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Dodge Ram 2500 Edge Chipped....repaired flex plate and starter in september 3 weeks ago did the same thing..any other cause...also sometimes it wont turn over its not power cause all electronics will work if you slam ...
I have replaced the starter and starter relay. Batters are good but the starter will not make a noise. All the dash light come and glow plug heat up.
The car always starts but when I start driving it always turns off
The light stayed on 5-10 seconds then went out. The truck has 176K miles, I replaced the engine computer 8 months ago (when an injector fried it), 4 months ago I replaced the ignition key lock because the key was loo...
My truck blows really hard when cranked up to the max for the heat, but is very luke warm can this be a thermostat issue or Heater Core?
Have fuel injected has fuel to rail battery charger with quick start on motor plugged in not frozen fuel pump replaced could it be the emo or something else running out of ideas and fuses are all good ?
O'Riley code says trimming chain has skipped a tooth. ?? How hard a repair is this for a backyard macanic ??
the filters have been changed fuel & air
It doesn't seem to me that these items are fused the same or connected in anyway. Fuses appear to be Ok, what else should I be looking for?
I have added steering fluid and it stopped the noise for about 40 miles then started again
turn my heater on and is always on the vents ,the knob turns freely but hard to get it to switch to defrost or on the floor
What does it mean when my engine light reads GEN? I've had my truck for a year with little issue other than normal replacement parts. Not sure what this code means, 8th it saying just general engine problem? I've ch...
2008 2500 diesel auto. will eventually start with long cranking. dealer said #6 injector weak causing long cranking now the run-on
Surging problem goes and comes. Disconnecting and reconnecting 1 battery cable from 1 of 2 batteries cures the problem for a short time. Problem has been on and off for 2 years.
Won't to into gear slipping and seems to have no pressure in trans area
The squeal comes in between 55mph and 65mph only during acceleration and goes away when I let off gas. I can not reproduce the sound in neutral or park,does not make the sound at idle. Fan turns fine with a little dra...
i have rebuilt the vacuum pump and now get the indicator light to come on but still no engagement of the axel
Hear a clicking under hood that is very loud and stops after 1 minute or so. Checked diagnostics, no codes .what do I do?
I can put it in gear and it would drive about a quarter mile then acts like it's in neutral. Let it sit for a few minutes and it would go back in gear and do the exact same thing again. Tried changing the filter and f...