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Took cam sensor off and there was oil on face of sensor and cam. I do not think that is normal is it ? I cleaned it and it is running fine now. Thanks for the reply. I really like this site, It is very helpful.
it still hesitates and dies . Fixed this prob. once before two years ago with new crank position sensor and cam sensor and was fixed. Can I clean the cam sensor or do I need to buy a new one ?
when my radio is hooked up it will show the time and that is about it. it will not let me change the time or even turn it on. it is like none of the buttons work at all. it was just working about a week ago without an...
Replaced master cylinder and when pedal goes down after sitting a minute brakes do not hold. I will bleed lines again and also no brake fluid leaks. When pedal is pushed hard you hear a clunk under the dash
How would turning on my heads lights cause my car to instantly shut down? I was warming up my car for work, as soon as i turned my headlights on it shut down. I had my battery tested and it is in excellent condition.I...
also when its cold you turn the lights on and runs battery almost dead till it warms up
When its on park i hear static noise, when i shift to neutral then another noise comes out and it sounds like squeaking, when i shift to drive it makes like rubber grinding type noise, but when im driving the noise st...
Where is the outlet located. if it even came equipped with one? The car was bought brand new and I thought it was strange not to have
Got a new key, had been driving the car for a few weeks already when one evening while driving it stalled. Don't recall check engine lights or etc at the time. Pushed the car home and haven't been able to start it sin...
While pushing the gas the car slowed down as if I was pushing the break and once in pulled over and turned the car off it didnt want to start . once it did I had to hurry back home. But never new what it was from. The...
The keys turned off steering wheel will not lock when I turn the key's on the service engine blinks 10 time
new bulbs, and they dont work. friend of mine who has experienced this before said its the switch. So is that a common problem?
I have been told several different locations for this modal car. This is a 1999 Dodge Neon Sport. 2L. Someone has put a toggle switch to start the car. Will this effect the Horn operating properly?
I just need the radiator to work I do not need the AC to function or hook up.
Engine light is on. I had a diagnostic from Auto Zone and fixed almost everything they said. Car would run ok for a day or two then engine light comes on and it starts dying again. I have replaced the IAC Valve, Oil C...
how much would be the repair labor+parts for main bearing seal for my dodge neon 2000
It looks to be in bad shape the wire , I'd like to know what it's called and the purpose of it . Please and thank you .
Every other gear is fine. What would cause this, how can it be fixed, and how much would it cost?
Car wont start after replacing sensor is there a way to test the cam magnet?