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Has an aftermarket remote start. How do I check starter relay and remote relay?

It's hooked up to a dead man cause something in the engine will drainnthe battery even when the car is shut off

Every now and then when after driving and putting transmission in park the display indicates all positions PRNDL. All have a square box around them as if it is in each position. There is suppose to be a box on 1 position when in that position. Last night it did that and I shifted the selector between all positions and it finally selected 1 position again.

replaced harmonic balancer,alternator, battery, checked wires fuse box. still not charging. battery alternator confirmed good.

Where is the ads relay on these cars.any ideals

Recently replaced the water pump no leak only behind the the power steering hose oil and radiator fluid is fine

I have had nothing but problems since this occurred, also my radio quit working and my ac started flashing...

I know there is a sequence because I have done it before I just can't remember what it was.

coming from a metal link towards bottom of door. Connected from body to door.

What does that part do and is it easy and cheap to replace

my car wont start i got in it one day and it wouldnt even turn over.. all it does is making clicking noise.. and oil light is the only one on

Do I replace again , ? I asked them to get to the cause of this recurrent issue and no response. Car I'm shop since Wednesday (9/16/2015) how do I go about this with the dealership? I bought car in 2011 with 36000 miles @ 50000 miles the issues with misfiring started and since then constant trouble very expensive to fix. What should I do?

It turns over but not enough to start

This stratus was brought to me after someone changes the oil pump but didn't put it in timing. I tried to start it and it does nothing but backfire and acts like it wants to turn on any advice

How do you get to the back bolts
my tools wont fit

do i have to drop gas tank or accessible from removing rear seat cushion

. The car drove fine not too long ago then one day the lights went dim and car turned off on the side of the road as steam came from thehood. Car died.I got a jump and drove home in the dark cuz the lights werenT going on. iT was a new battery didn't understand why car didn't go on automatically. Car now will start but is still overheating ad fans will not turn on wat so ever. Tryed looking up everything ,nothing seems to work. Ive replaced bleeding house with the thermostat, also I replaced all the fuses and all belts are in top condition, coolant and pumps are all good ,don't know what it could be

It has so little room to get to it from the top or the bottom that I cant even touch the bolts I want to work with! Looks like I need to take off the intake manifold. Doesn't look like taking the windshield wipers off is much help! Do I need to take off the intake manifold?

- no lines broken
-slow leak
-starts after car has been running
-oil light resolves when accelerated but comes back up when idle.
-I believe its the oil pan gasket but i believe its comeing from the top near the headers as well.
*suggestions ?

I have a 2001 Dodge Stratus ES 2.7 with 150K mi and am having issues trying to keep the car running at idle while driving. It turns over with no issue, and in park, it will idle (however the battery/charging system light will illuminate after a few seconds). When driving, it will display the battery light but will drive OK. Only stop signs/lights, it will die. No check engine, no code thrown.

I have checked all fuses, and had the battery checked. When the car is off, it measures 12V, however when running it measures 11.5V. I removed the alternator thinking it was the issue and had it checked at two different auto stores and they both came back that the alternator passed and is good. Oil is good (no coolant issues). Windows do move very slow, but lights and interior lighting illuminates fine.