I been trying to change my camshaft sensor but i have hard time to locate the location of the part

No leaks
No other problems
And the dipstick is showing a good level of oil
Odometer is only at 160k miles

I'm not certain what grade of oil is good for this engine. Right now it has 10W30 in it.

Radiator replaced, thermostat replaced, air conditioning hose replaced, timing belt replaced, and resevoir replaced

I replaced the plugs and it still acts as if it has that miss still

My car wont start and i checked mostly everything and came back with the conclusion that maybe where my injectors or my oxygen sensor but i dont know how to checked any of them if there is a wat tochecked them.

I already asked question of why no spark on 3.3 intrepid but for got to mention I also replaced the ignition switch alon wit crank sensor,cam sensor,coil pak, wires, plugs. Still no spark . Why. Please help.

i do not have spark. I do have fuel. replaced crank shaft sensor and cam sensor. Replaced coil, wires and plugs.

Open the doors and no lights come on. Press the map lights and nothing works! Dash and instrument lights work fine.

We have changed the water pump, upper and lower mainolf gaskets, compression test, replaced radiator, and coolant recoervy tank, along with hoses.
While parked, to bleed off air, at 2000rpms for over an hour doesn't overheat. Took it for a test spin, it overheats. Takes a while, maybe 15-20 minutes, under various conditions, uphill, flat, downhill. Always overheats. No signed of any leaks while parked or running. No diagnostic codes.
Any thoughts on this overheating issue

at first the radio popped and turned off now the lights flicker on and off and while driving the engine will cut off. then after a few minutes I hear the door ajar chime and I can restart

Turned up idle helps unless running air. Replaced fuel pump & filter, spark plug & map sensor. At first only stalled occasionally then more frequently. Accelerated to pass other day, then that when restarting & staying running problem started. Any ideas?

I checked the oil and it's over the max line about 1/4 inch is this a serious problem or can it be fixed by relieving some oil pressure

I stored this car for two years and installed a good battery to start it but I hooked the battery cables up backwards, i witnessed the "magic smoke" appear from the tcm, it kind of starts but doesnt stay running, can the tcm cause the rough and bad running? or did I smoke someting else also??

drove home light came back on. do I need to reflash computer or new solftwere what should I do please help

it will still crank and run but sounds awful.

The Peter says crank shaft not function but I replace the crankshaft it still says the same thing

air bag light on..says some thing about right rear..open

i have had it in the shop twice and it won,t stop leaking.they replaced the gasket twice and sealed it,but after one day it leaks again. this will be the third time and its leaking even more than ever now. any ideas on whats the problem. please help

my 1999 dodge intrepid turns over but will not start

(I only put a car because its required i just want a general explanation)

I've heard to trace the radiator hose to the engine then under or nearby should be the ECT.
Also I need the same question answered about the CKP sensor, Knock Sensor, MAP sensor, MAF sensor, IAT sensor, EGR sensor, TPS, A/C on/off sensor.
I've been preparing for a test in two days but every source I've been to doesn't give me a general way to find the sensors. I don't have a car accessible to see these for myself. On the test we will not be able to dismantle anything its more like the teacher asks me to find one of these sensors on a random of 7 cars.

I really appreciate any help. Thank You