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my batteries are bad I replaced with new ones when tried to start my truck it turned but no start then I did the test onboard got this c-code never had any other problems low miles on my truck
Is there break switch. where is switch located
But the directional control does not work temp control stays hot and the air condition and heater control mirror does not work the fuses are good
Had the transmission rebuilt last year and it started messing up within a couple hundred miles. They told him when the truck was fixed before that they don't warranty 4 wheel drive transmissions. Well now it's doing ...
shifts fine when it is cold. soon as it gets hot it dose not go in 3 gear till rpm are high. any help would be great
low battery then boosted it
the belt blew on my truck so i shut it off. when i went to start the truck again it wouldn't start. it will turn over but wont start. Any suggestions?
Sometime I can turn it off for a while then it will blow again for a little while.
On a dodge 3500 15 passenger van,the engine light came on and runs a little louder than usual , just happen today
I noticed just recently that when I'm breaking I get a hard shift not every time but here n here otherwise it seems to shift fine just wondering if it's an easy fix
My truck was idling and died, I hopped in it and absolutely no power anywhere and drained the batteries, I tried to get jumped and it killed the vehicle that was jumping me, so I changed out the alternator and blew th...
I replaced my engine and cant seem to find my crankshaft connector if u have a link to where i can look would be a lot of help thank you
We picked up a 2005 dodge 3500 that was broken down. The truck had fluid running out from underneath it. The fluid smelled burnt. We later determined the overdrive case was cracked which caused it to lose all the flui...
will not start without starting fluid changed out the high pressure fuel pump still needs start fluid