we can hear a click when we try to roll it down by using the button

Now want start i have check fuse
On the dash its saying no fuse but i check them all now check engine sign blinks while i am trying to start its turning over good

I'm in the Army and recently bought 2009 Dodge Ram 155 with additional bumper to bumper warranty. I was told the a/c wiring harness is corroded and warranty does not cover that. Cost $339 to replace

3.55 ratio, 4X4

problems occurs all the time

all the time

Have had no problems . This just started

the problem surfaced Wednesday morning 05/19/2016 when I started up

my truck still runs and cant have this problem escalate and our get stuck some wares my ability to afford a shop are out please help asap

It's a 4 wheel drive

It's four wheel drive it's has 200,000 miles on it and it's a magunm

It's a dodge 1500 5.2L v8 magnum it's 4×4 200,000 miles on it

I have been working on my truck. For almost a year now. I have changed out my spark plugs, spark plug wires, New distributor cap, New coil pack, changed out the crank sensor, changed out coolant temp sensor, and still no fire to to the motor. But the funny thing is when I put the code reader on it start right up, and when I unplugged the code reader it dies. What will be the problem, and how can I resolve it? Please any suggestions or answers PLEASE HELP ME

Twice on a road compressor has been installed and magnet replaced at the clutch, and partial charged to make sure it will engaged, but compressor will only allow me one 8 oz. of R134A and will not run truly engaged and starts to get sluggish, dragging and noisy slowing my clutch pulley, we changed the a/c orifice tube by replacing the entire a/c liquid line with orifice integrated and then flush the system entirely. the only thing we did not replaced is the pressure switch because the condenser fan energizes fine. Also checked power supply to the clutch showing 14 volts d.c coming out of the integrated power module located on left side fender (driver side).. we done everything we could, maybe we need to place a diode to the magnet to clean the ripple out the 14vdc?...any help will be welcome...thanks....have great day.

I have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 4.7 eng. starts if i put fuel in the throttle body but wont run for long what could be causing this? the fuel rail has fuel in it cause i checked the little pressure valve and gas sprays out i can here the fuel pump turn every time in turn the ignition to the on position.