or cap off it started smoking before it died, let it sit and 2 hrs later went to start and now it makes bad noise& dies if not gassing it plez help

2008 4.0 sxt dodge grand caravan, replaced the rear motor mount and now the ABS, traction control and brake light are on. We have an obdII do we get lights to go off or did we mess something up?

I replaced crank sensor, cam sensor, coil pack, checked timing chain ( good ). Still no spark or fuel. Found a white fusible link that was melted, there is the white one, and an orange one, that tie into a 10 gauge wire. I cannot find the problem, currently checking relays. Can someone give the info that I need, been working on it for two weeks to no prevail.

water leaks out of radiator and heat runs cold in winter

It goes forward with no problem. it was acting like the brake was on when in reverse and now it wont do anything in reverse.

I cracked a head gasket and probably warped a head and blew a Radiator what to know how much it would cost to fix both and what would be cheaper replacing the motor or the heads and gasket?

Windshield wipers frequently turn on by themselves. I've replaced switch, motor, cleaned contacts. All to no avail. Can you help?

dome light does not come on when door is opened

dome light bulbs are working

radio will not shut off when drivers side door is opened

drivers side window does not work

window switch works all other windows

Air temp outside has been very hot and humid the last two days when this has happened. When i shut vehicle off and restart. it goes away.

when I open drivers side door dome light does not come on the dome light comes on when I close door. Power window on same door stopped working abruptly. when pushing window switch to raise window I hear clicking but nothing when I push switch to lower window

I turn knob and it will not go to defrost.

This is a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan EL 3.3 V6 with auto Transmission. It has about 150k miles and has lived in FL central/east coast until last few months, now in Colorado Springs CO. It just started recently when it gets warm after driving maybe a half hour around town or maybe sooner on highway to miss and jerk and lose power. I had the codes read from Auto Zone and one of them was a P1391 so I went and replace the Camshaft position sensor, but it didn't help. I also found a couple vacuum lines dry rotted and leaking so replaced those, but that didn't help either. The van run great until it gets warmed up real good then we start seeing this problem. I got a bluetooth scanner and have used several apps to read various live data and it seems that TPS and MAP and O2 sensor are working (at least from what I can tell). I also saw mention of timing issue so wanted to know if that is a likely issue and if so why would it only affect the system when it gets hot? Thanks in advance!

The fuel and speed indicators and door locks are not functioning when the speed is high transmission do not change

Complete 4-wheel brake job, outer tie rod ends, lower control arm assembly, 4 new tires with 2 times tire balancing and 2 times 4-wheel alignment didn't fix this problem. Very subtle, rhythmic friction/grabbing when braking that is progressively more noticeable at slower speeds as vehicle slows to stop. This seems to be originating at frond end. I can detect very faint, elusive slight rhythmic noise at higher speeds, but location for this symptom is difficult to pinpoint.

My van has started leaking when it sits. When we accelerate and start to drive, it comes pouring in to the floor from under the passenger side dash board. We are experiencing mold in the front floor boards.

I've had the van about 7 months. When I bought it there was a light on and the code read misfire on #4 cylinder. Car lot replaced gas cap and no problems until a week ago. Light is back on and van stalls out randomly at any speed. Sometimes it jerks real bad and sometimes not at all. I lose steering and braking ability and almost hit a car today! I also have random problems with my ignition switch...key won't turn the ignition. I have to keep trying til it unlocks. What could be stalling it out like this? Fuel pump seems to be working OK.

water pump not leaking, but pulley hub seems loose and can be spun by hand