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replaced trans. Filter
Replaced trans. Control shifter
replaced Output speed censor
Still doing the same thing!! after replacing parts test drove the speedometer dont work now. Also Error P0700 popped up?!!

I have checked fuses and all good now I am thinking it is the clock spring am I on the right track

My manual transmission will go into any gear with engine off.
With engine running, when I try to shift into gear, any gear I can feel something catch and try to slightly move in that direction.
As well I have no engine code and master cylinder seems to be working, as I can see the slave cylinder pushing out. When engine is not running, so I could be wrong.
Thank you.

It started then died as I pulled out. Now will not recrank..

Is the ignition from 2003 dodge neon compatible with a 2005 dodge neon?

Need the wire diagram from the service bulletin to determine if this will solve the problem.

Only overheats when using the blinkers

When I start my car its like I'm pushing on the gas and I'm not? It's not shifting into gears stays in first the RPM goes high while it's in drive and when I put it in park? When I give it gas it continues to give itself gas it seems and doesn't want to change gears???? Can anyone help please?

my 2001 dodge neon was broken into 2 months had to replace steering column , the skim immobilizer & ignition coil and it still wont start was wondering if I use the computer from the car in which I got the skim immobilizer and ignition coil from would it start

Can this cause my car to jump time?

I was driving at about 35 mph when my car lost acceleration. I let off accelerator and resumed with no response, I then tried to brake but no response. I made it into a turning lane where I finally came to a stop. turned car off. wont turn back on. turns over, tried twice, . hazards and ac work.

when i finally get to 5th gear and reach the 2200RPM mark it doesnt let me accelerate at all its like a govenor kicks in n i Have to pull over n shut it off till it cools down then its fine....What could be the problem n how much to fix??

New. Battery. Car drivrsd wel
No coding.

TheIt all started after I drove it up rode sounded like my exhaust was rattling then the car shut off barely wanted to run acted like it had a horrible miss tried firing it back up it barely started then backfired an died has started since so then I was told its the hermonic balncer is wobbling checked to see if I have a bent valve or broke crankshaft those are fine its not showing codes it will turn over just won't start I was told it was the double pulley since its wobbling but I just want to be sure before I replace it any help would be appreciated.

I have an 03 dodge neon sxt. 2.0 l engine. I took it to a mechanic and had the shocks, struts all 4 mounts, oil change and an alignment done. My steering wheel now shakes and so does my dash. I've broight the car back to the because it didn't do it befor i had the work done and they cant figure out what's wrong. They cleaned the fuel line and plugs but it still shakes. I've had to bring the car to them 8 times since the initial work was done. When it gets below 1000 rpms is when it shakes. What could they have done to make my car do this?

I am having issues getting my 2002 neon 2.0 sohc to stay running after changing the cylinder head. if I unplug the camshaft positioning sensor the car will start. it dies as soon as I plug it in. I went and bought a new one and it does the same thing. is it possible they gave me a 2003 cylinder head and if so can I make it work?

Instead of engine light flashing, I got 5 "beeps". What does that mean?

Water pump failed timing belt broke.. I want to get a used motor to put in my 2001 neon SE but I wanna do some mods as well like putting the high output motor in it.