My transmission stays in low gear. The code I was given was P0755 which indicates my transaxle solenoid needs to be replaced but a transmission shop tells me it's probably my transmission is gone and needs to be rebuilt. Please help,are they trying to take advantage of me because I am a female?

At highway speeds the dash lights light up as if in ACC position and the engine shuts down. Pull off the road and restart the engine with no problem. Intermittent issue but identical issue prior to the recall "repair".

jump start it but rather have it towed. Any idea how much this will cost me to have fixed?

I can't. Drive my van .is there a recall on this.dealer said don ,t know i need help

My overhead light just above the windshield needing a new bulb socket replaced.

I replace all the lights and bubs checked all the wireing all. OK.they bleak off and on can't Drive it no lights help thanks. Don Mac.

I have an error code P0158 bank2 sensor i know of the 4 sensors and where they are but not sure which side is which on my motor setup... couldnt find a straight answer on google. Thanks

runs and idles bad replaced throttle body with used throttle body did not fix run codes and it come out as cam shaft sensor and crank shaft sensor po 340 po 344 can you help

the computer on front of tranny is seeping fluid.will a sealant product work?

Whenever I accelerate, even up to 30-40 mph, my engine sounds pretty loud, especially when I am doing 70-80 on the highway. Also, when I veer to the right, the noise becomes a little more guttural and louder. Is this an exhaust issue or is my transmission slipping and revving to keep up? There is an exhaust smell if I do not use the air circulator while the A/C is on...

I just have problems of the car not starting so would that work if I just replaced the battery in the key.

There was a code saying something about a censor?

all electrics {Saturday fuel read empty, Sunday vehicle started then shut off all electrics Monday warns gascap when checked was secure}

I have a Grand Caravan Sport. 2001. I had the same problem with the airbag light on... the horn, cruse control, and didn't work. I had the clock spring fixed. All was ok for a few weeks. Maybe a month. Now the airbag light comes on after the car is started and all the lights on the dash go off. Then the airbag light comes on with the tone. It goes off in just a few seconds. It happens everytime I start it. It has 109,000 miles if that helps.

or cap off it started smoking before it died, let it sit and 2 hrs later went to start and now it makes bad noise& dies if not gassing it plez help

2008 4.0 sxt dodge grand caravan, replaced the rear motor mount and now the ABS, traction control and brake light are on. We have an obdII reader....how do we get lights to go off or did we mess something up?

I replaced crank sensor, cam sensor, coil pack, checked timing chain ( good ). Still no spark or fuel. Found a white fusible link that was melted, there is the white one, and an orange one, that tie into a 10 gauge wire. I cannot find the problem, currently checking relays. Can someone give the info that I need, been working on it for two weeks to no prevail.

water leaks out of radiator and heat runs cold in winter

It goes forward with no problem. it was acting like the brake was on when in reverse and now it wont do anything in reverse.

I cracked a head gasket and probably warped a head and blew a Radiator what to know how much it would cost to fix both and what would be cheaper replacing the motor or the heads and gasket?

Windshield wipers frequently turn on by themselves. I've replaced switch, motor, cleaned contacts. All to no avail. Can you help?