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Had the breaks checked and seem fine. What could be the issue?

Hello i have a creon vic 2010 that was running good intell recently i accidently sparyed my driver side floor board with a power washer. The air conditioning that once worked 100% now will not turn on at all. I turned the A/C controll nobs but i here just air pressure with a hiss noise. Well i was very hot this summer so i tryed to put a converter box of 400 amps in my car then plugged a 120v indoor home fan in the converter box then plugged my converter box into my lower assesseries port. When i did that and turned the fan on it made my converter box make a loud pitch noise. I checked to see if the car was ok and it wasnt and it was in fact worse now the radio want turn on, my power locks and windows want work,my defroster is out,my power windows and defroster on windows is out, ac and heater want blow out air. Please help i dont know what to do. On my driver side closest to the emergency break pedal therea a grey looking box that has wires plugged in on each side of it. It looks like a wire harness adapter of some sourt. Theres a burn mark on two of the port holes were wires go in. On i can visibily see is pink. Also i did blow a 20 amp fuse but i replaced it and checked all fuses but it did no change to the car.

It ran for a min then would not run anymore the knocking would speed up with the rpms and it died and wouldn't start again need advice don't want someone do me wrong I'm a girl that only knows a little about vehicles

seems to happen when accelerating. at first thought it was a problem but now not sure. last occurrence had a load in box, accelerating uphill at about 60 mph

I'm convinced that all of the crazy electrical things that have occurred (starter catching on fire, one headlamp not working, power windows intermittently not working, volume control changing the radio station, power seat intermittently not working) are due to a "wet" GEM. Been dealing with this for 5 years! Truck also just making a strange crackling sound when accelerating around 50mph. Could this be due to a non-Ford air filter? Just spent $1200 on replacing water pump. Ford hasn't figured out the elec issue! HELP!

I was just trying to get a ballpark figure for replacing lifters or timing chain

come on after about 3 miles driving
goes off when engine shut off then on after driving

I have changed Master Cylinder and bled the wheels but still have the problem read on line could be power boyster, was a recalled on the Edge but not mine

And I have taken it to two different shops and they put their little machine on it. And no codes come up

Voltage drops to 12.8 vdc and the idle increases to compensate. When this happens the battery light comes on. Any suggestions?

engine sometimes runs like new and then just doesn't seem right...chiga chiga sound when idleing..take off oil cap and much air out of cap..engine only has 193000 miles on it I had a 97 ranger with 237000 and didn't use a drop of oil..i don't think the 2.3 I have now is as good a engine as the one in the 97..whhat do you think

all the time

My check engine light been on for about six months I took it to the shop they did diagnostics on it they tell me that it was my fuel pump i'll find it hard to believe because I'm still driving the truck they told me I had a bad fuel pump sensor two

it has been on for one day

it has been on for one day

hi there i have a 4.6 liter in my expe. and we just replaced the motor with another junkyard motor last month beacause it had a blown head gasket and its been running ok but servce light comes on and the code was p0401 EGR insufficient flow detected and now its 2 codes come up the EGR one and knock sensor one so i need help figuring out what needs done any help would be great and there is no smoke coming out of tail pipe or no over heating .

Heat on passenger side and cold air
comes out driver side. No heat when using defroster. this started this a few weeks ago. What should I be looking at?

was driving home and after stopping for a red light, i pressed the gas and my engine rev'd up and my rpm's spike up. the vehicles in drive not neutral..... maybe my transmission is bad?

Sometimes it idles out of control I have to turn off. Sometimes it will stop doing it sometimes it is worse. No one can figure it out. To me it seems like the gas pedal sticks. But was told it is not it.

When open the nozzle to the gas tank air shoots out and it's hard to restart car

I've changed bulbs and fuses and have turn signals, runt no brake lights

car is riding a little low for an AWD car as compared to when i bought it in 09.

I new a new hub assembly put in my 09 ford edge on drivers side of an AWD.

not blowing hot air at all when turn on!

The fan isn't on all the time, only when it kicks in, it doesn't shut off until you turn the vehicle off.

I just got my self one to fix up it has a busted flywheel just wonder if it happens a lot on this truck thanks for any input

Cant move vehicle. ..have to turn vehicle off to swtch gears

What is the estimated cost. I'm hearing over $900.00 at the dealer. What other options do I have

Upon starting the truck none of the needles on the dash move and all the fuses are good, checked them all a few times.

If the truck sits more than a day it needs to be jummped. In this instance, while jumping tried to turn engine over the alarm system went off. Didn't even know there was an alarm system. Had to disconnect both batteries to get it to stop. Now the truck will not start. I'm thinking because of an anti theft reason. How can I get my truck to work again??