143,000 miles, 4x4. no dash lights come on when it cuts off. Just took it from Charlotte to Savannah and it stopped 4 times on highway and starts right back up. This happens only every 2 or 3 days. Check engine is not on.

5.9 quad cab 4x4

need ac wiring diagram for 1996 doge 1500

The PARK does not engage, so my truck does not turn off all the way, and I can't remove the key. Dealer says I need to buy a $431 WIN Module and have them replace it and reprogram my keys. Mechanic friend says it could be the Neutral/Park safety switch. Google says Steering Column Gear Shift Blocker needs to be replaced. Model Years 01 & 02 had recalls on Ignition/Park Shift Interlock System. Which is it and what will it cost to fix?

I have a 03 4.7 ram that randomly shuts down when making left hand
turns. It acts like the engine is turned off, or the computer is not
recognizing the engine died. Basically every once and a while when I make
a left hand turn while braking, no throttle applied, the engine just shuts off.
No noticeable sputtering or rough idle, just shuts off. Also no dash light
come on like if the engine died normally. No check gauges, no engine light.
Radio, Light and AC will stay on as if nothing happened. Stop the truck and
turn the key everything starts back up normally.

The problem happened once about a year ago, but has happened twice in 4 days now. Only change lately was I changed the condenser fan motor about a week ago.

If I give it any gas it dies

we can hear a click when we try to roll it down by using the button

Now want start i have check fuse
On the dash its saying no fuse but i check them all now check engine sign blinks while i am trying to start its turning over good

I'm in the Army and recently bought 2009 Dodge Ram 155 with additional bumper to bumper warranty. I was told the a/c wiring harness is corroded and warranty does not cover that. Cost $339 to replace

3.55 ratio, 4X4

problems occurs all the time

all the time

Have had no problems . This just started

the problem surfaced Wednesday morning 05/19/2016 when I started up

my truck still runs and cant have this problem escalate and our get stuck some wares my ability to afford a shop are out please help asap

It's a 4 wheel drive

It's four wheel drive it's has 200,000 miles on it and it's a magunm

It's a dodge 1500 5.2L v8 magnum it's 4×4 200,000 miles on it