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Hi What is the location of the camshaft sensor ? thanks,
I had a bad smell coming from my air system too. When I changed the fresh air filter (under the hood) I noticed mud at the bottom of the air filter compartment. OH! This can't be right! Using a long screwdriver and a...
My Sprinter refused to start. It cranked just fine and I tried this several times in rapid succession. Weather and temperature was not a factor. Had it hauled to nearest dealer ($75) where dealer attempted to FLASH th...
I have 2 of these. Both are converted to box trucks and both of them have massive battery drain with the switch off. Cutting the switch off will stop the engine and turn off the radio but everything else keeps going a...
after i shut eng off i have trans as usuall but go back to lower gear is my trans bad or the tcm?
I replaced O2 sensor also air temp sensor. Now p2237 code but I noticed possibly two small exhaust leaks. One at doughnut. Could this be tripping sensors ? Should I take it to Midas ?
Just need the bulb number before attempting to change it.
Notice hesitation like a vacuum advance problem ck engine light is on. Already changed resonater to eliminator, changed inter cooler hose also maf sensor. Still have p2a00 Are there two o2 sensors ?
when shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear its like it goes into neutral for about 2 seconds and then goes on . sometimes when its stopping I can feel it down shift hard to 1st gear . it started this all the sudden
I was taking the van for the oil change, and it was making a weird noise when driving. The shiter moves, but the van will not. I cannot check the trans fluid as there is no dipstick...only a cover. I had to get it ...
just got in one day, tried to startit, got the clikc, click everyone said starter. Replaced it and now have no start and repeated clicks. What could be wrong
how do you change the thermostat in a 2006 Mercedes Sprinter 3500
My Sprinter not run more than 65mph. Is any body know why? Maybe that any sensor on it that control speed?
Stuck in park 62 yr old woman stranded as my 3008 itasca navion is stuck in park.
Told that there may be a programmable lamp control module? Lights do cycle back on for a split second and blink back off seeming like an overload. Does it with just a test light as well. Test lamp was not LED. All th...
replace battery and now transmission will not shift out of low gear. Light is on dash, reverse and low work but will not shift into a higher gear
with the engine running shifter will not release how ever turn the engine off and ignition to run and it will release what could cause this.
ffler that's gone bad, it will not go faster than 70mph, what wrong is their a major problem
Engine light is on yet starts up okay. Fails to start once engine is turned off than turned on. Must wait awhile until engine will start again.
I changed the motor and put in a good used one but still have same problem. only thing i changed over was oil filter housing. Is it possible that it could cause this problem?
Removed battery, cleared code, replaced battery, will not shift out of park. Over-ride shift and will go in reverse or low gear but will not shift manually or otherwise. Can only drive 20-25 mph.
my quetions is about the top of my engen sensor cover everything is black like a mood what should i do about it ?
ESM- electronic shifter module replacement. Can I replace the part myself? What is the cost of the part?
Oil filter cap removal. Does the arrow indicate tightning or to loosen??
Hi im trying to find a location of camshaft sensor
I need to know if i can just put new pads on with out changing the rotors or opening the bleed screws? Were is the glow plug relay?