As a result of the break, the door does not close. For safety reasons, I had to have the car towed. The dealer is behind and wasn't able to address until 4 days later. I have a basic warranty on my leased vehicle. I want to know whether all expenses will be covered.

It has manual locking hubs. Just replaced auto locking hubs.

it seems to be only when engine is cold and I drive a short distance shut it off and then try to drive it again. We changed fuel pressure regulator and a broken wire to the regulator ok for a little while now problem again.

how do you get the side door panel off?

I have a battery light ON in my Ford focus 2007 ST

4 months back, I changed the compressor because the clutch was not engaging.

Two days back I changed my tensioner and serpentine belt because my local mechanic told me that the belt was slipping and oil spilled on the belt because of the valve cover gasket leak. I replaced the gasket too.

I'm getting this battery light. So I replaced a new battery under warranty.

Now when I looked at the compressor clutch, it seems to engage and disengage intermittently. Alternator and battery is tested in autozone. The alternator is fine. They said the battery is not good. But it's a new battery.

There is a electrical issue problem, something related to alternator-compressor-battery circuit.

Please help.

Car runs great I had it sitting and battery went dead and needed to role it back to boost it and can't get car out of park. Is there a mechanical switch when you press on the brake to take out of gear

My trunk will not open with the key Can I get in the trunk thru the back seat

Can hear blower motors working at different speeds but no air moving at vents

I have a 98 ford expedition I just changed the radiator, the oil and oil filter, and now its cutting off when I stop at a red light is that the starter or what could cause is to cut off.

doesn't make oil milky..oil stays clean-looking like fresh gas smell

It didn't pass because one of the codes didn't pass that they said and I paid the money so now do I get it free

why does my air conditioning only blow out of the defroster

I am wanting to know how I can fix this problem

Also sometimes I'll give it gas and I can feel it in my chest just like when I use the cruise control I feel the acceleration without it I don't feel it why not can anybody help me 1993 Ford Thunderbird LX 3.8 liter V6
Ps bought it for $800 runs GREAT 3rd owner 111k miles I've had it less than 2 months and i put 4k miles already I wanna make sure it stays in this condition! Only problem is the sensors!? I fill her up with gas and she says "FFS" fuel filter sensor? Or system ? Help me learn about my baby?

bought the 2014 car in Dec 2015 from a Ford dealer. the car only had 30 miles on it but it was new. it now has 15000 miles and the struts have to be replaced?
Also it's been 2days and not yet finished...why?

had the car repaired 3 times since oct. 2015 and now my mechanic tells me to take it to ford - why my car rides rough over bumps - and has a lot of bounce - had tire rods and a whole lot of work - alignment and link replaced from oct 2015 have paid 1300. in repairs and still not right

Fuel mileage drops from 18-19 mpg to12mpg regardless of the trailer size and weight

All of a sudden, none of the windows will work! I checked the fuses, (good) and the relay under the dash, (when the key is turned, you can see it clicking).

From distributor to plug which goes with which?

I have put in a new fuel pump fuel filter fuel line starter new spark plugs new wires new ignition coil and my truck will not start what else can it be

gas was put into our 2013 F 350, it had 23 miles left on it with diesel fuel in it before the gas....drove 5 miles..didnt stall or sputter or to where i was going, parked and turned off truck and went back to start it and wouldnt start..towed to FORD.....they drained the gas and replaced fuel lines..test drove it and it died...(5 days to do this) now they say entire fuel system needs replace at a cost of 8800.00!!!(original estimate was 1665.00) please tell me this is robbery and not an actual cost...

my red check battery light is on and sum times flickering took out alternator and had it tested and it was ok 13.8 volts , I put it back in and the light was not on turned the van off and restarted it and the light came back on. any takers on this problem thks dave

and forth between normal temperature and dropping to cold

can i take a pcm from another ford 500 to put in mine which has a bad one?

An engine loses power

i asked the other day..when i turned my car off at the gas station..when i turned it back on ..i couldn't get it out of park..had no brake lights or turn signals..chcked the bulbs they were i have no dash lights, the radio stopped working, the windows wont go down. My son and son in law changed out all the fuses today inside and out and they still don't work. They also took it to auto zone and had a test run on it and all the came up was a fuel gauge sensor..which to me makes absolutely no sense but what do i know..this is way beyond anything i can afford i think and no one seems to know..thanks

as the wheel rotates, there is an intermittent grinding or scratching noise. I've had the wheel off, pads are good, i thought a possible trapped stone. Can not be heard with wheel off the ground. I have not taken the pads off. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Changed plug wires ONE at a time, after that, car was hard to start. Then, idles rough, misses like crazy. I checked the wires over & over, can't figure out why it runs rough, after NEW wires? Thanks.

Happens more than not. Have to almost come to a stop to regain control

turned key over to start the truck and heard clicking now will not start.. Battery good. Power to starter but still when I turn the key nothing