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turn signal, a/c, radio, windshield wipers will not work when the engine on but will work if the engine is off and only the key is turned
it all started last Thursday when we got gas. as we were driving after the gas,. It started to struggle a little bit and then took off. we made it home but then later on I was going out and the car turn over but would...
It was running fine Thursday during the day, I needed gas so we stop at a marathon gas station in forest. My husband said the pump was running very slow. After we got gas, we started home. When I started to take off, ...
i recently installed a waterpump and timing set
It is one of the first things displayed when the test starts as the check proceeds. Just curious if it means something like what engine codes are for. Maybe it just identifies what the test is?
after that I have no air/ heat nothing comes out. Thought it was fuses so had O reilly put a computer checker on it. No- thing is showing up on checker. Where could problem be..Had car since new no major problems at...
It just started and I don't want to mess us transmission
runs for 15 -20 minutes, dies wont start again til cools down
It is a 4.7L V6, too much stuff that doesn't move or come out in the way of it. Tried from top and bottom.....So frustrated!!!!
Everything else works but car won't start not even a click from starter Tried changing ignition switch still nothing still the same
2004 Dodge Stratus Question: 2004 dodge stratus rpms very high and i can't go over 40 mph Anyone else have this problem? 2004 dodge stratus recently rpms runs very high. example 40 mph rpm goes up 5000??? What your...
changed coil, plugs and wires.