Car stalls and cuts off but cranks right back up

pass the smog test but not the visual how can i fix this?

There are wires that look as though they been cut. Please help

how do you get the old headlight out do you turn it to the left or right or just pull it straight out

Fuel pump fuse just started blowing.... instantly. Airbag sensor in the ignition is missing the plastic between conductor and ignition barrel.... unplugged the harness for the heater gem and the "brain".... still does it

Heat is affected..sometimes we have it, it won't adjust and the different airflow buttons don't work. The fan speed works fine. Also the button that changes the light color by the cup holder and radio doesn't work.

I spoke to my stepfather who is a master mechanic and been one for 40 years...
He is the one that has done 99% of the work on this. But unable to figure out the problem.
Crate Motor 40k
Rebuilt S/C 10k
All new Main Fuses/Regular fuses
New Fuse Boxes
New Computer
New relays, Sensors, Sending units, Etc.
As he tried to fix the problem, he would replace everything.
New Fuel Pump replaced inside the Fuel Tank.

Car starts and will run great up until it hits running temp...
Then begins to pop, sputter and acts like the timing has been retarded then dies...
Wait 10-15 mins. - Car starts up again and runs great.
We have had the vehicle to 2 different dealers and left for several days each time.
Spark plugs and wires have all been changed and double checked to make sure snug and no shorts.
Any ideas on this?
Does anyone know of a mechanic that specializes in the
90 T-Bird Super Coupe?
Please don't hesitate to ask further questions... This has really been a pain...


Tried all amps of fuses. Door locks ,sunroof,domelight,floorlights,climetcontrol all out. Bad short ,but whar?

I have a great truck (in my mind) but it needs a little help. What other year F-150's can I use parts from when fixing up my 1998 truck?
My wheels are completely rusted and I want to grab some off another truck (with their permission of course). Will any F-150 5 lug fit?
Also, can I swap my front bench seat with a bucket seat setup from another year F-150? If so, anyone know what year?

I have a 1984 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck my rear brakes are locking up when it rains and when I pull off early in the morning. I"ve taken my truck to several places including Pep Boys and they all say they cannot find anything wrong with my brakes. Please help me?

I never heard of a sink row before and i went to a online parts store and searched for a sink row and it pulled up clutch release bearing. So is there anyone that can explain what all that is.

I cannot locate it

it will only drive will not go in reverse just stays in drive

i chang battery with a new type of them and start engin, engine begin to turning but not light up

This vehicle is in excellent condition. It has a crate motor with approx. 30k on it. The various components have all been replaced; alternator, S/C rebuilt, all sensors, fuses, etc. have all been replaced. It starts and runs great, but then simply dies and will not restart. I have had it to 2 separate dealers and left it with them for days. Neither were able to locate the issue. my mother is the 2nd owner of the car. The original owner had been involved in a front end accident which resulted in replacing the passenger side fender and parts. I have been told that based on that, the front wiring harness could possibly have a short in it? This problem has stumped the best mechanics from both CA and WA states. I know long distance makes it very difficult to figure out, but any thoughts? Any T Bird SC mechanics in Puyallup WA area you are aware of?
Thank you for your time.

now filler neck leaks where rubber hose clamps to metal filler neck

my engine was running good until the timing belt broke, the belt has been replaced but engine will not start .

My car is smelling like gas

Change the battery and now the air conditioning want come on

front brake pads and rotors are good back brake pads and rotors are bad after 25,000 miles. Looks like I'm not the only one complaining about the same thing.

How do I remove spare tire under bottom of car?

po 420 code - car runs fine , light came on yesterday

Does anyone know why the brake booster issue was handled as a Customer Satisfaction Program, rather than a recall?

2005 F350 6.0 turbo 4x4 dually - When pulling my tow hauler uphill (Donner pass or Tehachapi), I go about 35 to 45 miles an hour because the truck develops power and heat issues. If I drop in behind a big rig and follow them I have no issues. However, If I go any faster, the truck seems to loose power. The RPMs will kick up but the truck seems to NOT have power. The cooling fan will kick on and the temperature gauge rises up to the over heat (red) mark. The temperature will almost immediately drop back to normal when I let off the throttle. It also feels like the transmission is lost and in between gears. The turbo will also whine and whistle. Last year I was told that I needed the Turbo, oil cooler, EGR cooler, fuel pump and fan sensor replaced to take care of this problem. This was all done and the problem still occurs. There was 70k miles on the truck when this happened. The symptoms again are: sensation of transmission slipping, temperature gauge soring to redline, whining and whistling of turbo, cooling fan coming on and then temperature gauge redlines, no power and no real acceleration from a dead start. All this happens and no Check engine light or error codes come up. I have met other owners of this year and size truck and toy hauler same weight as mine that do not have this problem. (So they say). It is also important too know that this problem has occurred twice with no trailer attached and on flat ground. Thanks for any help you can give me.

i used break cleaner attempted to bleed all 4 but i found out that there was no fluid in the rear discs. why?? the front yes . even after pumping the pedal several times i was unable to get fluid to the rear' again why?

20amp fuse blows for engine control every time ? truck starts and runs for 30sec fuse blows

start truck runs fine...turn off hard to start and when does run bad then levels out and temperature gauge goes all the way up ,after few minutes drops back down...then up and fuel pump installed...2001 ford escape 4 wheel drive ..3.0

Was driving it was working fine went to shift into 3rd my clutch was feeling loose, I haven't been able to put it in a gear since. When I do get it into a gear it sounds like it's about to break. What's wrong

vibrates when I take my foot off the brake it goes away?

we replaced fuel filter, new plugs, cleaned air filter. went to get diagnostic and there is not plug in for this so we don't know how to do this without conduit.