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it goes in gear for reverse but won't go and yet won't go in gear for park
The transmission shifts fine no problem but when you come to a stop it jumps I was told change motor and transmission mounts but it still continues
Car will start fine and go, But while driving i will push on the gas and the car will not accelerate, I'll let off the gas and push again and it will randomly accelerate..
a week ago it overheated (boiling) I have checked for leaks & found none. there is no water in oil & no oil in water. I have flushed radiator , replaced thermostat and it still overheats with in 8 to 10 mi. where do I...
I just bought the car 2003 neon with 99,000 miles on it. Took to mechanic shop had sway bar and lower arms replaced yesterday. Today I drove a 2 hour trip and oil light came on and engine immediately started knocking ...
why does this happen and how do i fix it so it will pass smog
even when i close my door it goes off and on and then it stays on. the door light on the dash board stays on and it runs my battery down over nite.
The gear shifter cable wouldnt go in drive so i tried to put it back in park but it popped and now its loose and it feel like the cable has broken and out of place. I think it broke and now im trying to replace and or...
Replaced the input and output sensors along with the coil packs and camshaft position sensor. Tried to start it and it backfired and moved the air cleaner. Still won't start. It has power and cranks but won't start up.
As soon as you accelerate, the gauges go back to normal and the lights go off after a second or two
I have replaced fuel filler neck and it still does it.
car suddenly failed to start after driving there isnt any spark to coil-spark plugs. getting fuel,
When it starts shaking it won't let me drive past a certain speed and it usually does it when I am driving on a hill. It will stop eventually too. But every now and then it will act up again. Any advice
I'm replacing my radiator and my rad fan sat out in the weather for a while. I dont remeber from when i pulled it if the fan spun freely or not while unplugged, because now it barely moves. Need to know if i need a ne...
My reverse light is out every time I put new fuse for it it blow out the very same day I've put dozen of new fuses in in 3 days
where to start is my question and how to find a cheap mechanic
put new fuel pump and spark plug's what is wrong with my car
Took cam sensor off and there was oil on face of sensor and cam. I do not think that is normal is it ? I cleaned it and it is running fine now. Thanks for the reply. I really like this site, It is very helpful.
it still hesitates and dies . Fixed this prob. once before two years ago with new crank position sensor and cam sensor and was fixed. Can I clean the cam sensor or do I need to buy a new one ?
when my radio is hooked up it will show the time and that is about it. it will not let me change the time or even turn it on. it is like none of the buttons work at all. it was just working about a week ago without an...