Now, our 1999 Taurus wagon won't move at all.
Is it a torque converter problem? Sensor? Or other?

how do i change the intake temperature sensor

Run fine catalyst converter cloged lost power cleaned out now idle low and what sounds like vacume leak just cant find

How long will I make it? I just put a random model in.

Not lighting up while installed in vehicle with headlights on and ignition on.

I have a high idle whenever my HVAC is in the AC or defrost position. About 10 seconds after coming to a stop it will slowly begin to idle down. The rpm's doesn't drop while shifting. I have cleaned the IAC valve, MAF sensor and throttle body. Any suggestions?

i want to put the 94 front clip on the 1967 mustang how many head aches am i looking at?

Is this going to cause a inspection rejection.

My clutch pedal has to go very close to the floor to shift

Power steering went out and cluster lights went out and I had the AC on and I noticed it don't do that when I turn it off? Also abs lights and airbags and traction control light and battery light stays on... at one point they turn off when I accelerate and I get power steering back on so I don't know if it has to do with something else like computer problem?

Changed plug wires,fuel filter,

Am trying to replace front rotors.
I cannot get rotor off axle. Not sure exactly what is holding it on.
I can't tell if I am supposed to remove something in the center of the rotor.

the battery went dead some wires at starter were damaged by rodents

my 7.3 diesel is hard to start if not plugged for a period of time

When I first bought it a few months ago I would hav to jiggle it then it would turn but now it won't do anything

My Husband was putting a level kit on his dads truck. After he replaced the suspension coils on the front end . It started to make this awful grinding noise. I'm afraid that it will cost a lot of money.

Car sat for ten years. Replaced all fluids, tune up

were are relays???

even after its pluged in

Only when it rains I tried hosing it from inside the hood under the car. Anyone else having this problem

Manual transmission...Number 2 cylinder isn't firing. Timing belt was replaced prior to the problem with the #2 cylinder. It idles horribly and dies if foot isn't on gas. It happens everytime I drive it. Doesn't run very fast even with gas petal to the floor.
It improved once when I cleaned the engine....it ran fine for 15 minutes but that's it. The other two times were random and lasted for about 5 minutes.

Can I mount the seal on the pulley and drive it in with the special tool that install the harmonic balancer?

Vehicle history: Truck started idling rough (should say "rougher" since I've always had a slight rough idol since purchasing the vehicle used in 2006) and misfiring about a year and a half ago. Then sat for 1 and a half years only being started and driven once in a blue moon. Now I need to get it back on road. In addition to rough idle, vehicle now has crappy acceleration and will shake when at around 45/50. Seems to not want to shift sometimes due to crap acceleration. Also, I get a feint smell of fuel after getting out of the vehicle sometimes but not every time I drive it (not sure if its from exhaust or from under hood yet) so I haven't driven it for fear of messing up cats.

First things I did was replace spark plugs, oil change, oil filter and I checked all the other fluids when I began this whole process.

Codes: Went to AutoZone and got codes P0174 and P2198. Check engine light was on back when this started a year and a half ago. It' still on and now newly flashing when I get going above 45 ish/use the truck for more than 10-15 minutes.

Auto zone suggested pcv valve but then gave me wrong $3 valve. Went another place and got correct one for $25. Replaced that. Also cleaned MAF sensor. Checked both pcv hoses and elbows which seem to be fine, especially checked one behind throttle body. All looks ok. Put water in each one and held to check for leaks. No leaks.

Plan to do: Replace fuel filter and swap o2 sensors from driver to passenger sides to rule out bad o2 sensor on bank 2.

On right path? What else should I do?

vacuum leak I cant find? Fuel injectors dirty? Fuel pump going bad? Bad cats? Coil packs? I hate these codes because it seems like there are so may things or combo of things that could be f upped. Also, is there an icv on 2004 Ford F150 stx 4.6 v8? I'll clean that tomorrow if there is one. I know most ppl say vacuum leaks but I'm honestly afraid to start shooting carb cleaner all over place and I have limited tools.

Someone suggested removing maf sensor for quick text drive. Did that and rough idle seemed to get better but still no acceleration. Also, when I replaced pcv valve and reset system, I swear it drove better that night. Next morning the rough idle and check engine lights came back (both staying on sometimes and blinking others).

Limited funds but would say I'm step or two above amateur when it comes to mechanical skills.

Please help. Need to get this fixed. Sorry if TMI...when I read questions without ppl being descriptive I go crazy. Thanks in advance fellas.

How to locate problem

back 3-4 mo ago, then it started working and now its like its not even there. if I stall it then it will go into reverse or just put it in different gears sometimes it will go in. 170K , 5 speed

Looking for "parts replaced" info from owners w/similar problem.

Last 3 months about twice month notice braking hard would feel like engine wanted to shut off but releasing brake would keep that from happening.
Antitheft light blinks fast wen attempting to start then wit key on seems like theft signal gives a code 16

Every afternoon, and occasionally throughout the day the break lights come on and off. Sometimes they stay on for a few seconds, maybe a minute then go off. I disconnected the break switch plug on the top of the pedal. The lights still come on and off. This occurs when the vehicle is not running, days even months at a time.

it just started its been fine. I replaced to started an alternator couple months ago

EGR valve has been replaced 4 times. The ck eng lite comes back on after a few hrs of driving. Why? 2 of the valves have had holes blown in the cast iron part, what would cause this?