is fuel pump leaking in tank and when you remove cap there is not enough pressure for car to run? I've never heard of a pressurized tank to make the car run. sounds dangerous

Replaced lifters, plugs, wires, distributor cap, and timing components. Made sure #1 was at TDC and all marks lined up before, during, and after repairs. Turned crankshaft manually and it didn't feel like valves were hitting the pistons. Vehicle turns over, has spark, is getting fuel, but will not start. Starter makes a high pitched whine while turning over almost as if it's working harder than it should. Plenum is saturated with fuel and the plug I pulled to check for spark had fuel on it. Went back through and all sensors, wires, and ground wires are hooked up properly. Please help?

Happens after rain, heavy downpour. Took off panel and put some goop under rubber molding...still drips on seat....

It was running fine, left it overnight and didn't start. Changed the 20 amp start/fuel fuse and started. I replaced the 20 amp hazards and 20 amp ABS and 20 amp Seatbelts and now it won't start. Windows work but no radio and no crank.

'06 Stratus will "ding" sound once and reset trip meter while driving. This happens pretty intermittently and can't recreate it on-demand. What sorts of things can I check? Connection to battery is good.

Looking for scec digram

Find button

Replaced timing chain, cam sensor, crank sensor. Still no change. Out of options.

the car will start and run but after a few men it will run rough and cut out until it dies,it will start back up but runs rough and dies if you push the gas it dies but if it is left alone for a few hours it will start and run fine for a few min then it repeats the cycle. I have put new fans new raideator new relays for fan and new 50 amp fuse

I've searched the internet to no avail and called local part stores, the more I research it, the more different answers I get and still can't find it.

Car didn't pass smog so I took it for a tune up. While pulling it into the garage a loud pop sound and water leaking from the passenger side of engine. I had to refill the water for the second time in two days, was idling a little rough and squeaking was heard throughout the day.

Replaced the battery, spark plugs, and fuses- still no crank or turn over. Attempted to link with 3 separate diagnostic scanners- 2 were owner by separate mechanics, one I bought myself- same thing on all 3- won't link up.

I was told that the oil pan is leaking oil, but would that really make a difference and blow an oil smell in my car?

Front left tire don't. When u stop right tire from turning the left tire turns but under transmission it bangs and shakes really loud. Then when you let right tire turn again the left tire stops and no banging. Can't take it no where to have checked. I've heard CV joint or broke inside transmission. Your opinion?