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my battery light is on my van and soon as I Drive away for about a few miles my window I put down it won't come on down up and my radio completely shuts off my other lights come on my car rpm go up and it's hard to ev...
Had a diagnostic check and it won't communicate with the and system.
windshield wipers come on by themselves and won't turn off...
when I turn them on, the driver's side wiper only goes about half across my window, also the blades on both sides seem to be getting caught on something....the passenger side blade works fine, other than seeming as th...
some time when I stop or slow down completly the presure light come but geos off soon as I start moving and start after my second oil change from regular oil 5w-30 to full synthetic oil 5w 30
no abs light, replaced master cylinder, happens maybe twice a month, normal pedal comes back after pumping brakes, no fluid leaks or loss of fluid.
rear brake line broke, but all are very rusty. this looks like a complicated diy job, local mechanic tells me time and material but dont know how long it will take, im curious what an acceptable price for this job wou...
I think this is the fuse for the power outlet
Recently purchased 2010 Caravan - with doors locked front windows are half way down in morning - side doors have opened 3 times
Did not realize I had ran out of oil, ruined the rod bearings. My husband replaced those he says I need to do something with the crankshaft. So I'm basically asking what do I need to do now to quieten this van down.
this happens if it's hot or cold outside, van outside 24/7
only when its cold ,when you first start it ,its super stiff . I can shut it off start it back up and its fine
Please don't tell me to go see a mechanic, just wondering if the next thing is going after heater core or control valve? Thanks!
Changed spark plugs and wires, new egr valve new o2 sensors and cut out old catalytic converter. Still stalls out, could it be tube from valve cover to pcv valve, it is kinked and may not be letting enough o2 thru?
transmission not shifting out of first gear also speedomiter not to work? would it be a relay or senser of some kind?
what would cause the speedometer not work and transmission not shift out of first gear? tach and all other gauges still work
I heard a hissing sound coming from the rear passenger side heater vents. Also found floorboards wet from rear vent to front seat. Am having to add water to radiator. Where do I find the hose line to rear and can it b...
hi i just scanned my dodge caravan and the check engine light has been on for a while now and i had 5 codes come up they were p0442 p0455 which can either be the gas cap or leaking hoses. also p0301 and po304 which i...
But if I shut it off and restart it it shifts right?
2002 Dodge Caravan Grand ,V6 3.3L VIN # 1B4GP44362B615629, after I replaced starter, now engine dies seconds after starting. Took van to a dealer, the DYNO test said bad crank sensor .Dealer said 600 $ to replace s...