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I was told that if you special order or other you can get a uvb treated windshield with a darker tint then the one it came with.All the companies like Safelite, etc, don't specifiy whether it has a "3rd visor" like th...
i checked the fuses but its not that sometimes it will come on but now it dont stay on how can i fix my self??
Auto zone ran diagnostic when engine light came on said EGR valve. Cars doesn't seem to be getting gas and actually dies at times.
the sprayers dry rotted and I need to replace them as they won't work and I have no washer fluid coming out.
Had my Nitro in to get oil change, tires rotated. Later that evening I had a "TPM system warning come on followed by all the tire pressures, which were fine. I took it to shop, and they couldn't get it to reset. So ...
Do I need special tools for the removal and replacement of the seals?
The red lightning boat came on about 4 weeks ago took it to the Dodge dealership they said that code P 2122 and p 2138 we're set they said the appt sensor voltage is out of range installed a new appt sensor and update...
About 90% of the time I refuel gas gets every where. I have an 07 R/T and had a similar experience with my 05 Durango. There ended up being a recall for the fuel tank filler inlet. Before I petition to Dodge, I nee...
turned on. It was like the key turned on the accessory and power went on but the remote would not work. When I started the car, the engine light came on. It has done this in the past.
floor always wet when it rains could it be the ac drain plug backing up
does this vehicle year and style have a problem with transmission going between 80,000miles and 120,000
How to repair a sticking vavle on a 2008 dodge nitro? Problem occurred 5 days ago after the car was started on a very cold morning. email:
What is the basic cost for a 30,000 miles tune up on a 2007 Dodge Nitro?
I need to replace one of the black roof rails because it is cracked. Where can I get one? How much does it cost? Is it an easy repair? Thanks.