It cranks up and will do good in forward and reverse for about 30 seconds then nothing. Have the pan off . what do I need to do?

Have replaced coil and ignition switch. Power door locks work. Last changed ignition switch and disconnected battery when changing it and truck started fine after that but next day, same issue, cranks but no start.

Sometimes when I start the truck I get the air bag and break light on. The electric windows and fan motor (in the truck) will not work. If I drive it, it will not shift out of first gear. If I shout it off and restart sometimes this fixes it. ??? got me - now what?? no number when I do a computer check.

It is riding rough as well

Its a dodge ram 1500 4.7l flex engine, the PCM is apparently bad and damaging the engine components. How much should it cost to replace and flash the PCM? Does this have to be done at/by a dealer?

I my service soon light is on

also replaced brake switch at pedal

Ive changed the throttle body crank and cam sensors. What else could be causing the issue.

Tested Alt for 13.7vdc, Battery for 13.7vdc = ok. Have to get a jump to start. Runs fine at idle. Put in gear and start to drive. Sometimes up to a mile but insistently gotten worse. Only gets a few feet then just dies. I can get it to turn back over but just drains the battery. alt recently replaced. Has battery temp sensor code for sometime now. but that shouldnt make it die everytime you try to move it.

I'm trying to fix my truck and parts don't match. Example is the ashtray broke. I had to buy one for 1994-97 to fit. 2000 ashtray completely different. Have same problem with seat covers, lights etc..

once started the engine will crank without a problem during day. Next day I have the problem again.

wont start unless I step on the gas and hold the gas for about 10 seconds almost like it does not get enough fuel to start it

I just replaced the alternator in it, jumped it figuring the bad alternator drained the battery and ran it around town for about thirty minutes, came home shut it down and started it up again to see if it would run on its own. It did. About ten hours later, I go to start it. It cranks really slow and doesn't do much more than that. Lights and radio come on. I just don't really know what it'd be.

So I just bought a 2003 dodge 1500 hemi 5.7. The dealership told me it was only the exhaust. I keep hearing the tick tick tick noise while it idols. I'm starting to get scared it's in the engine. Friends and local mechanic's say it is possibly a lifter, but they aren't sure if changing the lifter will help it any.. what should I do? Change the exhaust to see if that's what it is?? I just hope I didn't buy someone else's problems. It has 136000 miles on it. I paid with tax 8316. This tick seems to happen while it's hot..

it only does it when it gets warmed up and i just changed the filter and fluid and put a bottle of lucas in it