Pedal goes to floor. Can be pumped up, but after a few minutes goes to floor again. Noticed after turning truck off that fluid was dripping/running from top of reservoir. It is equipped with a vacuum power boost. There are no diagnostic codes coming up when checked.

when coming to a stop. no engine light but have a pending code P0116. this dose not happen all the time but it has happen on 3-4 occasion in the pass week any ideas?

Could the camshaft sensor being out cause the knock sensors to act up? Or does this sound like an wiring harness issue?

I dont know wat i should i do

I changed the fuel pump and it still stalls out. I'm lost . 5 to 30 minutes later it will start again. This happens daily. Check engine light does not come on.

It idles at 500 rpm's while in gear and at 750 rpm's when in park

The ABS as Scanned and I was told to replace the sensor and ABS modular.

I'm having the engine replaced and was wondering if this is a good time to replace the heater core? Or do you still have to go through the dash on the passenger side to replace this?

Both doors and actuator are functioning, air flow will not change direction.

For the last few weeks, it has been an off and on problem. Also what size fuse and where located. Service manual does not indicate. Recently, had work done on engine, water pump and intake manifold replacement, also all water hoses replaced.

OBD2 code P0111

I have a 01 dodge ram 1500 V8 magnum and my tail lights are out, how ever my break lights and my left and right signals work.I replaced the fuses and changed the light bulbs.still doesn't work. I think I might have a shortage somewhere If not please help!

I have a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport with a 5.7 HEMI. I am replacing the water pump. As I was removing the pump, I noticed that there were a couple of bolts missing. Is there anyone that knows which length bolts go to each hole so I can order the correct replacements? There are 10 or 11 bolts for this water pump.

One of the pistons in our Dodge Hemi exploded on my husbands way home from work. The truck doesn't even have 100,000 miles on it (96,450). There is no reason other than a casting defect that would cause this kind of damage. Now we are out of a vehicle ( which we purchased brand new with only 7 miles on it) and we feel Dodge or Mopar should look into it and offer us something for the damn thing. We took extra special care of the truck so we know it's not lack of maintenance. Help!!!!!

Thick white exhaust while driving. No warning lights and it's driving great. It just started today. It's driving normally.

let cool off tried to drive still goes up to red line 260 degrees

When I get in my 99 dodge 1500 the air bag light stays on and so does the abs and brake light. What can I do to get those to go away? Also when I'm driving I will loose every gear but first and my speedometer drops to 0 mph. Any solutions to these problems? I just replaced the output speed sensor to try and fix the loosing gear problem

I have replaced the fuel pump. I am getting fuel pressure from the fuel rail. I am getting fire. It will crank but not start. What would be the next step to take to get the truck started?

I've changed the coil and the pick up coil,didnt fix

I have a 2001 dodge ram and the ac compressor clutch is obviously gone. Should the clutch assembly be replaced with or without replacing the compressor itself? Would you have a cost estimate to replace both ways?

When I push it,it the lights come on and the brake won't go in and some kind of sound happens. It happens almost every time now.