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got a vacuum leak wanted to hook up a smoker to find leek but don,t know where to hook it.
The motor will run on a couple of cylinders for a minute then be fine and you can smell raw fuel. i have replaced plugs,wires,coil,air filter,fuel injectors and to avale. stills does same thing. engine code at multi ...
When it tries to shift it fells like it goes into limp mode.
The steel bands r showing just put tires on a month ago and they don't wear any place else just about 3 inch's of tire on the inside
Passager driver side door needs to be replace nothing else. What would labor n parts be?
I replaced faulty TCM with used TCM same part number. Still shows code 0605. How do I pair the replaced TCM with my vehicle? I cleared the codes and as soon as I run the car, it will not shift out of 1st and code 060...
We can't move the shift out of park. We have tried rocking the car, wiggling the steering wheel, wiggle the shifter. Nothing is working.
My 05 neone started to rev by itself yesterday. its at 127,000 miles. I was stopped at a red light when the car decided to fully accelerate as if someone was pressing the gas pedal all the way down. I could have crash...
with all 4 doors shut tight, it says door fuse and it will ding....the ding noise is annoying... has anyone had this issue or know how to fix it??
This is only happening when I make a right hand turn. It feels like the tire is wobbling but only does this this when making right hand turns.
I have a 2001 Dodge Neon with 120,000 miles on it. A few weeks ago, the check eng. light came on. I code checked it and got P0743, TCC solenoid. I did some looking online and saw a lot of people say that it COULD be a...
where is the fuses located and how do I replace them?
need to locate the fuses and how too replace them?
It rained last night I went through a puddle of water couldn't avoid it a slow speed and parked my car right away, this morning my passenger tire locked up and it wouldn't rotate or turn, was not sure what it was unti...
please help need car for work only car I have and need to get it fixed asap
the fuel guage was in the red, thought maybe it ran out gas. put gas in it, turned the key to run the fuel pump a few times but it still won't crank.
Coolant level is good. Has new thermostat. Not leaking anywhere. Water pump is working fine. Radiator not broken. Fans look ok. Driving around and the car randomly overheats. Last night I got home it was on the bord...
Wheel needs to be adjusted out need instructions how
Removed the passenger side tire, splash shield., but can't get the new belt on pulled back the tensioner as the book instructed but the belt is to short can't get it on. What am I doing wrong any ideas???
changed plugs and wires no help any suggestions
everytime I accelerate on this a 2005 neon I get a vibration all over the vehicle. I have changed all 3 motor mounts and I have change the top transmission mount underneath the battery. And the vibration is still ther...
I drove down a rocky dirt road. When I got to my destination, a few minutes later, I noticed that my back tire had a rectangular cut in it. Only the top part was connected. The other 3 sides were all cut. Then I notic...
The car won't start after continuously trying to start it,but the engine is getting gas.Then the battery dies.Help.