I have been working on my truck. For almost a year now. I have changed out my spark plugs, spark plug wires, New distributor cap, New coil pack, changed out the crank sensor, changed out coolant temp sensor, and still no fire to to the motor. But the funny thing is when I put the code reader on it start right up, and when I unplugged the code reader it dies. What will be the problem, and how can I resolve it? Please any suggestions or answers PLEASE HELP ME

Twice on a road compressor has been installed and magnet replaced at the clutch, and partial charged to make sure it will engaged, but compressor will only allow me one 8 oz. of R134A and will not run truly engaged and starts to get sluggish, dragging and noisy slowing my clutch pulley, we changed the a/c orifice tube by replacing the entire a/c liquid line with orifice integrated and then flush the system entirely. the only thing we did not replaced is the pressure switch because the condenser fan energizes fine. Also checked power supply to the clutch showing 14 volts d.c coming out of the integrated power module located on left side fender (driver side).. we done everything we could, maybe we need to place a diode to the magnet to clean the ripple out the 14vdc?...any help will be welcome...thanks....have great day.

I have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 4.7 eng. starts if i put fuel in the throttle body but wont run for long what could be causing this? the fuel rail has fuel in it cause i checked the little pressure valve and gas sprays out i can here the fuel pump turn every time in turn the ignition to the on position.

My dodge ram is a 2010, with 52,00O miles.
The conditioned air is routed elsewhere. There is a sound that seems to be coming from the glove box that sounds like a big rat trying too get out. I'm afraid of a dealership maintenance cost can a mop & pop type of garage could handle that type of work.?

I just bought the truck and all the fuses and relays were removed and dealer said might have wrong relays in place could cause this code but not sure of what correct relays are

I leveled the truck and think one coil was put in upside down. It's to stiff to even drive. I extended the shocks to compensate and it's still stiff as can be.

this occurred for for a while when finally the truck just wouldn't start one day. I replaced the throttle body, still was not able to start. Towed it to a dealership. They replaced the main computer and said it looked like rabbits had chewed up some wires causing a short. They said they repaired the wires. So if not the main computer or throttle body, what else would cause these only when accelerating?

Replaced old. Engine with new One te new Engine re want start

I have changed coils and wires but there is still no spark

I have a 04 dodge ram 5.7 hemi. The check engine light is on. I took to the parts store and had them read the codes. It came back as bad o2 and bad catalyst system. I then took to my local shop and had them do tests. They said bank 1 upstream o2 sensor is not sweeping. I've looked around and think my pcm needs reflashed? Could that fix my issue? The truck has no power check engine light is on and if i give it hard acceleration it won't shift. Thanks for any help.