (3)..plastic intake o rings..no vac leaks....crank breather hose ok..engine runs smooth, no problems 146,000 miles...cylinder heads were replaced 125,000 miles by PO

I need the speaker wires colors that goes in the radio

I need to know the fuse location and number, so I can pull it. In order to disable the abs control module.

ABS warning lights up and gives warning chimes of 30sec every 5 minutes.

I have a progressively (getting louder) squeak from the passenger side of my car. When I had my oil changed, Quick Lubes, told me that it was a bearing or two around the alternator. And it is a 5 hour labor job. I am trying to save up the money, I am just not sure how much time I have. It has 204, 000 miles.

once in a while my van will leak coolant then stop. Now it just started smoking hot & just spit out half that coolant

Fog up the windshield like it does if the heater core went out. I changed out the thermostat but it is still blowing cold air and the temperature gage doesnt move but a little bit. Its beencold here thinning between 5°f & 25°f.
Is it the climate control module or the heater blender door actuator?

For some time, it was taking longer and longer for the headlamps to turn on automatically. Now they won't turn on at all, even by switching the function on and off at the rear view mirror. I must manually turn lights on with the headlamp switch at the steering column. Is there a bad light sensor somewhere, like in the rear view mirror, that I can replace? Occurs all the time.

The needle on the fule guage of my wife's mustang has flipped around and now points to the opposite side of the full/empty bars.

I bought the car in February and about a month ago the gas pedal started sticking so I need to know if there is a recall and if I can get it fixed under the recall or if I have to pay and how much it will cost me, a friend of mine has a 2003 Ford escape and her did the same thing and she said it was a recall

my lift gait ajar warning message stays lit even though my gate is closed is this related to crack or something else

It has broke the pump 3 times every time I shift down to Max RPMs it breaks the pump or the shaft of the fan

when brake pedal is released the ABS light comes on

The battery died on the vehicle and I attempted to have it charged and used the remote to start, the lights started flickering like crazy and did not start. Attempted to charge it again and it will not charge or start and the battery wires are getting hot? Any ideas?

At first when I push the gas it use to sound like air then it started to jerk and shutting off

truck ran almost perfect for 4 or5 k miles then noticed a little hesitation on the road between45 and 65 like it was not getting enough gas. also noticed the oil pump gauge not working all of the time. Started sounding like it was hot and like a diesel with valves clattering. Did,nt know if it would go dead at red lights or not but did;nt Don,t want to burn it up if it is oil pump. Want to be sure what it is before I start guessing.what parts to change.Will some synthetic oil help to keep it going for now?

Nothing but cold air ,heater coil is not leakin

If I replace the hub do I replace the bearings?

Jacked car up to check for play & noise found none. Recently put on used tire.


I found a burning hole by the floor next to the gas pedal