it blinks in a sequince of six times every so often

leaking fluid

If I do I get sparking at post and smoke at alternator

Gear shift indicator moves but transmission doesn't move

My car started to over heat and the check engine light came on. I did an OB2 sensor check and a code came out. it was indicating a Problem with the "Thermostat" so I started to work on it and when I opened up the part where the Thermostat goes I saw that my car did not have a thermostat.. I just bought it in an Action. but now that I kind of fix it, It does not sound good its shaking to muck when I Revit over 2,000 RPMS.. what can I do?

Car become so hard to drive because of traction control. My car is ford ranger and I couldn't get the option.

Truck won't start when it is hot. Changed starter and is still won't start.

the smoke appear to be gray to black in color

Belt comes off , replaced New tensioner , Belt Guide, Idler Pulley. won't line up in the tensioner. I ride on 1/2 the tens. pulley. Ford said no recall. ?


i am going to change the steering wheel, nut i need to know if it has an airbag.

No other problems think it happend when I switched truck off noticed fluid on ground no code, smoke, lights

occurs only at certain RPM. Accelerating or decelerating. Took to a shop and they said there were rocks in a protective pan. They removed them but ratlle is still there. Truck has 65K original miles

Motor was just warmed up enough, redline it through the 3 gears, up until 4th,I heard clunky noise then tons of smoke came under the hood and exhaust. Engine oil totally leaked out, no mark on the dip stick. The smoke smells like burning clutch. Car can only start up for 3 seconds then dies out. A blown engine?

I replace the water pump radiator hoses thermostat housing thermostat no more leaks but it still overheats within 10 minutes of driving

I just bought my car and noticed a knocking sound when turning steering wheel either way but mostly when I turn left. The man I bought it from said he just fixed the brake line. Could this have anything to do with the problem?

No codes have appeared yet

Problem has been ever since I bought the vehicle used, 1 owner about 3 months ago. The interior curtious dome lights will not come on when I open the doors, I've read the manual front to back, took it up to the dealership after checking any and all fuses related to the interior lights. The rocker shit h located on the left hand side of the steering column and this switch dims the dash lights and supposedly holding it down to the right for a moment will turn the curtious lights on, which I've tried numerous times. Decided to take it up to the local dealership service department and they tried to pull any codes if there was any and none were found, next they checked the "police mode which disables the lights completely, the service guy told me if there was a switch that had gone bad weather it was a door switch, rocker switch anything it would pulled up. I AM AT A TOTAL LOSS... it bugs the heck out of me having to turn the lights on every time to get me child in and out of his car seat. All the dome lights turn on when I push them in but will not shut off if I close the doors... someone, anyone.. PLEASE HELP, much will be appreciated. Hate to rack up a big service bill for something I could take care of. Thanks again!!!

Starter making knocking noise

Do I need to replace the timing belt?

It occurs randomly. Some times it will say hood ajar. Sometimes not. It stops when I put the key in the ignition. Can go months without it happening and then it starts up again. Do I need to replace the hood alarm sensors. If so where are they located? Or how do I clean them? Thank you.

Have taken door panel off but cant get into the plastic covered locking mechanism to release the door opener

All buttons and switches have been moved but still nothing. Can you please tell me what problem can it be?

I have a 1/4 tank of gas but my gauge is showing an empty tank with a check engine light on

My drivers side and passenger windows won't go down neither will my sun roof but my back right and back left windows go down ??

I was going to test it in inches guys way too much slack on 3rd gear and 4th gear any suggestions what I might have done wrong.

Can't pin point why want go in

Fluid is full and cable is working... could it be a senior? I even disconnected the battery cable to try and reset..... please help...

checked fluid and resding full

I am wondering if I have transmison problems