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My car will not shift into any gear except when engine is off
How do I know for sure if it's the clutch and not the tranny

We have replaced: cam and crank shaft sensors, fuel pump, new battery and spark plugs and wires. It will stall at random also the check engine light comes on when hooked up to odbII reader it states random misfire on all 4 cylinders. I can drive when its 60 degrees or colder and it don't seem to stall, but once the weather warms up it gets more frequent. Usually when it stalls I will wait 10 to15 minutes and it usually starts back up

On hills i lose speed much quicker until the car loses enough speed that it is basically idling and i have to pull it over to the side. If i shut it off for a minute or two it will have full power for about the same amount of time. I had it hooked up to a computer and i got a lean code.

It has happened twice now. I'm driving and all of a sudden my car will begin to accelerate without me pressing the gas pedal. Second time it happened, my brake pedal would not let me press it down.. i almost hit someone but managed to pull the e brake and put the car in park. Mileage is 145,348 and my cruise control does not work. When the car is turned back on, the rpm redlines.

Gas not flowing through hose at top of motor

This car never had a problem never start a cut off. All of a sudden I go over railroad tracks pretty hard. Car cut off. Try to start back on, only dash lights light up, car does not make a sound. Any idea what I could check? Don't have access to testers. I'm very mechanically inclined, any suggestions would be helpful to check in this 2001 Dodge Neon. The alarm works perfectly, when I stick the key in the check engine light lights up.ignition and turn only dashboard lights work and I hear nothing. Car will not start. I have looked over wiring all looks ok. Anythings you think I can check please tell me. This is our only car and I need to get it working. Battery is brand new. When I turn the key in the ignition dash lights usually fires rite up. When I hit the railroad tracks I do remember a sound as if I hit it very hard, after that the car lost power.and won't start. Nor make a sound. But at night I set the alarm and it works properly like a charm. I really need to figure something out any suggestions, please.

my car is having issues when driving. we take care of our car but we seem to be having issues an cannot tell whether the motor oil is leaking or burning an how do we fix this and if its fixable an cost. we have a low income. we have this car for six months was in a wreck from previous owners. car does run and drive but not like it should.we changed the oil two months ago an again we checked the oil an it was bone dry

acts empty

transmission is in limp mode I replaced out put sensor and speeddormitor stop working so replaced the speedsemsor the tranny is limp mode and speedomitor is not working Thai you code po531 po 720 po700

Just replaced clutch cable, but won't go into gear

As long as I give it gas, the light stays off. As soon as I let off the accelerator, the light comes right back on. What causes this?

i replaced the fuel pump. there must be a short before the pump. but where? any ideas? i can follow the green wire with white tracer but not all the way to the pump. i turn key to on position & it always blows the 20 amp fuse. the wires all look good.
thank you

The check engine light doesn't come on saying there is a problem. It will also cut power while idling. There is no rhyme or reason as to when or why it keeps doing it. After it dies it wont restart for several minutes then does it again 30 seconds later.

i replaced the fuel pump. there must be a short before the pump. but where? any ideas? i turn the car on & it blows the 20 amp fuse.
thank you

It turns over over but will not crank WHY? It also has compression

Are any of these things related?

Have proper fuel pressure but injectors won't pulse.and have no fire

Since getting my water pump replaced back in April, I've been hearing this odd "swishing" sound coming from my driver's side front wheel. It increases in speed as I speed up and it doesn't stop when I apply the brakes though it does slow down. It doesn't make the sound when I'm at a stop.
I also hear this odd "clicking" sound when I turn my steering wheel all the way to the right and back out. It sounds like something is catching while I'm backing out - it's from the same side I might add. That sound is also intermittent and it doesn't do it when I'm backing out and the steering wheel is turned to the left.
My steering wheel has been shaking back and forth since February (hit something in the road) but I never heard the swishing sound until April. I noticed the "swish" sound coincides with the steering wheel shaking back and forth.
I drove it 200 miles round trip recently and my car was fine though the steering wheel still shook and the swishing sound appeared between the speeds of 1 and 40 mph, as said, it wouldn't make the sound when stopped or I was moving too fast to hear it when going over 40 mph.
Do I need an alignment done or is something else? It's not the wheel bearings and I don't believe it's the tire rod or ball joints. I checked those already and they are okay from what I've found.

I purchased a new battery but there's still no sing of power the lights don't turn on either. What can it be?

It will start and it will drive but I cannot get it over 25 miles per hour

my oil light flickered on and off when I was stopped at a red light and when I was going about 45 mph