Vehicle was running perfect at 55 miles an hour and just turned off like somebody turned off the switch

The wheel on the car on the drive side wont move could that be from my brakes locking up it a 1998 grand marquis

The check engine/service engine soon light is on. I had the code pulled at Pep Boys during an oil change and it's P0340.

The symptoms are on a cool morning, like under 60F, the car will stall out on the first start. It will start normally after that and for the rest of the day regardless of how long it's been off.

On cold mornings I've tried turning the key to on a few times to get the fuel rail repressurized in case it was a problem with the fuel pump, but that doesn't prevent the engine from stalling the first attempt.

There doesn't seem to be an easy to diagnose problem with the alternator. Going by cabin light brightness: all additional loads like headlights and AC blower only cause a very brief dimming before returning to normal brightness and staying normal after that. That's not exhaustive testing, but the alternator is often the cause of the problem with these symptoms.

The car runs fine otherwise. It has a 3.8L engine with 89,000 miles on it.

Are there specific things I can to check with basic tools and a multi-meter? I need to solve the problem because I have a smog check coming up in August so I need the code fixed to pass.

Thank you for any suggestions.

There are a fuse box in the cab which I found. Looking for the one ine engine compartment, Class C Motorhome

I think my mechanic is pulling my leg when he says there are three possibilities.
He is using the truck and if I get it fixed he will not get to use it.

what step should I take next?

I want to up grade the mirrors on my 2015 F-150 XL SPORT with power glass would like to up grade as far as possible can you help with information my dealer's parts people seem not to understand that a man wants his truck to be right for the job not a 250 truck is F-150

high beam works low beam don't

Starter is just a year old.. just put 2 brand new batteries, cables, terminals, all that... some days she cranks right up... other days it's "click click" ... won't even turn over and starter doesn't seem to engage... it's crazy.. ANY ideas??.. thoughts of all kinds?? we will take em... Thank you..

It smells, I am afraid to drive it. What do I do to have that go away

My 2007 Ford Fusion kicks on 3rd gear after warming up or driving for about 30 minutes or so once the car is warmed up. What could be wrong?

It started last night, whenever I apply pressure to the gas pedal, the underside makes a chirp, the slower i go, the slower the chirp is. Is it a dry U joint? Or is it a tattle tale brake? When I am in park or neutral and rev the engine it does not chirp.

Slipping from high gear to low slow to shift and at times it'll hard shift

difficult to start but runs great once started

The wrench symbol comes on when we drive at a high speed and long distance but goes off when we drive at lower speeds and the mechanic can get no codes to read on the code reader.

I recently had my brakes and routers changed on my Mustang and the brake fluid is full. When I go to stop the brake pedal goes to the floor and it won't stop what am I missing

Like I put a new head lights,park lights,tail lights, and brake lights in it after putting a new battery in it n it blew all the light n it still won't hold charge or nothing..What can be causing all of this?

3.5L V6 FFV 6-speed Automatic AWD

I just changed my starter and I went to go put back on my terminals, and the positive terminal sparks real bad. Why?

I have a 2002 for Taurus wagon we just recently put a new transmission in it and about 2 to 3 months later it started idling weird like its almost about to stall, and when you press the acceleration it goes but jumps alittle bit before finally getting speed. Also I noticed the exhaust is not blowing constant air out its like its takin a breath and blowing like (in out in out). My dad and I put some c foam in it and replaced te fuel filter but it's still doing it alittle bit it actually does it worse when te Ac is on like the car is struggling to go at all.

Code was P0442

Le acelero y se jalonea que podria ser

I have a code reader and this event leaves no code behind, no pending codes either. When this happens the engine temporarily losses a significant amount of power.

why would die after the squeal

Fan speed 1,2 & 3 don't work when turned on. Only 4 works.

I was driving today and my car started to have problems shifting gear. The transaxle light came on and the speedometer stopped working. What can I do to fix problems?

Changed oil and filter, started engine and there is no oil pressure registered on the guage

aafter i stop the car put it in park and shut it off then restart my car everything is fine.

After driving about 15 minutes when stopping with a/c on the oil pressure drops and rpm drop. When a/c cycles off, rpm goes up and oil pressure returns to normal on gauge. what controls the idle speed as a/c cycles on and off>

both switches on door stopped working at same time