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It picks up speed and then it drops speed, when driving

When I turn on the heater it blows only cold air and when I turn the car off I'm unable to start it again. The dash lights fail and I have to jump start the vehicle, which starts immediately. I also hear a clicking noise that seems to be coming from the TIPM when this happens. I have no problems starting the car as long as I don't turn on the heater but with Winter coming I'll need to use it. I've replaced the battery and cleaned the cables, which were corroded. The heater worked fine last winter. I cannot afford to take it in for repair.

The issue is that my van does not have an egr valve. The egr valve is factory delete. How am i throwing a code for a part that does not exist in my vehicle? There is no wiring harness for an egr valve so i cannot do the resistor trick. I cannot pass mass inspection with the mil illuminated. I also have no place to install an egr valve or piping. There is just solid metal or smooth plastic where the egr would go. I will add that this is a E-85 compliant vehicle.

we had the drivers side switch replaced in the window still don't go down on my caravan don't know what it is the vehicle is a finance vehicle

Water was dumping in the passenger side at the feet. I cleared that line, full of leaves. Now it's damp inside and the fabric and carpet is starting to mold. When you sit in the drivers seat your butt gets wet.

All the lights came on at the same time and the buzzer went off and the engine went to H (hot). What is going on?

Van has problems starting intermittently. Took it to a dealership, was charged 120.00 and told it had a loose battery cable. It started doing it again. Read a couple of forums that seem to think a neutral switch that Dodge calls a TR sensor is at fault. Does anyone know how much this costs or even if I'm barking up the right tree? Shifting can be rough at times, and there is a distinct clunk when engaging transmission from a stop at times.

my friend completely removed the factory car alarm system and now the van won't start. all out all other electrical appliances are working they do not know how to diagnose and fix this not a mechanic

My transmission stays in low gear. The code I was given was P0755 which indicates my transaxle solenoid needs to be replaced but a transmission shop tells me it's probably my transmission is gone and needs to be rebuilt. Please help,are they trying to take advantage of me because I am a female?

At highway speeds the dash lights light up as if in ACC position and the engine shuts down. Pull off the road and restart the engine with no problem. Intermittent issue but identical issue prior to the recall "repair".

jump start it but rather have it towed. Any idea how much this will cost me to have fixed?

I can't. Drive my van .is there a recall on said don ,t know i need help

My overhead light just above the windshield needing a new bulb socket replaced.

I replace all the lights and bubs checked all the wireing all. OK.they bleak off and on can't Drive it no lights help thanks. Don Mac.

I have an error code P0158 bank2 sensor i know of the 4 sensors and where they are but not sure which side is which on my motor setup... couldnt find a straight answer on google. Thanks

runs and idles bad replaced throttle body with used throttle body did not fix run codes and it come out as cam shaft sensor and crank shaft sensor po 340 po 344 can you help

the computer on front of tranny is seeping fluid.will a sealant product work?

Whenever I accelerate, even up to 30-40 mph, my engine sounds pretty loud, especially when I am doing 70-80 on the highway. Also, when I veer to the right, the noise becomes a little more guttural and louder. Is this an exhaust issue or is my transmission slipping and revving to keep up? There is an exhaust smell if I do not use the air circulator while the A/C is on...

I just have problems of the car not starting so would that work if I just replaced the battery in the key.

There was a code saying something about a censor?

all electrics {Saturday fuel read empty, Sunday vehicle started then shut off all electrics Monday warns gascap when checked was secure}

I have a Grand Caravan Sport. 2001. I had the same problem with the airbag light on... the horn, cruse control, and didn't work. I had the clock spring fixed. All was ok for a few weeks. Maybe a month. Now the airbag light comes on after the car is started and all the lights on the dash go off. Then the airbag light comes on with the tone. It goes off in just a few seconds. It happens everytime I start it. It has 109,000 miles if that helps.