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94 v-8 ram 1500 and its not matching up. Is there a way to hook up to tail shaft or why are sensor plugs different and one tranny is missing a plug all together
Just bought this truck. Want to install new stereo as it is missing. Someone just cut all the wires to the radio so I have no idea what wires go where. I need help! Its a single cab truck with 2 speakers behind seat a...
AC had not worked for over a year. It was checked for leaks and recharged approx. 200 miles ago. $100. Blew cold air at first but has steadily diminished to almost no cool air at all. Compressor runs for a few seconds...
Put new battery on & new speed sensor, new coil new rotor button new distbor cap & plugs
I have got the trucks cracked up dash off. . Noticed why the radio not working. there is not even a wire harness to hook it up.. Just for looks i guess.. The wires are open cleaned like your hand spread apart. But i c...
My truck stopped on the highway yesterday, was towed to my home and I was told that the problem may be the fuel pump.
I was going about 35 mph the death wobble hit, threw the transfer case into 4wh, after slowing and disengaging, it will not reengage. Didn t experience any noises other than shuddering like hell!
I believe its the timing chain that's bad and possibly fouled plugs just put $5000.00 in repairs a year ago new a/c, tires, brakes rebuilt tranny and clutch
Bulbs are good, fuses good, no visible damage or burned parts visible, no damage to brake light assemblies at all, not been in any major accidents (Scrapes is all) happens 100% of the time during operation
Loud ticking noise. Took it to dealership today. Can anyone tell me if the Exhaust Manifest broken bolts is cover by the extended warranty
Changed to water pump,all gaskets& belts, plus 1day labor to take off grill, radiator, and fan to get to pump. Cost no less than $1200.Isn't this a bit too much in cost and R&R? Car doesn't squeak, squeal, or grind. J...
Changed the crank sensor and that did nothing. Haven't had much time to mess with it. Liking for ideas of what else it could be.
My laramie slt did not come with factory fog lights, they were added before i bought it and use a toggle switch. I purchased the oem headlight switch with fog lights where do I connect my fog lights to the oem switch
When i really get on the throttle my motor makes a clattering noise what is it and what are repairs i need to do
Every time I take the key out of the ignition everything stays running even the lights and the ingion any ideas its dodge ram 1500 02