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I took it somehwere and was givin an estimate of $5-6000 and then told it wasnt worht it but i havent had any trouble except for a couple days the engine temp rose not overheated until it did one time hasnt been run s...
I had a problem with the door not latching and closing. I was driving at one point and it came open. I was wondering if this is common and what should I do? My husband has a 2002 Taurus and it has the same problem. Th...
I recently got my brakes and rotors done on 5/18th and now my O/D and engine light is on while I'm driving?
Had alternator and battery checked both test good but the information center still says check charging system and battery light is on
When My vehicle start up, it wil first hesitate to start, but when start, it will hesitate to keep up, and if you touch the gas pedal, it will just shut down. It will not rev at all. When I scanned it, it is showing...
This just started happening about 4 mos ago...I bought the car brand new in 2002 . It is a 5 speed.
How do u change the orifice and expansion valve
so I thought maybe the temp sensor was bad because the res was boiling. when I was under the hood I noticed the top radiator hose felt like there was no water going through it so I replaced the thermostat. same proble...
i havent driven it. I'm thinking it about purchasing it tomorrow. i just want your best opinion.
put distributor on, now seat wont move, doors wont lock and air wont kick on. Compressor is new. There are no blown fuses.. What is the suggestions? I've looked and checked all I can understand.
After recharging the A/C it still blows warm air. What else can I do to solve this problem.
A/C blows cold when engine ideling but when on the road traveling turns to very warm or hot, tested the pressure and says full, by the way it's one of those that come with a can help !!
Every time the transmissi is put into a new gear it shifts hard and makes the car move. When driving the transmissi does not shift hard only when going from park, reverse and drive.
Test shows number 3 coil bad. Replaced coil. Ran for about 600 miles ok Then gave same problem, but number 4 coil was bad. Number 4 coil replaced , this time the problem was not fixed. Plugs were replaced as well.
But my battery light is still on and my radio doesn't work
When you turn on the 4x4 it stops. when you excelerate it gets louder
hello, thanks for offering to help. my 07 mustang has 58535 miles. I am very diligent about the maintenance. I have had one semi-serious issue while driving on the freeway! It wasn't pretty, I assure you! Yesterday, w...
The pal here says high 400 range. I know from experience. Labor range actual 4-17 hours? Good journeyman 4-6 hours new journeyman 8-17 this includes labor for all parts. All Parts high cost range 270- 640 low cos...