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Has a miss does on #3 cylinder have change cool twice and still gets a code and has a ruff idle and runs bad can any body help

on low speed turns on bumps in the road

The brakes are fine. The bolts fell off of the brake caliper. The brake caliper & fluid was replaced. The Brakes still do not work.

What could be the problem. Had enough the bolts fell off while caliper and I lost my brakes. What could be the problem.

i have had all the sensors replaced and the service engine light is still on.. i was told there is an electrical short..
The radiator is shot and needs replacing

squeeking on bumps and hard turning at low speed sound coming from left front

had to remove the dash and i cant find what i missed to hook up dont want to pull again unless i need to passenger side air bag not in yet so can get to alot easily

relay #2 is making a clicking sound i press the brake the sound stops 'but it still won't start

had the starter replaced and radio/cd player no longer worked.

stopped running, seems fuel starvation

Is it a problem that needs immediate attention?

Coolant Reservoir and Thermostat have been replaced. Still overheats and will not start for hours after shutdown.

AC blows cold one side, other side blows really hot air

won't do anything so changed battery now even the lights don't work

it will start right up when it is cold or you do not wait more than 20 minutes

above the speedometer head. Cruise control drops out, and resets when I hit the top of the Dash. the engine increases 250 RPM with no increase in speed, Acting like a Lock-out Torque converter. Smacking the dash solves the problem .This is a 2 WDR truck. What is your suggestion.????

i'm taking it for door latch recall,can this be done in one day?

There has been some intermittent hesitation when starting, and sometimes starting the engine will result in the trip odometer being reset to 0. this morning it turned over slowly, and now there is a chattering noise, all dash warning lights flickering, and engine not turning over. Battery checks out at 12.5 volts. starter? starter solenoid?

I have had some rather scary high estimates to even evaluate my A/C issues. It is currently not blowing cold air on the coldest setting. I have read that these leaks are difficult to find, even with dye. And I have also read that the stop leak products will seal up rubber as well as metal leaks. There appears to be good sound chemical engineering taking place to help a person like me (low income) to fix a problem that could cost more than the vehicle is actually worth. I was wondering if someone has some insight on this subject (other than Amazon reviews). I do not want to become a crispy critter this summer!!

When driving in 2nd and 3rd gear there is a persistent loud rattling noise that has gotten worse and worse over the past year or so. Months prior to this noise showing up, I did have my muffler welded. The weld is GOOD and still holding fine. The rattling noise literally sounds like a loose bracket or metal strap clanking against some other metal part. I do not know a mechanic that would allow me to actually look under my own vehicle while it is up on the lift.

had new brakes and rotors put on a week ago. Have not had any of the symptoms that it has gone bad, just the word of ford dealership two days after buying brakes and rotors- ususal?

what would make the new alt. and battery fail

You go to turn your car on whether you turn the key all the way or not there is a repetitive quiet beeping sound under the hood near the battery fuse area the car still runs fine just wondering if it's a warning something's going bad or if something is bad

My speedometer would work sometimes and others not until the other day when I smelled rubber burning, only for a second then soon after it quit working entirely. Someone suggested it could be a fuse but I'm not sure if it's inside the car or under the hood. Thank you

I hear the engine idle down and no power at the foot pedal can put pedal to the floor and does not rev motor. When it happens it's like for 3-5 secs then I have acceleration back at the pedal

afraid tailgate will open while driving with tow in use because of chains hanging

On bumps and turns

OK so it started when we get home one day an everything fine she handles like normal. then she wont start. i look im not getting a spark. so i find out its the coil pack replace that then then i cant get it aligned then after a few weeks (only a few hours a weekend)she just stops turning over and i just get the click from the starter anyone have any ideas? many thanks if you do!

drove it home on Friday. It sat over the weekend , nothing happened on Monday

I need exhaust system for our trucj