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New crank sensor can it be bad
New fuel pump crank sencer no power to pump or coil
Shifts ok in all other gears is there a Transmission Control Solenoid that controls reverse?
Will a transmission from a 1996 dodge ram 1500 5.2 liter 4x4 fit in a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2 liter 4x4. Same engines just wasn't sure if they had the same transmissions in 1996 and 1999?
about a month ago my truck started acting like it was having a hard time shifting into it won't shift out of first gear at all.its an automatic transmission.the oil has been serviced regularly and all the flu...
what transmissions are interchangeable with a 1997 dodge ram 1500 5.2L, 4x4, manual 5 speed transmission?
my truck does not have turbo but when I step on the gas pedal it sounds like the truck has turbo what could that be and where would I check for the air leak I think that's what it is can somebody help me where to star...
If I shift to 1 it shifts to 2gear and I can take off then shift to drive and it shifts fine but if you stop still no first gear you hit the gas and it doesn't want to go have to down shift then it goes but second gea...
when my truck is off sometimes the blinker light comes on but stays solidly lit in my front passenger side. the rear blinker blinks fast and the front right not at all. sometimes it turns off otherwise I wake up to a ...
truck drove fine and just coasted to a stop no sounds or sudden clanking no forward or reverse in 2 wheel drive. tried turning the switch to auto and 4 wheel it runs in these two but not in reg 2 wheel drive. put it b...
After a few miles of driving it will shift what could be the reason
In my 2001 Dodge 1500 Ram pick up with 5.2L 318 v8 RWD 1/2 ton with EX 1/2 door cab. The trans- in my truck is sliping bad.
Just purchased this truck used and filled it 3x so far, but would like to get it fixed before any major mechanical problems occur. Really need it for work!
Can still drive truck but dont want to break it more when it first happened was going and couldnt get out of gear then when got home was hard to get in and out of gear and made noise
My engine light is off so it want give no codes but my truck dies at stops unless its in neutral