before i replaced battery i had it jumped and it started up fine. The next day did the same but it was raining outside. tried to start and nothingso moveed the ground cable and it sparked. after that it wont turn over or click at all.

If I wait until the next day, it might start. A friend said that it's either the crankshaft sensor or the modulator. What do you think

My AC Compressor went wheel is froze up. I want to by pass that AC All Together. My car takes a surpintine belt. I was told by auto part store they only made one belt for that year.what size belt would i put on after removing AC compressor.How do I run my belt. and can ac compressor and lines be taken out completely.

I just bought this car from a private party and they told me for it to pass smog I need to reset the brain so the check engine light will go off so it will pass smog. does anyone know how to do this? also the battery light, and the brake light are also on. the old smog papers service fault codes are p0401-egr "a" flow insufficient detected. thanks

I have a 2002 dodge stratus R/T 3.0L. Recently, it has been idling rough and stalling when I come to a stop. Along with misfires. I scanned the vehicle and I received codes for my EGR valve and an O2 sensor bank 1. I replaced the EGR in hopes that it would fix my problem, which it did not. Would it be a coil pack? Or the ECU? I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to vehicles, and this has me stumped.

I think there is a short from bcm or distribution box. any suggestions?

Will jump off and run but when remove jumper cables it will die

shows code 4th gear ratio incorrect never showed signal of going out

when plunged in it says a code has an evap leak I've been to several shops and no leak is found short of examining the gas tank. I was told not to worry because the car is. Not running badly at all so how do I know when something is. Really wrongs of the check engine light stays on? Any suggestions I've changed the fuel cap and spent 329 trying to get the leak none found!!! I forget the code # but it's evap leak every time it's diagnosis.

2004 dodge stratus RT Coupe 3.0 V6 automatic. Purchased with 38K in 2011 now has exactly 50K miles what should I pay for Flush or change trams fluid and filter ?

I'll be driving car running fine then all of a sudden my gauges and lights flicker on the cluster (headlights also) then they stop working but the car stays running fine. After a few minutes the car will shut off then it won't stay unless i jump start it.

Only happens occasionally. After it sits a few minutes then it runs fine

i changed the fuel pump and the fuel filter. it has the same issue. what could it be our what could i have missed?

When it shut off I pull over and it turns on 10 mins later , I drive and then it happen again 5 min kater then wait like 10 min and starts then my car is fin till the next day then starts all over ! I have no lights on I recently jus bought a battery .

It wont start. Fuel is working. Coil pack has fire

Every time we drive our car it will make this squeaky noise going over any type of bump, and also when we back up and turn our front passenger side wheel area will make a grinding noise.

Here's the deal...I have had the battery and alternator checked and both are fine. The problem is as I'm driving sometimes the car loses power as if the battery is being drained. The dash lights flicker, the radio goes off, and if the air is on, it doesn't blow as hard. If you turn the car off at that point, it will not start back. After jumping car off it's fine again until this happens again. If you continue to drive it eventually the dash lights go out, the radio comes back on and the air blows at full strength. Also, after turning engine off, it will crank up as if nothing is wrong. It's driving me crazy....HELP please!!!