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Starts up, runs good as it always does.. just the
check engine lite on nothing else..
no codes etc.
Any ideas?
Think ok to drive.. holidays and I need it.. no repair places open etc.

I need suggestions on what I can check, not blinking.. driveable.
I did check all caps on f on and

2009 Dodge 1500 HEMI 5.7 liter , has mds system, when getting on the gas code pops up that cylinder 5 has misfired, trying to isolate the cause but having trouble, ruled out coil packs, plugs, wires, gas,fire, have checked compression, really down to the cam, broken spring, or MDS SYSTEM malfunction maybe?? I don't know enough about how the MDS goes about reducing cylinder and fire, but by cutting truck off then back on it will run fine(sometimes) with no code until getting back on the throttle with some force then the engine seems to start missing or running rough and the code P0305 is thrown. Quite sure it's not mechanical because it does run fine for awhile but when gouged on, then the misfire and rough running will begin and doesn't go away until cutting engine off then back on(works sometimes). When cold(morning start up) the engine seems to run fine and generally idles fine for morning warm up. It throws the code aND runs rough every time the truck is driven which is daily. Truck is used at my work, I depend on it everyday, any help.would be greatly appreciated, feel free to email with any questions you may have that would help you help me with this problem, the warranty recently run out and I still owe for it, plus I love my Dodge!!!!

Replaced the water pump and engine started overheating. Replaced the thermostat and coolant only gets warm, and no heat blows out from the heater. I have replaced the fan relay under the glove box twice and it only work on high setting

Iv replaced my cv axles on both sides 4 times in three years to me that's a little too much


when i start the truck the lamp light flash, and stay on.

Truck won't start. The fuel pump is not kicking on. It's like there's no power going to it.

Sometimes in the morning when go to get in my truck Ive got really bad condensation on the inside drivers side of my windshield to the point its dripping wet. I feel its my seal around the windshield but thats a guess.

I just put a new mother in it a new full pump new batt a new temp sin crank sin full sin new plugs new ever thing all most. But now it won't start just turns over and over help please

Truck was running fine all day , went to the store and once I got back in it didn't want to start but once it did the engine was shaking and and making nosies white smoke came from muffler , after pressing on the gas for a little while the shaking slowed down and nosie stopped complety and was able to drive it home , started a hour later and the same thing happend again

and then it may run for awhile like a hour or then maybe 5 mins

Also loses heat when you switch it

I don't remember were the long bolts go on the waterpump.

Dodge is saying it's a power thing! No help. Sometimes it works intermittently.

What trque and crossing pattern when I replace my water pump

Fluid is dripping from driver's side at the front of the vehicle. The radiator cap is on the passenger side of the radiator.

now it makes a clinking sound when i ste= on the gas

Put it on the rack listen with a screwdriver no noise from the actual notice from the differential the noise is coming 6 inches from the end of the drive shaft that goes into the differential what is it it was from the time you start out 10 miles an hour it goes louder as you go faster but never stops ?

Drives without a miss till about two to three miles out.
When I punch it, it stops till I let off the gas, then the miss returns.

its a dodge truck 1996 model

It whirls but wont start. What could it be

does not work at all

All the time

It is making some type of noise when shifted to reverse....

I event tried starter fluid still no go, Whats next?
Would a Camshaft Sensor cause absolutely no start?

only when turning left feels like a hydraulic clynder chattering or a dragging

heat dont work,its not the blower or heater core,a/c works fine,im pretty sure its the heater door

When I going flat no problem but when I going uphill is like loss power. Any idea??? Thanks

I feel the truck like shaking or kind of jumping when I turn but it just happens when I have the 4x4 engaged and turning. If I going straight no problem. Any idea??