it will not crank but does fire

truck will not crank but does fire

could i check oh and the brake light womt work

It sat still for a few days, but there's no evidence of a oil leak. Still sounds good and runs okay. Pump seems to be working, there is oil on the stick when it's running. But how much is truly there, I don't know.

I have been getting the throttle body light on. I have tried to reset the value of the voltage. I have found 2 different ways to do this in the service manual . I disconnected the battery waited then hooked it up again, turned on the key to reset the system with the key on the throttle body light along with the check engine light. the throttle body light goes out and the check engine light starts to flash. I push the acelator down slow and let it back slow and after that the light goes out. No codes set but still no idle.

Went for gas and groceries last night, everything operating normally. Next morning, cranks and cranks, but won't turn over. Did a quick error code check with ignition key and get P0128 - "Cooling Sys Error / Thermostat Perf". Checked outside fuses for an obvious culprit, swapped around a couple ignition type fuses, but no effect. After searching around on line, it was suggested that I remove battery cables for 20 seconds and re-attach to reset a possible static discharge issue with the ignition/key. No effect. Trying to listen for the fuel pump, all I really hear is some clicking. I also read conflicting reports about a faulty thermostat potentially preventing ignition, but before I start spending money, I was hoping for another opinion. Oh and yes, I checked the connection to the flux capacitor and the air in the tires, all seemed to be in order. Thank you for your time, I really appreciate any suggestions.

Could it be a coil issue or ?

I had the parking brake checked and it was fine. They ran it up on the rack and could not duplicate the noise. Took apart the pumpkin and looked at the fluid and for metal shavings, the fluid looked good and found no shavings. It doesn't make the sound all of the time, so I haven't been able to get anyone to look at it.

when I turn on my air or my heat I hear a  thump noise but my air and heat works fine afterwards, but it does that every time I turn either one on

I tried to start it would turn over but not start so I replaced the fuel pump still nothing checked fuses all good what should I do next spark plugs and wires?

Does it need a new catalytic converter?

It cranks up and will do good in forward and reverse for about 30 seconds then nothing. Have the pan off . what do I need to do?

Have replaced coil and ignition switch. Power door locks work. Last changed ignition switch and disconnected battery when changing it and truck started fine after that but next day, same issue, cranks but no start.

Sometimes when I start the truck I get the air bag and break light on. The electric windows and fan motor (in the truck) will not work. If I drive it, it will not shift out of first gear. If I shout it off and restart sometimes this fixes it. ??? got me - now what?? no number when I do a computer check.

It is riding rough as well

Its a dodge ram 1500 4.7l flex engine, the PCM is apparently bad and damaging the engine components. How much should it cost to replace and flash the PCM? Does this have to be done at/by a dealer?

I my service soon light is on

also replaced brake switch at pedal