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I have a Dodge Ram 1500 van that delveoped rust spot on bottom of van a small hole developed due to the rust and would like to get it repaired the year of the van is 2003

Won't start. No wcm,door lock ck,new computer, Tran sensor, can sensor, coil,distributor and sensor, ignition switch new,starter and battery wires ck. Wire harness shorted out with all wires replaced.

Checked grounds. New crank pos sensor, truck cut off one day. Started back two more same day. Haven't been able to start since then. OBD 2 no communicating with PCM. NEED TO FIND SOURCE OF ELECTRICAL MALFUNCTION.

It started ladt wk nd getting worse.
When hiiting bumps or unpaved roads

Driver side tire making clanking sound lke metal on metel.

Removef tire to check for play on upper ball joint but dont see much

Coil replaced pickup coil replaced engine spins but no fire

i checked fuse for fuel pump and it good. sprayed some carb cleaner still nothing.

any suggestions

Idle lope cold ,warm aswell.Goes up to2200rpm

Stahls while driving and idling

Symptoms of a bad wheel bearing.

Driver side tire starting to shudder .
I don't know if it's a ball joint something else.

Any 1 here has dealt w/ this b4

I've been reading other post w/ similar problems Nd ever1 points to PCM box.

has any1 bought a refurbished pcm Nd wat luck have they?

My van turns off randomly when I drive it. Sometimes it takes several cranks for the engine to start when cold. However, when I am driving it, the engine runs just fine with no noises or problems. Only problem is the car will just turn off randomly. I tried looking for a pattern, but there's none, it's just random! I can usually turn it back on immediately but it's frustruating to deal with this problem. Any help is welcomed!

Hi my check engine light goes on out of the blue. I have had my mechanic do a tune up, change the spark plugs. It goes off for a few days and then back on. My oil pressure stays the same.,no knocking noise . Is it ok to drive

How to solve motor revving up and down too much when AC compressor turns on. 3.9 L. RPMs are really running High

I bought a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 conversion van recently. It came with only one key, and on the key ring is a little white square that says Chrysler on it. On the dashboard, is a white dot that you are supposed to hold the square up to and it disables the anti-theft device which otherwise won't let you start the vehicle. There is no clicker to lock/unlock the doors or disable the alarm, just a key and that square white thing. My manual seems to imply that maybe there was a clicker, and it says nothing about this white square thing. I'm afraid of what will happen if I lose it and want to learn how to get another one and also if the vehicle once came with a clicker to unlock the doors, etc. Can anyone with experience with this vehicle speak to this and provide me with some guidance? Thanks in advance!

Considering converting to a 4x4 van

Towed to Mechanic, who now is talking about the computer in the vehicle.
I had the radiator open adding coolant.

My AC quit working, then I found out that if I tilted the steering wheel, it would work perfectly! Now, after about a month of doing that, tilting the steering wheel no longer makes the connection.
I need to access the hot wire on the steering column...WHERE is it???

I need to access the hot wire on the ignition switch for the AC blower motor...

So were do I start the hunt for the problem

tried a new master control but no change. the lights on the switches light up with the ignition. on rare occasions the windows will work but very rare. seems as if something is not sending the signal to run. can you help please what do i ck next. Fuse seem fine.

Video if possible

My tyranny will not go into park so I can get key out will start in neutral and change to other gears except park pulled linkage off shift into park to get key out put linkage back on still won't go into park ? Any advice will be great appreciated

Is there a circuit that could be shorting, causing the PCMs to fail that commonly occurs on these models? Several times people have mentioned the O2 sensor circuit; is that a good place to look?