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Now it takes longer to start, i was able check for fire from coil wire, nothing, checked again an hour later started up.I did check engine light code sreach came up with # 32, 62. Forgot I had battery problems last mo...
Mostly wet in the floorboard near the passenger seat, and near the passenger side of the center console after rains. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
i change the water pump, thermostat checks for leaks,after changeing thermostat i can drive it about 30 minute before it all the way in red zone if i stop and just let it run it will go to normal
when opening the door in the real of the door there is a lock assembly that has a broken spring that operates the lock to keep the door closed and locked
My 1997 dodge van is not running rite it cut off after 20 minutes wat can that be
Drove it to Fl. and back in Oct.w?no problems,and it ran fine till Dec.4th. Went to start it the following day and it did was crank,no indication of a spit,pop,nothing.Today I waet to give it another shot-same thing.W...
I am hearing a sound when I turn the wheel. I also went to pepboys and I overheard that it needs replaced. but they never told me that. am I in trouble?
my heater blower stoped working no heat comes out ay all also what fuse number can I try or fuse for heat
2 po753shif solenoid elevtrical help 1999dodge van2500
Hi...I have a P0500 code on my ram van.It means 'vehicle speed-sensor malfunction'. Am I confusing this speed-sensor with the transmission output shaft speed-sensor or is the v.s.s.related to the A.B.S system? I am th...
I had all New Parts installed on My brake system, and also had it completely bled 3 times. The Van brakes good, except that it still feels a little spongy, and the brakes has a squealing sound when applied, seems to c...
it drives perfect all the time except when driving it in the rain. Is it getting water in somewhere electrical? When pushing gas pedal down it just doesn't have power. It feels like its not getting gas or something....
replaced resistor cause only had high setting now it wont work again on other settings bought new resistor again but didnt solve problem what should i do and what is wrong
t does not come on unless I turn key off on too or three times replaced relays runs when engine light comes on.
is there a way to reset the pcm so i dont have these issues?
I have a dodge min van. It starts but no power to move.I was told it was a vacuum
I've replaced the crank and cam sensors cap/roto fuel pump and the asd relay check all the volt referances and there ok only code is 42 asd circuit I also check all ground wires for contuity can someone help me please
happens every day, start good cold. cranks great won't start warm.must set a day then will start.