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Found code PO522, oil pressure sensor. Cranks great but will not fire. Gave it a small shot of ether. Nothing. Does that sensor act as a safety?
it happened when plowing went forward but will not back up. all I have done is check oil that seems ok.
transmission also vibrates when applying some throttle when already in overdrive. It is not the sensor, I have already had that replaced and the transmission shop says they cannot find anything wrong. I think it a...
trailer hitch was cut and a new connector was installed
when I turn left the steering will stick and is very hard to turn back to the right,then it will suddenly release and be normal, also makes a grinding noise when turned hard to the left,Nothing seems to be rubbing, st...
when in gear converter locks up and kills engine at stops
Has the bank system. On freeway vechicle drives well but on mountain roads it bucks and slows vehicle even with O/D off when trying to cruise between 35 - 50.
On every drive, but indiscrimintately.
I just found out it was a recall problem last year will I have to foot the bill since I'm the second owner
after my truck hits 1500rpms it wont go any higher in rpms
Day After replacing the Thermostat the Check Gages light comes on and the truck died. Replaced the Alt & Battery now the Aid Bag light flashes and the gages are going wacko, Please help and let me now of any fixes -...
Took to dealership and they could not find problem and just recharged the air conditioning.
When i get going down the road it takes several mins to get cold.I drained al the freon out and refilled it but just blows colder when driving no difference when ideling.
It will start, but it certainly doesn't want to. Most noticeable after it hasn't been driven in a while. I'm not getting any codes, and the MIL is off as well.
leaks power steering fluid so leak can't find out where from cuz its full still its pink fluid and when turning right steering wheel will stick instead of bouncing back I have to pull it back over the bind than its fi...
i was pulling my 5th wheel tailer and when i hit a hill the truck down shifted out of overdrive to drive. when this happened there was a little squilling sound i assume from the tranny and the truck started losing spe...
Please any advise. Our truck is having trouble starting. We changed air And fuel filters and seemed ok but now not starting Specially when it is hot. When we plugged it in It seemed to help although it is summ...