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I have replaced spark plugs, ignition coils, distributor, spark plug wires, MAF. It idles fine but when I try to maintain a speed in any gear it bucks like crazy, but when I step on it it goes away until I level off ...
So I have a 92 stealth rt and my 3 and 6 coil pack aint firing I replaced my ecu and ptu idk what else to do. And my blower motor only eorks if I hold it upside down and tap it
Greetings: Our '92 Stealth has the non-turbocharged DOHC V6, and front wheel drive. Presently, the car has an "intermittent" symptom of a miss. The car had some other problems recently, and we have been making prog...
I am just wondering as I get different responses from people Thanks
runs fine with no check engine light being trigerd but just dies n wont start,turns over fine other then the rpm gauge jumps to 6000 n dont start but after sitting it will start n the rpm when cranking dont go over 12...
Developed leak from transmission, not sure where the fill plug is nor have I found the leak yet, fluid indicator coming on dash (looks like a square little house with four lines running vertical inside the box), not s...
Where is the camshaft position sensor located at?part #CASE605
I Replaced my plugs and also want to replace the STS chip, wnat to know how?
how many quarts do i need for a manaul transmission for my dodge stealth rt
My airconditioning line that goes to my fire wall has a leak, the o- ring needs to be changed out, how do i go about changeing it and what do i do when its changed.Do i represurize the system????
in 1st and reverse the car dont move unless it is reved there a clutch adjustment that can be made?
How do I remove the harmonic balancer
fix cruse control? possible switch how to reset a keyfaub
how do u change pump with dohc
will i have to replace the intake geasket during a spark plug replacement?
how to fix high levels of oxides of nitrogen
Were can i find a replacement headlight/blinker assembly?
I think i have a bad ECS switch but they list two type one with electronic controlled one without how would i know witch one i have? 1993 Dodge Stelth R/T 3.0