vehicle makes a a chirping sound under the engine blows hot air.

The sound lasts for about 10 seconds and goes away. Occasionally it will happen when driving, but always when it is started.

Turns over occasional backfire appears to be pulling oil to intake just purchased well kept has oil all over the top end it's a 4.0 could cranking be timeing or the anti theft I need it to crank to determine the motors statis

I brought another start for my car still want start.. Don't hear anything when I turn the key dashboard lights and window are out.. Engine won't crank or start..

Just wondering ifbits even worth fixing.

Put vehicle in reverse and while foot was on brake it suddenly accelerated backwards and brake would not go down to stop it.

wont start lights turn on but car wont crank or fuel pump wont go on all steering column is broken

my truck now vibrates,shakes,hops and shimmys whenever I apply my breaks at speads over 30 mph CAN SOME ONE HELP THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I PERSONALY HAVE HAD THIS ISSUE PLEASE HELP !!!!!!! IT IS MY DAILY DRIVER THANK YOU !

It acts like only running on 2 out of 8 cyclenders and I didn't even try to restart it been having problems starting before

Doesn't Rev up when hitting the gas it just rolls and doesn't want to go. Could it be trash in the tank? Or maybe the fuel filter? Or maybe even the fuel pump?

Water leaks in the oil pan I think from a whole drilled in the location of the water pump stud to the engine block

the car runs relatively smooth then when the ac is turned on ,it acts like its missfiring on a couple plugs

my brake & gas pedal seem to stutter, vibrate. when the ABS light comes on it stops. it seems to get worse if its hot outside. is it just the rotors?

I think it needs a fan clutch but will it also need the wiring harness

how to repair

Engine: 1.6L
Error codes: B10A2
Knowledge level: I know little about cars

Help needed:
Please help me find out what is going on and how to fix it.

Every single time I put any amount of gas into my car it will not start or stay running without me pressing the gas pedal. This happens every time, any quantity of gas, any time of day in all types of weather.

Also smells like unburned gas. Black smoke from exhaust. Then some days it runs fine. Running real rich. The fact it goes away then comes back is wierd

radiator fan not working

The air conditioning in my 2007 Ford Edge has stopped blowing cold air period.

I changed the fuel pump and the drive module. Now every time I turn the key after replacing the fuel pump fuse it blows it. Is it a short? The wiring harness to he drive module had a red wire that went nowhere.

checked fuse 3 - looks good - cigar lighter not working also

what my car is doing:
HARD TO START(sometimes have to hold key over for 10sec before it finally starts.
RUNS ROUGH.( punched hole thru catalytic converter.
i have replaced the o2 sensors myself, put in new plugs and wires, new maf sensor, check pcv valve myself . most recent i put in new egr valve. My car is pulling a p402 code. had someone check to make sure its opening and shutting. i read somewhere that the hoses coming off egr valve could be plugged. just not sure how to do this myself. i realize my issue could be a number of things like TPS SENSOR,KS,CPS,MAP SENSOR, FUEL INJEC DIRTY OR STICKING, CAT CON, O2, BAD PUMP(which i dont know how to check and most recently someone told me maybe its incorrect timing.
I JUST DONT KNOW WHERE TO START. YES I AM A GIRL. PLEASE HELP oh ya it does sound fuel related when lack of power going up hill. I also live on top of a hill.

Try to scan to retrieve codes telling me that there is no power to the data link connector cannot retrieve any codes

No power to the OBD two connector

Ford has serviced the vehicle some 13 times since new last year. Their engineering says that this is normal. However, it takes a minimum of 15 minutes to cool the cabin. Please help. All levels and pressures are correct.

I recently got smashed into a wall on the freeway and I cracked my rim so I puput the spare on which is a little larger than the other tires and now when I drive it makes a click click click click sound if I'm going under 35 also sometimes when I hit the brake it gives me just an immense amount of resistance and it's hard to stop what's wrong what's going on can somebody help

started just all of a sudden while driving,
would disconnecting the battery and resetting the computer resolve the problem?

At highway speeds air seems to work fine cold air does come out sitting at a light some cool air comes out. If I drive local in 1st gear the engine revs over 2 and the air seems as if it is working fine

bothe are push button overdrive