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Fuel relay in trunk or car next to enirsa switch

It might crank and runs good you might go out their and it turn over and hit but won't crank

Owners manual doesn't have it.
Chilton's 96-99 has it in schematics.
Power box labelling inconsistent with actual box components/fuses. Last bank of box is totally omitted on my GL model. Could be one of those mislabeled ones? Or could be in trunk near safety cutoff switch?
16gal fuel tank.

this is strange. the car will not turn over at all when battery is connected to the car. however when I disconnect the battery cables and connect them to jumper cables the car fires right up. battery is showing 12.6 amps and alternator is putting 14.5 into the battery when running. I have double checked the terminal connections many times and they are tight and no corrosion. had battery checked at auto parts store and its fine (only 4 months old) car will run fine after jumped with battery terminals not connected to battery. really confused with this.. any help would be great.

Driving 65 MPh truck shuts off no warning , got towed home ,now It struggles to start, when I tap on the gas it dies, If I hold gas it boggs down and smoke pour out the exhaust did have code for bank 1&2 cam senors , cam over retard ?? Now no Codes

Car still running but wouldn't allow me to shift gear back to this a major problem

Engine dies when idling when driven for awhile then hard to restart. Will restart after it sits and cools.

Trying to determine if it needs a new fuel pump or a fuel relay what is the best way to go about diagnosing that

it feels like when your going about 110 miles per hur and the govener kicks in but it des this at abut 25 miles

The only thing that will work is the trunk lid, locks and lights.

the car the starter kicks back or won't engage at all it takes about 10 tries to get it started. I just put in a new battery and it seems to be worse. Thanks Kurt

dash panel lights flashing off and on

I had to drop the starter to replace bolts that went bad and pulled out and allowed the starter to come lose. I did not disconnect the battery and when I let the starter hang, I heard and arc. I disconnected the battery then finished the repair. Once I bolted it all together, reconnected the battery, I tried to test it. When I turned the keys to acc, everything seemed fine, all dash lights and dings. When I tried to start it, heard a click and all power went out. Pulled the positive off of the battery and put it back on and got same results.

this problem started two weeks ago.

When I turn the key to the off position the engine still runs slow, but is still running. I have to let the engine die starve. No engine will not turn over?

Won't go into 4HI and in 4AWD when back tires spin ,the front tires do nothing.

Timing belt is timed & rods match up w/red marks. Car has spark & turns over but won't start. At first car started but idle & ran very rough at low rpms but when going faster stopped shaking

How to adjust up down left right

I have dual zone heating/cooling. Driver's side blows hot air, but passenger side, just cold. Car has about 105,000. What could be issue & how much labor involved to fix?

The anti-theft light in dash keeps blinking and how do I reset the key combination on driver door

It sounds like a rod is knocking but it sounds like it is coming from the back valve cover

Rapid and loud constant ticking developed recently and coming from engine when on. Appears more from the left side of engine.

When I shift to reverse it notices the change go to drive and nothing just acts like it is in neutral.

head gasket, when I turn on the heater I get a smell like burn oil everytime I turn on the heater. And next is the car jerks? once in a while.

My truck drives fine while in drive but as soon as i put in reverse it stalls completely.

I turn the key over it doesn't do anything the battery has fire to it I'm wondering if it's the starter

When light switch is turned on no light will come on.

Automatic transmission slips gears and rolls a little when put in park

my exhaust system has rusted out

is there something wrong with the battery? that the car would shake over 40 mph on the highway