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I have spoken with mechanics and frankly tired of hearing there is nothing wrong with my van. It started 5 days after I bought. The seals in area for power steering went out and so they keep telling me thats why the l...
I have a fault cod saying misfire on # 9 cylinder, and don't want to take all of the coils and plugs out to find the bad one. Plus I have replaced 1 coil and plug already do to it ejecting from the Head.
I checked under my car there aren't any leaks, and there is gas in the car. My check engine light is on but has been since I bought it. I got the code for oxygen sensors about a month ago. Can anyone let me know what'...
had rear brakes worked on by sears two days latter light came on
I don't believe its the tranny because normally reverse goes out then the other gears, also noticed my brake lights are staying on even when keys are in "off" position or completely taken out.drove into parking spot f...
It has 100000 miles, 5.4L triton v-8 I've changed plugs, pressure regulator, filter,crank sensor, camshaft sensor, egr, tps, throttle body cleaned,changed fuel pump, mass airflow sensor fine, injectors fine, idle air ...
Vehicles revolutions higher when engine shifts , shifting at 6000 RPM AT TIMES.
drains the battery. while parked or will die after several miles especially at night when you run the headlights
Is the spark plug blow out problem only with the 20V V10 (2004 or earlier) or is it also aplicable to txhe 30V V10 (2005 and up)
I replaced the wheel hub bearings and 4wd actuator and it still is grinding and it starts about 25 mph have no idea need some help
I just replaced all 3 exhaust temp sensors last week. What the hell now????
The engine light came on and its running really rough. What's would be the problem.
Is a turbo boost something I have to purchase new? How much is a new Turbo Boost?
I bought this truck wrecked and it had set up a couple of years. It runs really good on the highway but it's idling really fast (1100 to 1600 rpm) and it floods really bad once you turn it off. I have t hold the pedal...