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also has had two tune ups ( second one was done without asking ) new o2 sensor. brand new $300 PCM now the damn mechanics cannot get it to start!
then where the mileage shows I am getting No Bus where the numbers are. If I let it cool down it will start until I am driving for awhile then it shuts down again. What does no bus mean?
Van runs great but back fires n putters at times.back fire blew the muffler open
we changed the crankshaft position sensor and the cam shaft postion sensor the codestill reads p0320
while driving at steady speed with ac on and all things working as they should. suddenly the defroster comes on still blowing cold, a couple of minutes later the floor vents open still blowing cold, a couple of minute...
It started when I ran low on gas. It keeps shutting down after running a few minutes unless I keep my foot on gas pedal.
Vehicle is not starting starting. I put another automatic transmission in and sense than it's not getting fire to the disbuator.
We changed ignition switch that fixd blowe and radio. truck would start n run then just shut off randomly or not start back after shutting off. we changed asd arelay but can't locate fuel pump relay. almost acts like ...
I have looked through the owners manual and can't find it anywhere. However I can search for the part and find it but no diagram anywhere on the web showing where it is located.
I see four bolts under the carpet that holddown the cover and they are very rusty, like they may never have been removed. only 59000 miles but I want to check spark plugs, air filter, etc. I know these 4 bolts need to...
Also.....9/10 times, I have to wait for gauges to come on for engine to start. If not, I have to disconnect and reconnect the wire bundle coming from the neg. side of battery.. ECM?
Everything new. Now my heater don't work. The dials all work, no matter what I set it on it blows cold air. Flushed radiator. Compressor stays on all the time unless I turn everything off.
all air coming from defroster
No dash lights, no response at first when key was turned, then would fire and quit several times. After about 15 minutes started and ran for a couple of miles and the same thing again, several times. Made it home and ...
repairs finished new computer alternator slenoid new battery engine lite on and after i turn car off lites remain on on the steering wheel then3 days later dead again need some answer asap please