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when put in forward gear there is a squeel like a belt slipping
when transmission is put in forward gear there is a sound like a belt slipping
I have had fluid filter change made it better for a short time.
Check all bulbs daily front and rear. Left turn signal light blinks repidly compared to right. Replaced all rear bulbs and circuit boards for taillights. Lamp out message on dash remains
replaced crankshaft and camshaft position help. I have to give it the gas for it to start...then hard start..been doing this for over a year..sometimes malfunction light comes on..but dealer said no codes....
I have heard alot of the same thing happenin to many hemi truck owners but no one has an answer. Can anyone help with a strating point of what's wrong. When throttle acceleration it begins to die down,will stall but w...
I changd the egr valve to stop the rough idle but it continues to smoke from exhaust
I just finished cleaning my truck inside and out. As I left and my speed went over 15 mph, suddenly the "door ajar" light came on, all the interior lights began to flash and the door chime was constant. It also soun...
06 dodge ram truck 5.7 changed oil filter and oil sending unit right above oil filter drove a couple miles still did same thing stop truck turn engine off restart gauge gos back to normal
What should I look for.I'm lost on this .help please anyone else have this problem
I was told maybe it's the temperature sencor. Where's this located?
Could it be the alternator charging a weak battery? Or PCV Valve?
Every morning there's a puddle of what I believe to be transmission fluid under the front of my pickup. I have driven it to warm it up and check the fluid. The levels are always within the limits. I have added a trans...
my abs and brake light stay on but do go off now and then replaced sensors already recently put new rear end im at a end also have a misfire on #8 cylinder changed plugs aND WIRE SEMMS TO GET WORSE WHEN ITS HOT ANY SU...
Doesnt blow much air through front vents when using ac. Any ideas?
It will cost $500.00 each side. Is there any refund for this work from Dodge. I have noticed a lot of Dodge trucks around my year that are the same way. Was the metal used for mine and other years recycled metal and ...
2010 dodge ram sb\2wd\quad cab had the front frame rails sectioned and replaced. Vehicle has sustained identical repairs. Are these sections available for re-replacement, or are they now subject to the entire frame be...
Ac evaporator and ac condenser and thermostat and water pump changed and lower radiator hose but I still have no coolant going though and over heats could it be the radiator
my knob for the airflow control only works on high, whether its AC or heat it works great on high, but nothing at all on the lower settings. Any advice?
Can anyone give me some detail on maybe a sensor that could popped loose or something?
Hesitation round 1500 rpm. No codes battery voltage approximately 14.4 volts
I can't turn them up because the dome light immediately comes on so I replaced itwith aanother used switch. Is there any way to adjust this or fix it without buying a new one.