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We replaced the thermostat and water pump... It drives fine on flat roads but on a small up hill the temp goes up and the water starts to boil over...
I recently noticed car overheats but i swear before both fans would turn on at same time. Now only one turns on at a time. They alternate. Is this normal? Already change thermostat.
reading said computer recognized a return signal error: probable cause- aa1 vacuum hose off,cracked, or passage blocked aa engine-mechanical timing condition.(car has 138,000 miles) aa2.Throttle body intake tube lo...
The ignition was broke after keys were lost and now the car turns over but when u hook up the battery the alarm comes on and car turns over but wont start im guess i can bypass this someway to alow it can start
I am wondering if anybody knows why your instrument cluster would show a message "done" where the mileage is shown? I have seen this other times but this time I had been turning the key from the "run position to on p...
The car shut off when I came to a stop sign. After towing the vehicle home, it hadn't cranked since. I've replaced the fuel pump. It will turn over, but will not crank.
if the car is running lean, and not getting its full power. What can cause this and how can i fix it?
-Coolant level is fine, flushed out heater core diretly, installed new thermostat still no change? -Both the mode and Blend air switches are manual(cable)and everything from the outside looks and sounds good. How do ...
Up until I had my air filter changed, my oil pan seal replaced, which also entailed having the timing gaskets replaced as well, I have never had an issue with this car in the 10 years I have owned it. It has never lef...
The car makes a constant noise as you're driving along in the left front wheel
my cars heating does not work. when i turn on the heat it is some what warm for about 5 seconds then it goes cold like i turned on the AC. how can i fix it? and how much would it cost?
over heated and now the car will not start and when you try starting it it turn over the engine but with the radiator cap off it blows water out 2 ft high
When they use the diagnostic tool it don't work nor does it work for the mechanic what could be causing this because of this I am unable to pass emmission test
drove fine one night then next morning wouldn't start replaced battery drove it a few hundred miles turn car off and it wouldn't start again. had my mech cousin look and it throws no codes he says not starter he says ...
Fuel going to lines changed fuel filter. Car has power. Can't read codes with sensor,
Need to replace the sensor, but don't know where it is.
The last time it stalled the check engine light also came on. It seem to have a rough idle when going about 50. Any ideas would be helpful before I have it towed and not know a thing.
What is the correct part number for the timing belt cover?
I think it is either the power steering hose, belt or reservoir. What is the best method to check this
remove cam sensor from head and plug in, the motor will start, but runs poorly. move 1/2 inch close not touching head, motor dies.