Coilpk crank sensor built n it ok I'm driving the car runs perfectly fine for bout 2 weeks then all of a sudden start having fuel pump issues so get that runs bout another 3 days then fluttered out n would start bk but not make It a mile so get I towed bk n then replace the pump n filter still nothing but start maybe every 3 days for bout 30 seconds n sputter out so I replace the ciolpk/crank sensor now it'll crank n run but still sputter out wat could it be????

lever will not move it. it is jammed i guess how do we fix this

I went to tje gas station the var car was fine. When I started the car back up it revs up maxing out.

i was slowing down to come to a stop at a light and then i noticed my car was off ??

Car will back fire but will not start, Whats wrong..?????

Ran fine yesterday and never done this before. ...?

When stepping on the gas there is a delay and feels like there is something clogged in the fuel system. I took off the air filter to listen to the sound it was making and it almost seems like it's going to backfire. Feels clogged. Any ideas on what's happening?

Car never over heated ,went 3/4 on gauge runs warm in stop and go Pump installed at dealer in nov. But I don't notice any movement or transfer of coolant from overflow. New rad cap hose looks good not clogged. ???

i also notice an oil stain wherever i park, what can i do?

I just had the serpentine belt replaced and my mechanic says I need the idler pulley replaced. He said he does not do this type of work

I inspected the boot, it's not cracked nor greasy. It has a tiny bit of play on the end going into the transmission. Does it need to be replaced ? When driving I hear popping sounds mainly when I go over bumps.

Changed TPS, Cam sensor, ECT, are ssporadic a tire shop put tires on that were 2 sizes to big in November p0123 p0073

It was running fine and now just cranks over but wont start?

I had a coolant leak and while under the car, my friend noticed I had a crack right through a rod. I looked up what it was and it was my torque strut. I'm in the process of getting a possible water pump repair and if the strut is going to be more than $250, I can't get it done just yet. We have reason to believe this is what has been causing the knocking in my engine and the knocking has been happening for almost 2 years now. Will my car be safe to drive short distances with a bad strut until I can get it repaired? I need it to get to work and back while I'm up at school.

Alert notifies me when I turn the car on. Chimes 3 times and says fuse.

Oil was changed recently, levels are fine, pressure is good. Only happens when stopping.

someone told me my emergency brake does not work and won't pass inspection

120k miles

rebuilt engine, head good compression 120psi, CKP, CMP sensors new, coil wires new, TDC confirmed. Engine was running prior to rebuild. Now it will turn over but not start, read about re learning CMP sensor after computer has been disconnected from battery for an exyended time, in this case 60 days.

My 2005 Dodge Neon Sxt Will Turn Over To Start Or A Couple Times Started But Wont Stay On Any Ideas? Please Done Everything.

Also while going down the freeway it feels like something is grabbing and trying to slow me down. It feels like the car is being pulled to the right.

I recently got this car and was told it tends to run hot after about 30 minutes or so. I have only seen it get a little warmer when idling, but then I haven't driven it for more than 30 minutes at a time yet.
The heater blows out cold air whenever I turn it on.
The engine light is on. I had it tested and the code came up as P0441 EVAP

Couple things I have done replaced crank and cam sensors have swapped pcms have tested wiring to all three sensors at pcm its same as at sensors .8v when its susposed to read 7v to 8v. also when I check the b+ on the ign coil there is nothing. ko no fuel pump noise and fuel pump also has .8v the power supply to pcm is good and it is grounded as well as ckp cmp and vss lost and don't know where to go now. trying to save 100 dollars from the dealer. I would like a detailed description of the asd relay and how it works what makes it work. I believe that it my next step to try to get the car to start. any suggestions are open wish it was an easy fix like just replacing the ckp but its like diagnosing eboli.

Ok it kicks when it goes into 3rd gear, vibrates most of the gets really bad at stop signs/ red lights but it stops once I hit 50mph and starts again when it slows back down and has the battery, engine lights on and also another problem when I turn my radio on it kicks all the meters off and shows no bus where the milage should be.... please help!!!!