its as if no electrical current from ignition to starter no warning at all

engine 3.0... 4 wheel drive...

its getting gas and fire and it turns over reely good

its geting spark and gas and it turns over good

It happens everytime i drive the truck and it heats up. The only way to stop it is to loosen the cap and leave it lise

first time finding fuel mixed with my oil. i do my own work and never have i seen this

Like it not running on all cylinders,some one said could be Map senor

The selector switch won't go to the other designations ie:-)feet dash vents etc.

Truck just shut down

Changing sparkpluggs need to know the gap

Change coil pack and plug next day was driving and Engine Fail Safe Mode alert came on and about 5 miles down truck killed and wouldnt stay running once shifted into drive so changed throttle body sensor and I am still having some problem, not running on all cylinders and dying out once shifted into drive. Someone telling me may have jumped time , what do I do and what is my problem?

I have been looking to buy a used Crown Vic police interceptor. I have seen some with ridiculously low idle hours for the mileage. If I divide the mileage by the idle hours, I come up with averages of 120-140 mph for every hour it was running. This seems impossible. I see this most often on the 2008's but also on 2011's. Any thoughts? Thanks.

what can I do to stop the leak in the front of the transmission

It's like the old shifting modules in the old cars is not working

battey is good holds charge.
but needs jump start.

Nothing comes on when start car has its own panel for a/c and it's out won't work what is causing this to happen

When i go over bumps the back of the car moves side ways

Has been doing it for awhile

el ford f150 tiene un golpe de viela y daño el cigueñal ,que puedo hacer ?se puede arreglar o tengo que cambiar el motor del camion?

Everything lights up when you turn the key on but when you turn it to run it dose not start. Ther is no click no groan no all most just silance. What could it be?

I sent a question before no answer so can you help me out please

Looks like it's for the Turbos

My Ford escape Jeep is not moving when put in reverse but drive moves

Had transmission rebuilt & after 2 weeks stopped while driving, would not go into drive or reverse. Took back to repair shop could only tell me water had some how got in

This happens most of the time but i notice it going about 40 mph + Could it be my fuel pump going out? Thanks in advance for your feedback

Tried to reset fuel system not working it will not turn to crank up it'll turn but just not cranking not getting any not getting any fire

low beam light does not work but high beam does on pass side

If it were a carbureted car, I would say it was poor acceleration enrichment. The engine operates normally at high speed cruise, although the acceleration is sluggish in reaching cruise. After a long traffic light idle, the idle collapses, the engine idles erratically and sometimes stalls. It willl start and run normally after a stall. I have replaced the out of spec coil pack, the TPS, spark plugs and faulty ignition wires. Although there is no code for it, I am thinking of replacing the CPS. Any suggestions?

My rear AC lines leak. I would like to close off the rear system and use only the front AC system. Can I do this and if so how?

hear sound when accelerating over 40 miles