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My truck has always started right away. I keep up the maintenance. Lately it turns over but does always start right away. It's getting worse. It's not a fuel pump problem or tune up issue. Pump is only a few months old and not close to tune up time. Could it be the ignition switch? Or what do you think?

I need to know the driving cycle for this vehicle!

Not go over about 2500 rpm unless pushed to the floor but the pedal does seem to set pretty low

The check engine light does stay on it throws the same code every time but goes off and on

I turn my key on. Pump does not turn on. Gauges won't move when I turn key on. Truck cranks and cranks but wont turn over. think it is the PCM. But before buying one I'm hoping it is a simple fix. Loose wire or something. Checked all my fused nothing blown. Cleaned all my grounds still nothing. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated

Had a leak at the speedometer sensor pulled it put it back in and now I have no speedometer

Truck running for a while dies out
When truck is cold works

I replaced the heater core, thermostat, and completely flushed the system, including the heater core. The truck still only blows cold air. The water pump is not making any noise as if it going bad. The hoses from the heater core both warm up, as do the hoses from the radiator. Any suggestions?

I have checked the wiring harness and the bulbs, they are not the problem. My backup lights don't work

hear some noise when on highway, hard to tell due to road noise. not tearing up tire

Fuel gauge stays on full

And lukewarm air out of the passengers Side vents . how do I fix this.?

I recently changed the water pump and belt in my dodge ram 1500 1998 5.2 engine and it has just started to bog down and die when in idle or slowing down the power stays in the engine just Bogs down I have to check engine light

Try to crank it and it will not fire will turn over good but will not crank let it set for 45 minutes and it will crank I don't understand this what is the problem

Truck sputters after 3k rpm, PCode 016 is on, as is the camshaft code. The crankshaft code was on too, but we replaced that yesterday, and found that the sensor itself was actually broken in half. Took about 2 hours to get it out of the hole. New one is in, but still sputtering at 3k RPM. Will replace camshaft sensor if I can find it.

everytime i put in reverse

Bed of truck has rusted out bad and the 4 wheel drive has guitar working

then after a bit it will return to normal. only happens after having driven some distance. i do get a code that states speed sensor.

On freeway at 65-70 mph it drives and downshifts fine! Did anybody else have this problem?

id like to know how to wire a new 02 sensor plug into the harness because someone hardwired a cheapo o2 sensor straight to the harness and i would like to wire a factory plug back into the wiring harness with a factory 02 sensor

Truck will not turn over and does not get power to the starter relay, dash lights and Windows do work, no blown fuses

What is the fuel range on the 96 ram 1500 v6 manual with the 26 gallon and or the 35 gallon gas tank

Im wondering what size gas tank is in a 96 dodge ram 1500 standard cab long bed

only once the engine sounded like a rough idle for a few seconds,then went to high rpms for two seconds then went to normal idle. I got in the cab and reved it to a high rpms for a couple seconds, for three times and let it idle. It idled alright after that. The next morning I started it and let it idle for five minutes, and it idled alright.
Don't know what happened, plugs, injectors, PCV, timing or what.

truck sputtered today at a stop light when taking off, and when I put some gas to it , it has a clicking sound like a bad u joint.

Truck runs and drives great all fuses and relays are good directional headlights brake lights instrument cluster just stop working on day what can the problem be

Truck runs and drives great. Directional headlights brake lights interior lights instrument cluster and electric locks do not work fuses and relays are all good what can be the problem

My check engine light came on and I thought it was my condenser fan. My condenser was in fact not working. I have since remedied that issue and my check engine light is still on.

labor time and amount?

Ask of the truck.its late and need lights