just had the gasket and filter changed

And can you bypass hydraulic heater booster any help would be appreciated

I know that it's not wise, but when i do a burnout, breakstand whatever you want to call it. The back tires will break lose or seem to break loose. When you hold the gas and let the tires gain momentum and build up smoke the tires will spin, both seem to do so. About five seconds into it the whole back end will begin to kick out and scoot over about five feet or so. It will then countinue to spin the wheels and when you let off the brakes to do the burnout and get going to leave your mark only the driver side will leave a tire mark while the passenger side will have no mark. I've heard of a few other guys that have the same problem I've even seen it in some challengers and chargers. So i'm wondering if it's an axle problem or if it's my tires or if it's my brakes or what. Again I know it's not smart to do burnouts.

It's not all the time. Only at idle acts like it's running out of gas. Reving it up helps sometimes stops it

the truck was drove and stopped at store then got back into it and it would turn over but not start, I replaced cam,crank sensor, throttle sensor. had alternator checked, starter checked, its getting fuel and fire. but will try to crank after battery has been off a day or so but not completely fire up.

Sometimes a clunky sound coming from between engine and transmission

I had water pump replaced, now my truck wont start. So I then had cam shaft, crank shaft, and ign. coil replaced thereafter, still won't start. cleaned the rotor and bought new spark plugs. can u help me please

I was in my pick up yesterday at the store started it up several my gauges on my Dash came on how to turn on air conditioning and some other things in my pickup they did not work I turn pickup off then restarted it everything went back to normal light on dash went out and everything what could be the problem and what can I do? Thanks

Just rebuilt topend

Overturning over but wontstart

transmission casing (extension housing) bolts need to be tightened. What type of tool should be used to tighten them?

i have a 2007 dodge ram 1500 2wd. i was driving home last thursday morning and had my check enging light come on. I went and had the code read on it and it said that i had a misfire on cylinder #5. I looked at the cylinder and the coil pack was cracked on the opposite side of the wiring connection. I pulled the pack and replaced it and it ran fine for about 15 miles and once again it died on me and would not start. I didn't think to check the coil pack again because I wasn't expecting it to be broken again so I looked online to see what could be causing the truck not to start. I replaced the cam shaft sensor, the crank shaft sensor and the EGR valve. none of that worked so I reset the battery and it started long enough for me to get to autozone to have another code read and once again it showed that I had a misfire on cylinder 5 and I looked at it and it had about a half inch hole in it. I replaced it along with new plugs and it seemed to be running fine for about 20 minutes and my check engine light once again came on. I was not thinking anything of it because it had been coming on for a loose gas cap code. I drove it for about 5 miles and as I was puling back into the drive way it shut off once again started running rough and died and will not start again so I raised the hood and once again the coil pack it busted. Please help!

blow out hot air at floor vents. Also the recirculation fan does not work anymore, Any ideals what to check?

I can see oil is leaking from the part where the drive shaft connects to the rear end. Does that mean I need a new rear end or is there a gasket that goes in there or what? It's not leaking from the back of the differential but right where the u joint part seems to connect to the rear end.

143,000 miles, 4x4. no dash lights come on when it cuts off. Just took it from Charlotte to Savannah and it stopped 4 times on highway and starts right back up. This happens only every 2 or 3 days. Check engine is not on.

5.9 quad cab 4x4

need ac wiring diagram for 1996 doge 1500

The PARK does not engage, so my truck does not turn off all the way, and I can't remove the key. Dealer says I need to buy a $431 WIN Module and have them replace it and reprogram my keys. Mechanic friend says it could be the Neutral/Park safety switch. Google says Steering Column Gear Shift Blocker needs to be replaced. Model Years 01 & 02 had recalls on Ignition/Park Shift Interlock System. Which is it and what will it cost to fix?

I have a 03 4.7 ram that randomly shuts down when making left hand
turns. It acts like the engine is turned off, or the computer is not
recognizing the engine died. Basically every once and a while when I make
a left hand turn while braking, no throttle applied, the engine just shuts off.
No noticeable sputtering or rough idle, just shuts off. Also no dash light
come on like if the engine died normally. No check gauges, no engine light.
Radio, Light and AC will stay on as if nothing happened. Stop the truck and
turn the key everything starts back up normally.

The problem happened once about a year ago, but has happened twice in 4 days now. Only change lately was I changed the condenser fan motor about a week ago.

If I give it any gas it dies

we can hear a click when we try to roll it down by using the button

Now want start i have check fuse
On the dash its saying no fuse but i check them all now check engine sign blinks while i am trying to start its turning over good

I'm in the Army and recently bought 2009 Dodge Ram 155 with additional bumper to bumper warranty. I was told the a/c wiring harness is corroded and warranty does not cover that. Cost $339 to replace

3.55 ratio, 4X4