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I am supposing a dead short in my ignition system I also wanted to inspect for a bad link to explain why she won't crank. I had a recent issue that fried the cam sensor, and several wires in the fuel injector harness ...
This problem first appeared when I went out to start the vehicle. The column shifter and key were stuck in lock...I pulled the ignition switch and freed the column and key, still no start. Relay noise but dead silence...
On a 1997 Dodge Stratus, when I try to get access to the upstream oxygen sensor from above or below, there is very little room to move a ratchet or breaker bar. Are there parts that must be removed to get enough acces...
If it has a choke, where will I find it?
Van starts fine when engine is cold. When it warms up, the starter cranks really well, but engine will not take off.
Turns over just fine. After 5-30 minutes of waiting starts up. Just replaced coil & fuel pump & no change.
I replaced starter, cat converter, oil change, trans oil change, tune up, new battery, clean cables.
Can someone let me know what specific brand/part to buy as there are so many online. My father-in-law asked me to buy: a water pump, fan belt, and belt tensioner. Thanks.
i need to know firing order 318 v 8
where can I get one?
The following have been replaced: thermostat, clutch fan, radiator cap, water pump (wasn't running hot until clutch fan was replaced and radiator flush was done) We were told the clutch fan was out but had never run h...
Ck engine light is on runs great but will not pass inspection. Need to know were part # is located on ecm. 5.9 engine. 4/2001
change rear ends all dealer ends after the van making a humming sound like tire rubbing on something very annoying
on a 98.5 24 valve is the firing order 153624 and if so which is number 1 2 3 4 5 6 on the block
Veicle will surge at start up and when under load. No matter what speed. What wil be he cause?
Vehicle sways both ways on highway.