with a jump pack the lights turn on everything else turns on except for the car it will not crank over with the jump pack disconnected the lights go out when in neutral and being pushed the lights will turn back on but still car will not crank over once in shop I tested the battery it has almost 13 volts 12.72 to be exact but still car will not turn over

I know there is a way to put the key in the door,or trunk,turn left then right or something like that

My 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee was built by dodge and I can disarm the anti theft system

I've no idea, I've talked to a few mechanics & they all gave me different answers. Please help

engine cranks but not starting. have no spark to plugs and good crank sensor

v6 2.7 upper water oitlet

Mechanic said car is shifting good and transmission fluid is bright red. What can I do to maintain the car

2004 steering wheel column, but when I installed it, it won't start. Why does it not work

I had my struts. Axle, and wheel balance but that didnt fix the issue. The noise still occur when im driving at high speed. Struts and axle been replaced. What could be the problem?

no powertothe small starter wire

What are the steps to diagnose the problem of cruise control on a 2005 Dodge Stratus

Has an aftermarket remote start. How do I check starter relay and remote relay?

It's hooked up to a dead man cause something in the engine will drainnthe battery even when the car is shut off

Every now and then when after driving and putting transmission in park the display indicates all positions PRNDL. All have a square box around them as if it is in each position. There is suppose to be a box on 1 position when in that position. Last night it did that and I shifted the selector between all positions and it finally selected 1 position again.

replaced harmonic balancer,alternator, battery, checked wires fuse box. still not charging. battery alternator confirmed good.

Where is the ads relay on these cars.any ideals

Recently replaced the water pump no leak only behind the the power steering hose oil and radiator fluid is fine